When Apple releases the first generation of the next tier of their famous iPhone line, the reviews seem to always come back the same: the device was good, but not great. Typically Apple will then tweak the phone in small ways to turn a good phone into a better phone, stick an ‘S’ on the end, and call it a day. So assuming this trend continues, what would you like to see out of an iPhone 5S?

In some ways I’m glad that my upgrade isn’t available until sometime in July. I’ve been hearing rumors being thrown around that Apple wants to start releasing phones in summer again, as oppose to fall as they have been. If I can hold off until July, I might be lucky enough to see if an ‘iPhone 5S’ emerges and maybe fall in love with it. As it stands right now, I’m not interested in the iPhone 5 at all and am leaning towards purchasing an Android as my next device. But if Apple makes some appropriate changes to the iPhone 5, would it be enough to place it back in the running for me?

I don’t expect to ever see Apple running a platform OS as open as Android. That’s just not what they’re about. While I expect the OS to remain pretty similar to what it has been, there are certain aspects that I would like to see tweaked here and there.

It would be nice if iOS ran widgets. That might sound petty, but widgets were one of my favorite things about Android. They made things more convenient overall in regards to easier access and faster response times like with e-mails and updates; not to mention they look pretty cool. If iOS ran widgets I’d be a happy camper. I’m not saying it’s going to happen, but it would be a nice addition if it did.

I’m also ready for an upgraded camera. While 8 megapixels is nice, it seems like the majority of cell phones have stayed at 8 megapixels for a while. I love the convenience of being able to whip out my phone and take a quick snapshot and it looks fantastic (on my device) but the quality difference shows when I view the same photo on my laptop. This goes for any device, really, but since we’re talking about what we’d like to see on an ‘iPhone 5S’ I’d say a better camera couldn’t hurt it.

The most important thing I’d like to see changed in a new iPhone, however, is that they get rid of the aluminum design and went back to something that felt more solid. There are some things I disagree with in the design of the iPhone 4/4S, such as a glass back (what’s the point?) but aluminum seems no better. I’ve seen multiple reports of iPhone 5s being bent because people who carry their phones in their back pocket sat on the device. Not only that, but the paint job on the iPhone 5 isn’t too solid either, with flecks coming off and making the device look more worn than it really is. I imagine a bent iPhone with a shabby looking paint job loses its value pretty quickly. Honestly, I prefer the solid (and heavier) feel my 4S gives instead.

So readers, what would you like to see in an iPhone 5S? I’m interested to see what ideas you guys have that could make the next version of this iPhone better than the first. Let me know your thoughts!


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"What do you want to see in the iPhone 5S?"

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Ian Bradly Aaron, you will always be missed at phone dog. Thank you for everything. I wish you the best of luck in the future and with further positions.
Teron Facey Anna you basically summed up the iPhone right here. "Typically Apple will then tweak the phone in small ways to turn a good phone into a better phone, stick an ‘S’ on the end, and call it a day" And it's the truth and everybody knows it. I'm saying this to start a flame war but its the honest truth. Nothing really innovated comes out from that phone lately. Phones now have NFC watch the iPhone 6 or 6S to have NFC and by then other phones will have something that one ups that.
Ryan Rees-Williams Chris Grillo
Ryan Rees-Williams My guess would be NFC but only working with Apple software and hardware, because Apple is "just too cool for other devices", oh and an ever so slightly thinner case and a 4.1 inch screen in a 17:9 pixel ratio, did I mention I want it to actually be a fun device again?
Mon Bucks Redisigned user interface! iOS is getting boring!! ?? Only reason I have my iPhone still is because iMessage.
Kristoff Lewandowski Well, technically Iphone 6 is already out.
Mihail Bebrovski a 6 inch screen, 12mp camera, and 32GB for $250 :D
Piotr Wichniarek Long live battery ONLY
Chad Dinkins Micro SD card slot, NFC, Live/Interactive Wallpaper, Flash, Widgets, Third Party Apps, and Not Made Of All Glass. Oh wait, I have those their called the Galaxy SII, Skyrocket, and Note. Never mind. Nothing then.
David Tambascio Android drivers
Jeff Cross How about a real screen size
Huey Liggins The only thing the iphone software has over android is simplicity and that's it. Their capable of the same things but android takes advantage of a phone's power unlike its competitors. Samsung does it right.
Ravin Schmidt I have a gs3 and my mom has the iPhone. I do like the feel and look of the iPhone 5 but i love my music and since android has a free music app and to me some better features then apple offers I have to say If apple got an mp3 downloaded like android I may switch lol. And yeah I know u can get free music from jailbreaking but then it lags and is never the same....hate it.
Chris Grillo The only thing customizable on an android is the front screen...... you can do that too with ten minutes work on the iphone. The rest of the apps on an android are in a grid style, like the iphone... the software on an iphone FAAAAAAAR outstrips the android junk... there isn't even a decent word processor on an android!!! Just text editors... but you can connect your iphone via hdmi or wirelessly to an HD TV, and use a common bluetooth keyboard to work with. Perhaps a larger screen. But that's about it. I have both, and the iphone wins through every time.
Shawn Gergler A stylus, speed and battery life like Note 2
Howie Eastin You know....I want everything that apple won't do. Will just leave it at that. I gave them 5 years to evolve and nothing
Qi Ren One week battery life, 50 megapixel camera with 10x optical zoom and the worlds best lens, 500gb storage, Intel Xeon CPU, 4gb of RAM, and an Nvidia GTX660 GPU. Is that possible? :P
Lanh Nguyen Stuff it should have had a long time ago lol
Lewis Hachmeister How about something new??
David R. Mitchell II To stop being made and apple to woot!
Zach Cline Technically iPhone 5 was iPhone 6
Jeremy Carlton Explosions. Nuff said
Martin Smeaton Android 5.0
Stuart James Baucum with people calling the 2013 iPhone the "iPhone 5S", what if Apple ended up calling it iPhone 6 (like it should be called)? XD
Zach Cline Apple is going to be screwed when android 5.0 comes out at the next google I/O
Tony Abiama There gonna do the same thing... small refinements. Same pitiful screen size... same everything, different box
Zach Cline It's going to be the same freaking thing as the iPhone 5 only with a different processor Possibly the retina + display , And an upgraded camera
Sebastian Gomes nfc will not be available until the iPhone 7 and it will Apple's standard. It will have a "better" camera and it wll be .1mm thinner
Zach Cline It's not perfect , Freaking iSlaves
James Matthews It's non existence.
Jose Calderon Nothing, it's perfect.
Oscar Martinez Herrera Samsung Galaxy S3
Oscar Martinez Herrera All we want here, all is Android ..todo lo que quieren aquí lo tienes Android bienvenidos todo a el futuro, Android.
Ispongklong Dacoycoy New design and new ui
Brian Edson or apple should bomb it (make it a total POS) and put their name on it and see how many gullible people by it just cause it already has the apple logo on it ... oh wait that already happened... 6 times
Brian Edson android
Marti Ruiz al i want is 1080p gs4
Shawn Davis Dunne Better camera (though this one is good) and longer battery life.
Chris Kettler I want to see it in a blender
Scott Schumacher My unlimited data back or forget the phone
Juwon Donte Who cares about iphones other then women&teens???
Luis Robles Figueroa Nothing cause Android already have it.
Timothy Tinay i love android to death though. #TEAMGALAXY. But one problem i have with my galaxy is that the iPhone classic can run almost all the same apps an iPhone 5 can run. Mine will be out dated for it's ever changing OS. I really wish android apps were compatible across gingerbread-->jellybean/keylimepie. Iphone classic got IOS6 wth while my little htc (now have my galaxy) is stuck on gingerbread. iPhone does offer many good features but lacks tremendously in customization. I think the iPhone alone is a good product but I'm anti-apple :)
Gary Strickland NFC for sure!
Damond Lam No more innovation please, just the usual refinement, 2-day battery life and a slightly lower price.
Timothy Tinay I expect it to be more buggy, same screen size, same physical features (phone cases, screen protectors, accessories, etc), faster processor, Enhanced screen resolution, 13MP camera, Quad Core A7 chip, more durable, enhanced glass, but many features hidden from the 5S due to improvement for future iPhones.
Richie Barrett Jr Boring same old news on iPhones1-5 same apps same shape look androids change a lot bigger screen better apps better battery power fastest lte
Billy Brown apple died when jobs left us!!!
Lance Tomlinson Android os
Stephen Victor I want pie.
Andre Martian Frederick Every year key features are purposely left out should call it the "iHope".
Andre Martian Frederick Apple's tired looking UI removed.
Basil Fearrington I want to see it have just a tenth of what the Samsung Note 2 has. That phone destroys the diePhone.
Jozef Sakac 4.5" screen make it wider not taller
Larry Hanks Android
Mike Hogue Stick with my Note 2
Nik Salerno I want to see them stop releasing the 's' variant. Come out with something new every two years so people can get them when their contracts end instead of feeling like a slave to Apple obligation, scraping money together to keep current. But let's be serious. Apple can make money off everyone once a year regardless of their financial situations. People will whore out their kids for iWhatever's. And that's just sad.
Luis Arturo Batista Aquino an android system!
David DiPilla They need to upgrade alot the screen the camera more customize stuff widgets and more
Jacques Nixon When I take girls picture, see them all naked even if they are dressed!
Tan Chong Ling nothing! just plain old boring look that looks the same
Mike Jaros For it not to exist
Mohammed Kanan quad core
Gary Bowling @ Daniel, even after Jailbreaking, its still in Jail compared to a out of the box Android.
Arturo Atherly a penny size of C4....
Gary Bowling I have a Note 2.
Daniel McCarthy The end-user shouldn't have to jailbreak their device to get a comparable experience to the "out of the box Android experience" and even then, it isn't up to par. Users shouldn't have to open a link in Safari and then copy and paste the link into Dolphin or FireFox. When they click on an address, it should give the option of whether they want to open it up in Apple Maps or Google Maps. I mean the entire reason Instagram was made was to circumvent iOS's lack of social media integration that Android had since the first release back in 2007. Is the iPhone fast? I would certainly hope so, and it is. They're developing proprietary software for their proprietary hardware and they have a year to do it. Also the gripe I have with the iPhone is it's a trend and people buy into it, well I still have yet to meet a single person who is carrying the iPhone 5, but then again I wouldn't be able to tell the difference because it's looked the same for the last 5 years. People are paying more for less hardware and lackluster software.
Andy Jaggars More personalization
Anthony Belindo Windows 8
Johannes Riitijoki Dont need a new iPhone, because no one hasn't beaten up the iPhone 5 yet.
Jared Augerot the final plunge of Apple.
Allen Drewe A little bit wider. Put the headphone jack back on the top of the phone please.
Jeff Griffith Why are android people so opinionated about the iPhone? It really isn't as bad as you guys make it out to be, Android isn't bad either, the iPhone is one hell of a contender especially if it's jail broken! I don't know if these "haters" have really truly experienced a jail broken iPhone, it's extremely capable of doing many things Android can, if some cases more. Android always wins in the area of having more ram, but because iOS is more refined and tailored to the processors used, CPU speed doesn't need to be as fast as an android, battery life on mine has always been better than all my friend's Android phones.
George Cruz Keep dreaming ppl!! Lol
Evan Krocker i don't think nfc till 6.
Bill Stewart Why change it now. It's been basically the same since it first came out 5 years ago. Why spoil your customers.
C Bryan Thomas It's time for IOS to evolve.
Bill Siembida Android 4.2
Jeff Griffith On a side note, if I had the iPhone 5 personally I would promptly strip off the paint and polish the bare aluminum, maybe apply an epoxy based clear coat for better strength and adhesion versus paint.
Keenan Ochoa Change.... Wait.... Scratch that. If apple made a good phone I wouldn't have as much to laugh at. Keep it the same like you have apple. I'll keep laughing at the isheep with my awesome Android!
Dominic Jessup Reid Boring boring and more boring.
David Cipollone I'd like to see it stuck in customs for a few months after it's supposed to be released.
Jeff Griffith I agree with the previous materials used on the 4/4s, I'm sticking with my 4s because the iPhone 5 seems to be poorly constructed of inferior materials. I prefer the stainless steel chassis, maybe not the glass backside though, and a cell phone should NEVER be painted! With as much handling as a phone sees, it's no wonder why the paint would get scratched and peel so quickly!
Karl Wuscher Running Android
Gary Bowling NFC, Quad Core, 12MP cam
Ross TheBoss Rosetsky My brother has Verizon 4 sister has 4s I hate the ijunk... I got a windows 7.5 Nokia 710 for tmobile... Had android they are good so is windows 7.5 and up... And love tmobile!
Susan Hugus Android is leading the way so Apple will have to change to keep up.
Ross TheBoss Rosetsky Its windows 7.5 phone or up or android!
Justin Michael Duncan Its a piece of junk like si Robertson would say
Ross TheBoss Rosetsky nothing... IPhone's nick name is ijunk
Lawson Williams Beside pics of naked females.....I'll get back to you.
Daniel McCarthy People who argue over a phone os clearly have a lot if time on there hands..... it's pathetic" You're commenting on the PhoneDog facebook page. Get over yourself.
Dennis Heggenstaller Here is a pic of the iphone 5s.. be prepared to be blown away!
Daniel YoungJoon Yoo longer phone.
Joe Zazueta Android os
Tejwant Singh I wanna see it on tmobile
Wolfe Pack I would like apple to actually put out a smatphone instead of trying to fool people into believing their phone is such.
Joshua Feld My predictions are NFC, A6x chip, upgraded camera and maybe different colors. I just bought the iPhone 5, so I'm not upgrading. Give me a buzz when the iPhone 6 is out.
Geo Foreal Something new. Not the same thing over and over.
Creighton McCain Windowsphone8! Lumia 822 is the best ive had :)
Devlin Robear Android 5.0
Malik Valbrun All these people talkin bout what they want but know damn well Apple just upgrading hardware and software. Yet millions of people still buy it...
Oliver Antonio Fajardo an option to have a bigger iPhone like Steve Wozniak says! Now that Scott Forstall left maybe Jony Ive can spice up the OS...
Brandon Johnson Forgot about an Led light.... At least in the home button.
Roger Schubert DeOliveira same old bullshit..
Jose Pablo Islas just add a little to the screen and call it good lol
Robert Wellington Clubine III Glass that is truly scratch and smudge proof, being sold as unlocked (same prices when you get your iphone at your carrier w/upgrade prices) and able to work with all networks so no matter where you buy your iPhone it will just work with any carrier of choice, wireless charging and charging device included, better battery life, a bit bigger but still able to fit into pockets snugly.
Jeff Lee-wag Liwag Changing default app links
Edgar Borrero Are you crazy? The aluminium back is better than the glass back and this cone from a 4S user de back of my phone have been broken several times i preffer a dent than a broken back
Milovan Pavicevic new charger
Andrew Johnson Android 4.2 ;-)
Alex Arana Knowing apple they will do a 100mhz cpu increase and add an android feature (maybe share from notification bar) boom call it a 5S
Vera Deglomini Super sized screen
Brian McGuinness i want to see them use their own processor instead of relying on people they sue (Samsung)
Patrick George Jr. People who argue over a phone os clearly have a lot if time on there hands..... it's pathetic
Eduardo Ordaz Something innovative.
Del Wells Removable battery & keyboard & 2G LMAO
Stephen Wagner Apple not existing
Ricky Amaro Fun colors, better camera, faster..
Nichole Maldonado It'll have a brighter screen....and nothing more...
Grown Fly AndGifted Get rid of the terrible iTunes and add a SD card and make it bigger for once
Sebastian Arrieta everyone one wants a lot of changes but in reality its going to be just like the 4 and the 4s again. exact same phone with better specs and newer ios version
Rob Weiser A complete makeover. Tired of them fooling consumers with their re-branding. The iPhone was cool a loooonnnnggg time ago. Too many Android options that can outperform it by leaps and bounds.
Jan Michael Cruz I want to see real innovation, But who knows, its apple we're talking bout here, i bet its very minimal changes aesthetically and prolly small tweaks on a decade old os,
Brandon Johnson Bigger screen....
Tynisha Smith Hollins Keyboard app like swiftkey and widgets! I love my Galaxy S3!
Daniel McCarthy If they refuse to put Android on their hardware, they should at least make their software.... "competition worthy".
Rob Smith What would I like to see in the iPhone 5S? Android 5.0, that's what!
Richard Ortiz Android OS
Cindy Bettis Something as simple as a back button maybe?
Sharon Copeland a real screen...
Steve Hartsock That wasn't the question Luis. Reading comprehension 101.
Leo Alexandrov i want to see the lack of it.
Dalton Davis iPhones suck! So why get one ?
Jessica Rodriguez Nothing major, I can't upgrade for another 2 years. Love my iPhone 5.
Luis Valentin-Zeno Let's not talk about the 5S, move along people only CES and MWC are important
Mark Fisher Jr. Keyboard theme options.
Ezekiel Carsella idc. i just want a Lumia 920
Phil Ofthefuture Nothing. I rather have a S3 or Note 2
Joel Silva NFC!!!
Anthony Evans Jr cancellation and give in to android being better
Tre Goolsby Something that is actually innovative & not Apple's new definition of innovative.
Markus Howard ANDROID !!!!!!!!!!!

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