Can we get some love for the accessories at CES 2013?

Anna Scantlin
Contributing Editor from  Kansas City, MO
| Published: January 4, 2013


With CES just around the corner here, officially starting on Tuesday, January 8th (but as Taylor stated in his video earlier today, we will have coverage here on PhoneDog starting on Monday) people are gearing up to see what kind of devices we can expect to see later this year. Companies rumored and expected to showcase new devices include ZTE, Huawei, and LG; there is a possibility that larger companies like HTC and Samsung have something to offer us but more than likely they’ll opt to wait for their own event. While the actual devices themselves will be the star of the show at CES, there’s also another component to this event: accessories.

While accessories might not be what most people go there for, they’re still something to get hyped about as they are designed to enhance our experience with our devices. The device itself can only do so much, but there’s always room for a little whipped cream on top.

One of the accessories I’m most interested in, assuming the rumor is true, is the Dane-Elec Wireless SmartReader. It’s a personal mobile share point that can easily fit into one’s pocket, making it convenient and travel-friendly. This device is designed to expand a mobile device’s memory wirelessly. So if you’re like me and no matter how many times you upgrade your memory you always find it’s never enough you can expand it without having to purchase an entirely new device (for iPhone fans, anyway), plus you’re able to share the Wireless SmartReader’s data with up to five other devices at one time. Whether you want to watch movies, share photos, presentations, or stream music, you can do so with your friends or co-workers if you want. They’re said to have free apps available, but we’ll see.

iHome, a popular brand that mostly caters to making accessories for the “iProducts”, is rumored to be releasing accessories that support Lightning connection.  iHome has a wide variety of accessories for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod and I’m surprised they haven’t released anything up until now. I suppose this would be the best time to start introducing such a product though. There’s no turning back to the 30-pin connector for Apple, so why should iHome continue to make new accessories for older devices? Honestly, they’re all the same concept anyway. Clock, music, lights – action! The only people that have been missing out are the people with newer iPads and iPhone 5s. Still, for those who have been missing their old iHome products or have been wanting to purchase one, hopefully your chance will come soon.

Of course, like every year, you’re going to have your fancy headphones and Bluetooth headsets that are made for the fashion-forward tech savvy consumers, complete with famous celebrities like of the Black Eyed Peas and Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi from Jersey Shore to promote them. (Don’t hate me - I’m just the messenger!)

So readers, what accessories are you interested in seeing at CES 2013? Is there any particular rumor that you hope to see come true? Let me know!