Making a jump back up into the top 5 for the week, the Apple iPhone 5 closes out the first week of our featured user reviews for 2013.  And as luck would have it, PhoneDog fan and lover of gadgets Dennis Orcutt Jr. left his first review "ever" for the Apple iPhone 5 on the site yesterday.  So we are happy to feature him on this Friday January 4, 2013.   

"Quality" By DENNIS ORCUTT JR on January 3, 2013

I'm a phone junkie. I just cannot help myself. Folks ask me why I don't do this for a living as much as I love gadgets/mobile phones etc. Surprisingly even to me, this is my first review. 

My first somewhat smart phone was the old Cingular 8125 by HTC. It served me well until original iPhone changed EVERYTHING for me in 2007. Wow, wow, wow, finally a phone that had a nice user interface! I have had every iPhone since, either new or bought used cheaper for my 4 and 4s. As with many, I think iOS is becoming a tad stale, but I find myself back home again before long when I go with something other than iPhone as my primary device. I think the competition is good and love to see multiple platforms do well and push the others to do better! I may even give the new BB10 a chance, even as a traditional hater.

Initially I was a bit let down with the display size, only extending it up lengthwise instead of also adding width. After my GSIII, Lumia 820, and Note II, I LOVE the feel of iPhone 5 in my hand. It fits well, I can reach the screen and operate one handed better than with any other device. 

Reception is an interesting subject for me. I started with the AT&T version but where I work, their HSPA+ data is nearly unusable! With full bars, it was beyond dreadfully slow. At home all was well, but I just cannot have my device data speed be worse than GPRS or 1X speed consistently. I have switched to Verizon since they have LTE in my market and even though they're a bit more cost-wise, data flows wonderfully and I'm finding the LTE to CDMA handoff lag I initially experienced with a Galaxy Nexus near nonexistent. VZW wasn't a player before because it wasn't as easy to change devices on CDMA. That's not a problem for me now with LTE! I am a little bit disappointed that Apple didn't include the extra antenna/hardware to support simultaneous voice and data, but because my data actually works now, I can live with it! VZW call quality is almost always great and works in the sticks.

Battery life has been stellar for both my AT&T ad VZW iPhones, easily lasting a day and way better than any Android phone I own or have owned. Of ourse the Note II's 3100 MaH monster keeps it alive nice, in my experience iPhone wins.

I touched on form factor when talking about display, but again, I find iPhone 5 to be the best device of my arsenal to use and even look at. It is SO sleek and light. I use a ZooGue case, and have found it to be the cheapest yet nicest and slimmest case yet. I do NOT personally like that the headphone jack was moved to the bottom of the phone which is why I've dinged Design / Form Factor.

Apps Apps Apps. Android is finally quite comparable, but still the area where iOS shines for me. My iTunes library has become pretty robust since buying my first Mac in 2004. iTunes match has had its glitches, but I love being able to access my library with ease from anywhere. I can also use other services that allow me to share that library with my WP or Android phones, which is cool. 

Bottom line, out of the box, you're not going to be able to customize iPhone like you will an Android device, but if you want a bulletproof mobile phone that will work well and have stellar ease of use and quality... iPhone is a great bet!

Display 5/5
Battery Life 5/5
Apps & Media Support 5/5
Reception & Call Quality 5/5
Design/Form Factor 4/5

Overall 4.8

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