This year has been an incredible year for smartphone lovers. Dozens of high-profile smartphones have reached the market and, likewise, consumer hands. And manufacturers have pushed the boundaries for what's possible in a pocket-sized computer and what said devices are capable of.

Chrome and iCloud Tabs for Safari prove that the home PC is no longer the staple in many people's computing, that more and more individuals are consuming the Web on the go. Ubuntu for Android, though not yet available to consumers, is a proof of concept that shows just what the latest smartphone technology is capable of. And countless third-party Android keyboards utilize gesture (or trace) typing with predictive input. Every step of the way, more and more cloud services are being introduced and smartphones are growing more connected and more knowledgeable about their owners.

But that's just a taste of the biggest software improvements of the year. In retrospect, 2012 has also been an impressive year for smartphone hardware, too.

Build quality, on many fronts, experienced a major overhaul. In many HTC devices, the mostly metal chassis of the past were traded for high-quality, unibody polycarbonate. Multi-core chipsets were doubled from two cores to four, and GPUs were drastically improved. LTE is now included in virtually all high-end smartphones, specifically those bound to a carrier here in the States. The display resolution standard for most smartphones is now 720p, making density and pixelation a non-issue on most smartphones. And at least a couple exceed that with an astounding (yet still very excessive) 1080p. Also, cameras have undergone impressive improvements, too, with better glass/lenses and software optimizations.

Devices like the HTC One X+, DROID DNA, Motorola DROID RAZR MAXX HD, Samsung Galaxy S III and Galaxy Note II are perfect examples of how well-rounded and incredible most modern smartphones are. They are no longer just emailing devices or mobile Web browsers. They're powerful machines that excel in gaming, video and media consumption, email, content creation and much, much more.

However, just as any other year, 2012 was not without fault. There were several, memorable blunders that the market could have done without. Particularly, there were a couple devices that we may have been better off without.

The Sony Xperia ion, for example, wasn't a terrible phone in terms of hardware. But this is 2012 and the ion launched in June with a late version of Gingerbread – Android 2.3.7, to be exact. It was updated to Ice Cream Sandwich in late September, which was a small win for ion owners. That said, there are entirely too many smartphones available that ship with Jelly Bean for Ice Cream Sandwich to be anything but a drawback of the device. For those out there wondering, the Xperia ion is expected to receive a Jelly Bean update in Q1 2013.

However, the Xperia ion doesn't hold a candle to what I find to be the most abominable smartphone of 2012. By fathoms, the worst phone of the year is LG's Optimus Vu, otherwise known as the LG Intuition on Verizon here in the States.

First detailed at Mobile World Congress in February, LG's Optimus Vu in time for it to still be relevant with decent specifications. It is a phablet with 32GB of built-in storage, 1GB RAM, a 2,080mAh battery, 1.5GHz dual-core Snapdragon S4 chip and LTE (as the Intuition). Everything else about this phone, though, is laughable, at the very best.

It has a 5-inch display with a resolution of 1,024 by 768 pixels. In terms of density, it's not terribly awful -- a mediocre 256 pixels per inch, just shy of the 267ppi of the 5.5-inch Galaxy Note II. The problem is the aspect ratio. Instead of a 16:9 like most current smartphones, the LG Optimus Vu, or Intuition, has an aspect of 3:4, the same aspect ratio as the iPad. The hard corners of the design make this square-looking device notably more square than any other smartphone out there.

Its design makes it terribly difficult -- if not impossible -- to use the phone one-handed and an ergonomical nightmare.

Not to mention, unlike the Galaxy Note (either generation) which comes with an integrated stylus called the S Pen, the Optimus Vu does not have a place to store its less-than-remarkable stylus, the Rubberdiem. And despite a few parlor tricks, the software does little to save this smartphone from being the clear winner -- or loser, depending on your perspective -- of the "worst smartphone of 2012" category.

The LG Optimus Vu may perform well and it may not be the worst smartphone of all time. But the ergonomics and design make it a very clear loser in 2012. It is one of the uglier devices and a clear indicator that LG is not yet ready for the phablet sector.

There were a few doozies in 2012. Which do you find to be the worst smartphone of the year? The LG Optimus Vu? The Xperia ion? Or something else?

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Denise Woodruff Keller Anything android. Went from a BB for years to an iPhone4 now an iPhone 5 and it's way faster and the camera is awesome on it. Simple to use and never gets a virus!!
T Louis Michael ATT Avail?
Bobby Moore Jr. The pantech breakout that was awful i have the samaung galaxy stratosphere 2 and it is fantastic i love ics and samsungs touch wiz
Gaurav Bhardwaj Lg optimus vu..worst phn ever..
Lona Bremer I'm sorry I missed this post the other day. I gotta say that if you change your perspective and look at the Intuition again, you will think it is ok. The price is right right now. One guy said he was gonna buy two more to keep for back ups. Samsung has a poor antenna which is important when you live on the fringe. LG has good reception. Plus easier for visually impaired to see the screen. Intuition has become the "Boomer" phone.
deliankirov The iphone 5
salonibaloni all the limias except 900. 920 sucks too, it is too heavy!! it can be a pain to carry such heavy phone around! after all we need a phone which is PORTABLE!!
Liam Emrich anything running windows phone, even including the 8x and lumia 920.
Anonymous The iPhone 5 was not the worst phone of 2012. Some may use the excuse that apple has sold millions worth, but so has android. BUT, apple does it with one phone, one brand, no skins. Android does it with hundreds of phones, skins, builds of Android, brands, ect. The iPhone 5 may not have been the best but its not the worst. And for those of you who say you sold your iphone after a month, YES there were problems in the begining, but they got fixed? Give it sometime, Android has never released a perfect build or phone.
Jeff Seaver Nokia Lumina 900 & 920
Drew Applesauce The title of this poll should be "What's more worst than the iPhone 5 for 2012?" That way we don't have to do a poll... just saying.
Brandon Le ? I love how people are still not answering the question. It asks for the absolute worse smartphone of 2012. The iPhone 5 is not the absolute worse phone of 2012, not the best, but far from the absolute worse. There are indeed worse smartphones out there and those who say otherwise are blind or have no damn clue what they are talking about. I am afraid that the people have not truly spoken on this thread, their bias has. It should not matter if it is overrated, expensive, or non-innovative from the previous ones in your opinion. It should not matter if your one store out of thousands upon thousands get a lot of returns or complaints about the iPhone 5. The matter of fact is, is that there are worse phones out there. There are smartphones out there that get more complaints, more horrible reviews, and the reason why your store didn't get as many complaints about these smartphones, is because either the store didn't sell them, or people didn't buy them. Critically think, people. Remove your damn bias for once in your life and realize that your are hating on a phone just to do it. Just to do it because it is not of your own. And don't say it is just Apple, no, for I see hate for Windows phones as well just because it is Windows and not Android. I don't even see why this even matters? Why should it even matter what you think about someone else's phone? Damn, if I wanted some else telling me what I should buy based on their needs, I would have one of the giant Androids flooding the market right now on the basis of PhoneDog alone. Hum, but it doesn't work that way, huh? You know why? Because I frankly do not give a damn if a phone has a 4 - 5 inch screen. It is a phone. Done. As long as it does what ***I*** want it to do, why should all the other specs matter that have nothing to do with what ***I*** need? Go ahead, argue. Argue that a quad-core processor in a phone is so much better than a duel to someone that most likely will not use the full potential of a quad-core processor. Argue about how a bigger screen is better to someone who does not care for a tablet in their pocket. Argue about everything. Go ahead. Hate someone else's phone all you want on the bases of your needs and your expectations, but remember that you are paying more attention to their phone, than your own in the end. I am done. Sorry for the rant, PhoneDog, but I feel that someone needed to say it. ?? ? ??Android, iOS, and possible future Windows Phone user, ?? ? Brandon Le
Alvaro Sanchez Iphone 5
Allan De León Morales Iphone 5... Why? Because its overrated, expensive and was so disappointing... No innovation at all.
Dempsey Chery Samsung Dart.
Aaron Calhoun IPhone 5. The s in iOS stands for sucks!!!
Jason Paul Traylor Anything Apple first the iOS system is boring they are over priced and they all look the same other than very few minor difference like the new lighting port instead of another 32-pin charging port. OMG they finally caught up and got 4G capabilities they away youtube installed with the OS and passbook is useless the only good thing with any apple product is maybe the battery life but otherwise this conglomerate's products are garbage, but i guess were the idiots here since society is blinded this faulty eco-system Apple has created
Mike Cooper Blackberry anything
Jeremy Carter And also the HTC one x because it has no memory card slot. And only has 8 gigs of memory on board. Lame
Jeremy Carter Windows Phone and iPhone 5. The first galaxy note was pretty bad. Made a tablet phone with a laggy processor.
Jude Fils-Aime Iphone 4s/4 iphone5/5s
Cyrus Parker iPhone 5
Stephen Crighton iPhones are nice,I'm a apple fan,I have had all the iPhones and iPads,and love my macbooks,but my note2 is still the best and fastest phone I've owned yet.worst would go to any phone running rim.
Swagg-tastic Mohammed-a Phone dog since Aaron's leaving
Mads Gaardboe Nokia lumia 920
Jomar Lee Streeter The iPhone for me wasn't good, switched from android to the 4S a week later I went back to ATT and got a Android. Never looking back!
Chris May Iphone 5 sucks, bought 1 sold it a month later.
Mashuk Hossain Nokia lumia 900
Jeff Hammond Which phone made the most money? Hmm.
Juwon Donte I would say the sidekick 4g with its pathetic camera and 1ghz processor.. the iPhone 5 I mean nothing has changed about it since 2007 iPhone has way to many restrictions for its price..last but not least the lg intuition the shape and design of the phone was horrible its to big and clunky hard to hold in your hand
Amie Lee Greenway LG Intuition for sure
Michael Scott H iPhone 5 is the worst same UI sense day one. Sent from my Samsung Galaxy Note 2®
Paul De Lozier GS3 isn't polished enough. I have to have a nice fit and finished.
Kevin Zhang PS i has an IPhone and a GS3
Kevin Zhang IPhone
Paul De Lozier I bet 90% of the people in here who say the iPhone 5 is the worst phone have never owned one. Only talk crap about your own experience. You're going to let what other people tell you what to think about a phone? That makes you the sheep.
Arturo Atherly anything with windows or ios....
Fabian Toti Blackberry style
Joshua Feld I'm loving all the iPhone 5 hate! Yes I understand its you're personal choice but get over it!
Magnus Larsson iPhone, All of them.
Alfonso Manuel Avalos Iphone 5 hahaja
Yan Zhenghao Android is the worst.. for sure, any of them.
Mark Manson Ok heres the thing why the iphone is the worst. When you ask someone "why did you get an iphone?" what do they say? Oh the apps, the camera, the screen, ect. no one ever answers "Because its a great phone". Its supposed to be a PHONE 1st and everything else second, its called the iPHONE! I've used a Galaxy s2 and 3, an iphone , and several others on similar networks and the iPhone is by far the worst. Dropped calls constant loss of connectivity it just ridiculous. Thats why I will forever love my Razr Maxx, its not the best but its far better than an iphone.
Lawrence Lepes In technical specs wise, the Iphone 5.
Devlin Robear iPhone 5, most people I know that owns one can't even tell me who the current CEO of Apple is.
Kristoff Lewandowski I would also say that sites like Engadget, The Verge and PhoneDog are just asking people to get that response, by constantly praising Iphone over any really good device. I would say then, that it is your own fault that Apple is loosing, because you have started this stupid fanboy war by making Iphone bigger brand than it deserve to be.
Anne Brooks PhoneDog.com say what you like. The iPhone 5 has way more votes on here for the worst phone of 2012 and its getting my vote too purely because apart from an extra row of icons its exactly the same recycled garbage from apple as everything else.
Kristoff Lewandowski This is impressive, but let's be realistic, these Blackberry touchscreen smartphones were even worse than Iphone 5.
Richard England Any iPhone
Dave Morgan iPhone 5
Mads G. Thomassen Everething that's NOT an iphone!
Allan De León Morales iphone worst phone ever
Charles Phillips Iphone 5!!! And for those who say that it sold milliions....so did Android phones as a whole. Apple falls so short.
Rich Bramel I'd say the sidekick 4g, no flash with a 3mp cam with a 1.3 front, and 512ram with a weak 1ghz processor. I liked the interface, but it also bogged it way down, horrible internal memory, so you could only have like one game and maybe five of six apps cause of all the bloatware, design of phone and keyboard were great.
Eduardo Ordaz Can quit saying that the security is lighter! Cause it can still get viruses. Look at the macs they got viruses and that doesn't tell me that IOS is safe. Cause it ain't.
Eduardo Ordaz Dude. There is a reason why permissions are there. To prevent u from those suspicious apps. And it has been said that the apps on ios can see ur data without ur permission. There are no permissions on IOS. Therefore u won't be able to see what are the apps doing. Face it. IOS isn't immune to malware. There are a lot of ways. Like that ex IOs developer showed how a malicious app can get through the ios app store unseen. Therefor IOs isnt safe. Apple is just making u believe that. U will be shocked that there is lots of ways that iPhones can get malware.
Wolfe Pack Iphone
Matt Shipley @eduardo I don't need to check permissions with apples App Store. But it shows me and asks my permission before it does something unlike my android I had. And yes I got a virus from googles store. Idk what you're talking about but iOS has a lot tighter reins on what they let into their store compared to googles.
Jason Westrupp iPhone 5 - I'm sick of the complaints from every user we deployed one to - don't hear the complaints about the Lumia or GSIII phones we have deployed. Basically all complaints are about the still small screen size and crap battery life.
Anthony Ochoa Galaxy Note 2 worst phone ever.
Eduardo Ordaz Haha. I download all my apps from there and no malware. I don't download apps like crazy without checking the permissions. Unlike IOS u can't See them.
Anthony V Cannata The iPhone is a nice phone if you want the same os with every ver. Every year Apple Inc. Is years behind it's not funny...... Right now I will stay with my Samsung galaxy note 2
Mason Hartley yall are stright up haters... the iphone is not the best phone, but its far from being the wrost.
Matt Shipley @eduardo from the google store. Not enough security. Google just let's anything in the App Store. It's garbage in my experience.
Brandon Paul Any iPhone model
Sunny Dhillon IPhone 5
Eduardo Ordaz Then matt. Idk what u did to get ur Android phone get viruses. But I have had Android since the beginning and no malware or virus activity. People i know have had Android phones for a long time and no malware nor viruses. And a walled garden doesnt guarantee u to be safe from viruses. Jailbroken or not u can get malware still. Ur not immune. My bro says there are other ways. But a walled garden doesnt mean ur safe. Ur still at risk.
Tyrone Rupert This is a hard topic. As for a terrible phone for 2012, the worst phone would have to be any new phone running on a slow network. Spring virgin mobile boost mobile and any other cdma company. You can have the best phone but the network experience is what counts.
Matt Shipley @eduardo yes I do. All I had was probs and viruses on my android. Never a prob with apples closed ecosystem. Everything works perfectly. Just my experience with android and apple. I prefer apple.
Zach Cline Lumina 920 is boring
Anonymous Galaxy S3. What a piece of flimsy plastic. The Nokia Lumia 820 specs were disappointing, but the 920 more than made up for that.
Sauleh Rahbari sorry, but i doubt that a quad core processor will aid with the task that cell phones were made for....calling/texting...and internet speed could be a second slower on whatever device, it's not like it's the most concerning issue in the world. every phone should be considered the best if it fulfills your purpose and is reliable
Gus Madrid Why can't people respect what others are comfortable with? Personally, I've used iOS for a long time, and it has done the job I've wanted it to do for years and it gets better every year without completely changing. A lot of people here seem like they're trying to compensate for something...they're phones, not gods, get a life.
Marco Raymond LG Intuition
Devin Kofron Samsung galaxy note 2 No I'm fucking around, Nokia lumia 920
Eduardo Ordaz It ain't a lie. It's the truth. U have to accept it. The iphad 5 is the worst phone. Period.
Brandon Le I love how some of these answers go like, "iPhone sucks because X phone has better specs, doesn't have these certain specs, et cetera!" That isn't answering the actual question which calls for an absolution against all smartphones of 2012. For certain, the iPhone 5 is not the absolute worse smartphone of 2012. Not the best, but far from absolute worse, as there are indeed worse smartphones out there.
Finn Evans Ifart 5. Look at the contents on Facebook and on the official phonedog website. The people have spoken.
Michael Laschober The LG intuition is not a bad device and if ur big into web browsing its probably one of the best. I used it for a couple weeks and I was impressed. After hearing all the bad reviews I thought it would be horrible but that was not the case.
Brian M McCoy iCrack 5!
Kenneth Cox Iphone 5 is terrible on Verizon AT@T and Sprint. I can't believe they added 1 camera features, made apps load 1/2 a second faster, and stretched the screen 1/2 inch and people treat it as the best phone in the world...really? Lol I bet apple is laughing at the stupidity.
Joanna Enrique Ramos My worst smartphone is g2x I didn't like it at all the camara didn't look good at all!
Eduardo Ordaz @matt. U think the iPhone is safe? Please. There are something that Android phones have to keep u protected. Like on the URL bar. In an iPhone u might not even know if ur on a fake website cause the URL on it looks just like the websites. In Android phones u can see the URL bar blank. Thats how u can tell that u r in a fake website. Just because u have an iPhone doesn't mean ur safe. Nothing can't be immune to malware or viruses.
Arnaldo Gomez Iphone 5
Finn Evans I crap 5
Lanh Nguyen shut up matt
Shoaib Alam Galaxy note ii
Dalton Davis iPhones !
Matt Shipley Glad you trolls love hating on the iPhone so much. I love my iPhone. I've had android the past 2 years and I am glad I went back to apple. A lot less security issues.
Nick Truskowski Exhibit 4g and HTC one v...
Zach Cline Next year it will be the iFail 5s
Maduka Suraweera All the i phone models.
Marcus Monet Hands down the iPhone 5. No 4.8 inch screen, no 160GB of memory, no micro SD card slot, and the list goes on and on.
Eric Kroh Huawei
Kyle Mezrahi iSheep Mobile 5
Joe McDonough intuition
Betsy Diaz I would say my service with sprint has been the worst ... This year compared to 8 years I've been with them.
Brandon Le I am not saying the iPhone 5 is the best, but I am definitely not going to say it is the absolute worse. That would be a lie.
Jose Angel Santiago Kenneth the galaxy s2 was the phone of the year 2011. Which beat out the iphone 4s (world mobile congress). The gs3 is going to be phone of the year 2012....real talk. Doesnt matter what carrier. Apple is trying to catch up to Samsung Mobile USA. Oh by the way Apple uses memory chips and flat screen displays that samsung manufactures. Without them they cannot make their products.
Brandon Le Forget sales numbers. Forget the damn hype. Actually look at all the phones and find that the iPhone 5 is not the absolute worse smartphone out there. There are much worse smartphones out there, and those who say there aren't worse phones, have a very ill-informed/biased opinion.
Eduardo Ordaz IPhone 5. People who say that its the best u guys are just saying that to yourselves. Look there are phones out there that pretty much are 10 times better than that. I mean u get really good phones at a cheap price. I gave my bro a hard question if he would choose a iPhone with where u can't actually have it and it costs u a butt load of money or the phone with really good SPECs and good screen size and resolution for less than the iPhone. He chose the the better speced phone. And besides. Are r u guys blind? This iPhone 5 looks just like the 4 and the 4S the design hasn't changed. And some of the people I know bought an iPhone just because everyone has them and they don't even know how to use it. It's just a fashion status for lots of people that get them. Stick with the program people.
Roger Schubert DeOliveira I dont care if people are trolling or serious...by my count is Iphone 5-63, Evo-10....so iphone5 is the worst. The people have spoken
Jonathon Gillis iPhone 5! I love my EVO LTE :-)
Jesse Pagan No one can say I phone 5 from sprint. Is better. Because at&t and voizson got sim's not sprint
Daisy Monks Well I honestly do not know what the worst has been, I went from the pantech crossover " wich I loved " to the samsung captivate glide " wich I love even more "
Ross Silva @kennet: lolwut?
Nolan Wong Iphone5
Stephen Victor Motorola Atrix HD
Nitin Shet Bs I don't know what everyone says but I recall a couple of articles in engadget and gsm arena that most of hype that led to ppl like apple in the first place was the Google services ..maps integration , gmail , doc's etc...after the maps fiasco looking at the amount of ppl downloaded Google maps seems to justify my view...android is popular because of that...it's not just techy it's freedom to use all of Google's delights...I would say iPhone was not the worst but definitely the most "Un -innovative" phone last year...the most innovative was S 3 love the new cool gesture tricks multitasking options big screen makes it the most user-friendly phone..I would say the worst phone of 2012 would be Sony line ups most were stuck at 2.3 till a couple of months ago...
Tony Abiama Evo LTE... it had potential to be a beast but the LTE issue is beyond ridiculous
Jesse Pagan I phone 5 sucks s3 and note 2 are better
Kenneth Moody Jose sprint iPhone is not the same as Verizon or AT&T model
Josh Kaplan That's because you work for sprint, worst company around. I know I have it. And I sell the damn things
Jose Angel Santiago As a Sprint rep I put the iphone 5 up against the gs3, note 2 and the optimus g and guess who came in last in real life speed test? (web searching). Yup you guessed it right....the iphone 5. I was not surprised at the results. We have only sold like 5 iphone 5s in the time that I have been working for Sprint(3 months) compared to 100s of gs3s and no one has complained one bit. I have the gs3 and I have to say that its the best phone out there. The only complain is the GPS on the gs3. The biggest surprise was the smoothness and blink of an eye speed of the LG optimus g.
Kenneth Moody I work in the industry too and like I said I have BOTH the gs3 and the iPhone 5 while its ok not to like the iPhone it is by far not the worst phone of the year to say that is silly. I'll admit the gs3 is better but not by the leaps and bounds tech geeks want to believe.
Anthony Bailey Crapple iPhone 5 (without a doubt)
Myron Black captivate
Eric Quach c'mon phonedog, we truly think the iPhone 5 is the worst. ;)
Tim Cristiano HowardMorris Evo Lte, only because I've had five since July
Nick Petrizzio iPhone 5
Tim Bryant iPhone 5...I was an Apple guy but they seriously need to overhaul their design. I'm not fooled any more!!
Matthew Blanco Kenneth has a right, like anyone, to his opinion, but really the reason time mag made iPhone 5 gadget of the year probably relied on its sales number I work in the industry and while i work for the one company that didn't sell apple, we had no problem selling everything else except BlackBerry, so if its a numbers game I would have to say the winner (loser) has to be them. And on another note I must say HTC has not impressed me much with the lack of sd card slots in the best phones out there be it Windows or android they need those to make me purchase them again
James Watts IPhone 5
Shawn Gergler I phone 5
Dennis Johnson iPhone 5, still behind two year old Androids
Brandon Le Kenneth Moody, it is called bias. Welcome to PhoneDog's Facebook page, a.k.a. "The Kingdom of Android," where all other OS's are on the peasant tier and suck.
Kenneth Moody I have both a gs3 and the iPhone 5 I know the iPhone is a great phone. not everyone is tech nerd android fans.
Bradley Berner The HTC chacha got a lot of hype yet I have seen one in public yet. I know a lot of Thunderbolt owners are still mad they have not got ICS yet. I don't think we have any super bad fails this year. All of us are going to talk down whatever platform we hate even if the phones decent
Abram Wenevermet Dennis Probably an Android phone.
Alex Kitchens Any windows phone
Zach Cline It is bad Kenneth lol
Nick Speth Iphone 5 and Intuiition
Joel Diaz Rebecca you have good sources.
Kenneth Moody Are people really saying iPhone 5? That's just stupid. I switched from a rooted gs3 running cm 10 to the iPhone 5. You do know time magazine named the iPhone 5 gadget of the year ppl. It's ok not to like the iPhone that doesn't make it a bad phone if anything all this new android hype is much more overrated.
Rebecca Bates From what I've heard iPhone 5 seems to be the worst
Zach Cline Panorama mode on the iPhone is seriously a joke
Herwin Torres Iphone, of any iteration ;-p
Jose Angel Santiago Droid bionic and samsung charge
Zach Cline So what if the iPhone 5 sold millions ? Apple has their fan base and those people are going to buy iPhones even though apple keeps churning out the same freaking thing in a thinner and lighter package . The galaxy S3 and note 2 have sold millions and are better than the iPhone 5
Chester Candelaria and iphone 5 is the most overrated phone just for the new extra row of icons
Terrance Henderson Good for u Kevin. But the people have spoken on their opinion. It's al opinion's, no need to take it personal.
Brandon Le I wonder if PhoneDog is being absolutely serious with the previous statement on this thread. I hope that by now they understand that the majority of their fan base is Android biased. Of course they should have already known the majority of the answers, even though the majority is clearly ignoring the smartphones worse than the iPhone 5 that have came out. Blackberry phones would be some of them.
Chester Candelaria iphone 5 well coz what's new about the iphone 5? extra row for icons? panorama?
Herbert Salamánca Ramos Iphone 5, the most overrated phone
Joel Diaz I just high fived myslef.
Kevin Fenn All of you people saying iPhone 5 apparently cannot read. I work in the industry and use a Note II and an iPhone 5. My preference is iPhone but I am not a fanboy. If you haven't read Apple iPhone 5 was selected as the number 1 phone of the year by many reputable tech publishers. Everyones entitled to their own opinion but the iPhone 5 sold millions-it far from was the worst smartphone in 2012....just saying
Oleg Narush GS3. My'n Is Dead. Bricked. Will Have To Use My 4years Old 3G.
Joel Diaz I'm not one to follow the crowd much but , iPhone 5.
Zach Cline Lol blackberry 10 looks absolutely horrible from what I've seen
Charles Miranda Metro pcsphones ..all of them!!
Kyle Krause Anything blackberry
Zach Cline Because iPhone sucks
Gary Bollinger iPhone 5 for sure. apple sux big time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Syahir Shahimi Apple haters, Apple haters everywhere
Jared Jones Anything by blackberry!
Marti Ruiz ttoo mny iphone haters. i like thqt
Zach Cline Blackberry sucks
Anthony Aaron Fernando Lg the 5inch one
Gerald Mccrae Iphone 5 I can't wait till blackberry get themselves together I hate Apple
Zach Cline I used to be a big iPhone fanboy but iPhone 5 freaking sucks . It's just a squashed out iPhone 4S
Jacob Grumbles Well my vote goes to the mytouch line at T-Mobile but the iPhone 5 has to be this year's most disappointing phone.
George Millhouse anything by Huawei lol
Jennifer Kaploski Lantz Or he's not ever used a Note 2. Best phone I've ever owned. Period.
Dwayne Cook The iPhone 5.
George Millhouse as much as i hate apple there are FAR worse phones than iphone 5
Zach Cline iPhone 5
Brandon Le >People not understanding that there are worse smartphones than the iPhone 5. Just not as known...
George Millhouse Geoff...Note 2??????????????? You are either on crack or an apple fanboy or both
Long Vu Hoang Iphone 5
Rafael Coutinho any LG phone except the nexus4
Darrell Wax anything not made by nokia.
Jonathan Alonzo Lopez Valenzuela Probably the iPhone 5 (and I have one xD)
Ariel Mor I will take my first android (htc hero) over the iPhone 5. What do you mean PhoneDog.com
Sascha Ko-Brooks Sidekick 4G. Probably has led to multiple suicides
Antonio Vazquez Must be realistic if everyone agrees
Thomas G. Williamson Oh come on PhoneDog you ask a question and we are all answering it..
Keith UnCool Nicholson Wow so many iPhone 5 choices this is crazy lol.
Ariel Mor IPhone 5
Facebook user C'mon folks, let's be realistic. It would be nice to have an actual discussion about this as opposed to fanboy-themed responses!
Erik Womack Ifart 5
Faizur Rahman Himel It doesn't take much efforts to figure out that Iphone 5 was the worst and most disappointing phone of the year.
Thomas G. Williamson iPhone 5 for sure..
Scott Solo Carter any apple product

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