HTC CEO cites weak marketing efforts as reason for rough 2012, believes that the worst has passed

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| January 4, 2013

HTC CEO Peter Chou Rezound

HTC had a bit of a rough 2012, losing market share to the likes of Apple and Samsung and reporting drooping profits. CEO Peter Chou thinks that things will turn around for HTC in 2013, though, telling the Wall Street Journal that "the worst for HTC has probably passed" and that "2013 will not be too bad." In order to make this year a better one for HTC, Chou has been working to focus more on HTC's marketing efforts, including hiring a new marketing head. The exec says that he feels that weak marketing is what caused 2012 to be a down year for HTC, especially when its competitors pump cash into their marketing.

Another way that 2013 HTC is different from 2012 HTC is flexibility. Chou explains that he's learned that his company needs to act quickly and be more flexible to market changes, and he says that now HTC is continually tweaking its sales plans as necessary.

HTC released some highly-praised handsets in 2012, including the One X and One S. However, the company still managed to have a tough year, so there's still something that it's missing. We'll just have to wait and see whether that thing is marketing, but considering that market leaders Apple and Samsung released several ads highlighting their products throughout 2012, it's certainly worth a shot. What do you all make of Peter Chou's statements? Do you think increased marketing will help HTC regain some of its former glory in 2013?

Via Wall Street Journal