Samsung request to keep sales stats confidential in Apple case denied by judge

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| January 2, 2013

Samsung Galaxy S III units white, blue, red

Samsung will soon have to spill the sales stats of some of its products in its case against Apple, as Judge Lucy Koh has denied the company's request to keep those details sealed while it tries to appeal an earlier order that said that it must reveal the data. The information that will be revealed by Samsung relates to sales numbers of select devices over certain periods of time. As noted by Bloomberg, Judge Koh explained her decision by saying that Samsung's appeal relates to "pricing information and profit margins," while the info that's due to be revealed only involves unit sales for recent months.

Judge Koh also weighed in on some other requests, shooting down many of Apple and Samsung's requests to seal documents from view of others, saying that neither company offered a "compelling reason" as to why the info should be kept sealed. One request that did get Judge Koh's approval was from Samsung, with the firm asking that the publication of a document detailing its per-unit operating profit for two phones be delayed, pending appeal.

Apple and Samsung have already had some of their sales figures revealed during their trial that took place last year. For example, we learned during that time that Apple had sold 85 million iPhones from 2007 through Q2 2012, while Samsung had sold 2.255 million units of the Galaxy Prevail and 1.897 million units of the Epic 4G Touch from June 2010 through Q2 2012. Samsung isn't a company that typically announces sales figures for its devices unless it's a flagship handset hitting a milestone, so it'll be interesting to see what kinds of figures it produces as a result of this new order. We'll give you a shout once any numbers surface.

Via SlashGear, Bloomberg