Sprint As You Go contract-free service revealed in leaked documents

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| January 2, 2013

Sprint As You Go leak phones

There are already several prepaid options available in the mobile world, but it looks like we'll soon have one more on our hands. Some leaked documents posted by Android Police have revealed "Sprint As You Go," a service that'll offer unlimited plans and no-contract devices. The docs show that Sprint As You Go will debut on Jan. 25 with four phones. The LG Optimus Elite and Samsung Victory will be leading the smartphone charge at $149.99 and $249.99, and there will also be a pair of dumbphones available for $49.99 and $79.99. Postpaid Sprint devices can't be activated with these plans, meaning that you won't be able to take a regular Sprint device onto the service, but the documentation does note that the phone offerings will grow after launch.

On the rate plan side of things, customers will be able to choose from a $50 plan for dumbphones and a $70 option for smartphones. Those plans will give customers unlimited talk, text, data, voice roaming and 1XRTT roaming. No EV-DO roaming is included, though, so don't expect to be getting any free 3G data usage while roaming on another network. The document also notes that services like international calling and mobile hotspot are also not included in the base plan. However, premium services and apps can be billed to a user's credit card.

Prepaid customers looking for a home on the Sprint network already have a couple of options in Boost Mobile and Virgin Mobile, but they're either currently throttling users after 2.5GB of data use in a month or will be soon, so Sprint As You Go looks like it'll be the only one with unlimited full-speed data. It's also worth noting that Sprint offers a Everything Data plan with 450 minutes and unlimited data/messaging for $10 more than the Sprint As You Go smartphone plan. As the document explains, though, Sprint As You Go could be preferable for anyone that really hates contracts or the high deposit that they may incur by signing one. Here's to hoping that Sprint can quickly expand its pay as you go handset offerings beyond the small lineup shown here to make the service even more attractive to the contract-averse.

Sprint As You Go leak details

Via Android Police