We can all remember our favorite devices. Whether it’s a product you used years ago, or it’s one that you’re still using now, it will forever hold a fond place in your mind as being “the one.” The one device that made you get excited about technology. Maybe it got you excited about a particular piece of software. Or a hardware standard. Our favorite devices are easily capable of putting a smile on our face; whether from memories of better days, or because you’ve never held anything better than what you’re using now.

But there can’t be good without the bad. We need it balanced. And there are usually always plenty of devices that help balance the bigger picture.

At the end of December, Taylor Martin asked you what you thought the worst phone of 2012 was. It was a good question, especially considering your tastes have a lot to do with it. Calling out the worst phone of last year can come down to physical aesthetics, the way software looks or feels based on ten minutes of usage, or a device simply running an operating system you don’t like. 2012 saw a nice climax with phones, but that doesn’t mean they were all great.

What’s more, I think we can all admit that over the years, all the way back to when you had your first phone, there have been a lot of devices that just weren’t up to par. Screen technology. Processors. RAM. On board memory. All of these things have just recently become a huge focus of the mobile industry and what powers it: You. Right around the time that Android began taking off, people really started to focus on the technology powering our phones, and that’s why we’re now so adamant about having quad-core processors and 1080p displays.

Don’t get me wrong, all of that would have happened eventually, but I think our constant demand for “bigger and better” has forced the industry to work double-time to reach demand.

I want to expand on Taylor’s original question a bit. Instead of just focusing on the year 2012, I want you to look back with me into your cell phone past. I want you to look passed the bills, and focus on the phones you’ve owned over the years. It doesn’t matter how many you’ve had, but for this particular question I imagine the more the better.

I’ve always been told that I can find the good in any phone. Sometimes I have to try really hard to do it, but I can usually find something worthwhile in a device. That didn’t happen with one particular device, though. It was released in the winter months of 2006, and it will forever be known as the SLVR (L7). It was designed by Motorola, and it was a device that was meant to attract the multimedia-hungry folks out there, especially those who were smitten with the design nature of their smash-hit, the RAZR.

The SLVR-L7 had a lot of great features. It had iTunes functionality, and it made it easy to store about 100 songs on your phone for easy listening. The battery wasn’t spectacular, but it wasn’t horrendous, either. It was super-thin, lightweight, and when it lit-up it was something to stare at. But you know what? None of it worked exactly the way it should have for me. I can still remember trying to sync music, and hating the experience. I can still remember taking photos with the phone and threatening to never take another photo with a phone ever again. I can remember that terrible, terrible keypad. (Which was a shock, because the RAZR’s keypad wasn’t atrocious.) Basically, I thought the SLVR would be the device to make me drop a dedicated MP3 player. It wasn’t. Not even close, actually.

In theory, it should have been easy to find a lot of things right around the SLVR-L7, but I just couldn’t do it. It made me too frustrated. I don’t remember the phone I switched to because of the SLVR-L7, but I’m pretty sure it was a BlackBerry-branded handset. Yeah, that’s how crazy the SLVR-L7 made me.

But, that’s the worst phone I’ve ever owned, so now I want to hear from you, Dear Reader. I want to know what phone has made you cringe, and what makes you frown just thinking about it. Was it a smartphone? Wasn’t a phone you’ve owned recently? Let me know!

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"We must know, what is the worst phone you have EVER owned?"

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Jenny Woo Woo
Jenny Woo Woo samsung infuse
Scott Smith
Scott Smith samsung ruby 2 pice of junk went to open it and it broke in half so much for being tuff went and got the fusion thru att and loveing it
Rj Page
Rj Page Motorola ROKR E1
Ben House
Ben House Samsung exhibit 2
Anonymous HTC Touch Pro and Touch Pro 2... one disaster after another... I will never ever have another HTC again. Samsung Galaxy S II, III, and Note II ROCK!!!
Paul Briggs
Paul Briggs Motorola Rival. Hands down.
Jessica Wiseman
Jessica Wiseman Samsung Intercept which is why ill never get another Samsung phone. The reason I have an Evo 4g lte over the S3.
Lara Brocklesby
Lara Brocklesby HTC diamond. I had 6 in 1 year because of warranty. They finally offered me my pick of any other phone. Old windows phones, yeck!
Connor Rose
Connor Rose Samsung Intercept from Sprint is a TERRIBLE phone
Wendy Lindop
Wendy Lindop Nokia E72. Closely followed by the Nokia N8 (apart from the great camera).
Cedric Allen Gaines
Cedric Allen Gaines Any windows phone I've ever owned (6.5 and lower)
Justin Cartier
Justin Cartier BlackBerry Storm
Jonathan Onuluk
Jonathan Onuluk iPhone's
Michael Harp
Michael Harp *Moto
Michael Harp
Michael Harp Motor Razr
Anthony Peña
Anthony Peña iPhone 5 lol
Harish Bysani Kodanda
Harish Bysani Kodanda it was some samsung SGH 500 I guess, it was camera phone with optical zoom, traded same with N95 8GB then
Dave Holmes
Dave Holmes Blackberry Storm
Matt Dovey
Matt Dovey Samsung glyde...that phone was so bad in every way
Naser Al-jummah
Naser Al-jummah Blackberry curve 8900!
Mohammed Abuarja
Mohammed Abuarja U guys are all crazy like common galaxy s 3 really... Try Nokia x7 or some of LG's old touch phones they are ridiculous
Naj Khan
Naj Khan all androids
Hunny Vandan
Hunny Vandan samsung wave 525
Kristoff Lewandowski
Kristoff Lewandowski Iphone 4, couldn't stand the UI and battery life.
Wayne Nowacki
Wayne Nowacki Honestly I have never really owned a terrible phone. I've either been smart or fortunate. I would have to say either my old Samsung R225 because I foolishly cracked the screen or my Sony Ericsson T300 because it had the worst specs on any Ericsson model I owned, but a great phone none the less
BG Michael
BG Michael The worst i ever had Samsung s3. The best LG optimus G. I love my LG OPTIMUS G.
BG Michael
BG Michael Samung s3. Easy to drain battrry And easy to destroyed.
Jamie Crane
Jamie Crane sony xperia play just seamed cheap
Ale Victor
Ale Victor As for now my htc hero, stuck in safe mode...........help me
Callum Martin Darby
Callum Martin Darby iphone 5 its terrible i love you samsung gs3
Alan Xenos
Alan Xenos original bb storm, or my old zte blade
Stefan de Wilde
Stefan de Wilde Orange SPV m1000
Lisa Helling
Lisa Helling Htc Hero, kept crashing
Marcus Cadwell
Marcus Cadwell BlackBerry storm. Everything went wrong. It's amazing to me a phone like that can even be released
Cristian Mendoza
Cristian Mendoza Lg Optimus V laggy piece of plastic
Kizito Nestor
Kizito Nestor Huawei Ideos...
cajunrph HTC Hero by far. It was my first android phone. At first it was very cool, then when the newness wore off the laggy buggy just plan out slow nature of the phone made me give it up. I was trying to break the Apple grip on me with that phone. But the GS3 finally did it. The phone's processor wasn't fast enough to handle Sense without many hick-ups.
Dhananjay Gupta
Dhananjay Gupta Sony Ericsson Aspen
Jordan Carroll
Jordan Carroll I had a pantech hotshot on verizon. Wasn't a smartphone but still the worst thing ever made no matter how many times the people on the phone told me they had no problems with it. I ended up throwing it at my wall and breaking it. Best thing to ever happen to it
Teron Facey
Teron Facey Motorola Cliq
Chris May
Chris May Iphone 4....nothing but issues. Went through 4 replacemenys till i finally sold it and got a atrix 4g then a razr maxx and now a droid dna and nothing was worse then the iphone
Joshua Lee
Joshua Lee Cliq XT. Android 1.5 with Motoblur, would miss calls frequently because it would be too busy multitasking the bloat Motorolla and T-Mobile saddled its 2007 midrange hardware (but sold in 2010!)
Maria Montoro
Maria Montoro Blackberry Storm! It was sluggish for the whole time I owned it (at least 40 seconds to try and make a phone call or do anything), and when I was about to change phones, it got quite good with a real firmware update, but by then it was too late...
Maduka Suraweera
Maduka Suraweera Nokia N9. No capacitive buttons.bad battery life.poor sound.awufull design.
James Vincent
James Vincent None... my v3m razr was a flip phone... the battery life was good and it lasted me 5 years and still works... my optimus v in hind sight was crap but at the time did all I needed it to do... my captivate had a horrible gps and the camera desperately needed a flash but those are my only complaints... and my inspire... its just old
Melvin R Fink
Melvin R Fink AT&T iPhone 4S (Traded my Sony Xperia Ion for it. Instantly regretted it.)
Efren Santibanez
Efren Santibanez IPhone 4-5
Chorbs 'sz
Chorbs 'sz HTC touch diamond
Chorbs 'sz
Chorbs 'sz HTC touch diamond
Selyner Kwamboka
Selyner Kwamboka Trium!
Tanya Buttons
Tanya Buttons the Pantech Duo
Angy Gatten Broskin
Angy Gatten Broskin blackberry storm omg what a joke that ph was I almost threw it out my window since it was so bad fr day one oh what horrid thoughys thanks lol...
John-Michael Kobes
John-Michael Kobes NOKIA 6236 for vzw. Keys were so small, and it was the size of car key, the ones that fold up and pop out.
Silver Diaz
Silver Diaz motorola triumph. piece of trash!
Reece Beaulaurier
Reece Beaulaurier Rumor 2 the battery leaked and killed it!
Nate Bolton
Nate Bolton Sony Ericsson W580i. The beginning of the end for SE. The thing had the worst build quality I've ever used. Pretty much broke itself.
Doug Phillips
Doug Phillips EnV touch
Chanuka Viduranga
Chanuka Viduranga lg gc 900...very laggy...
Mashuk Hossain
Mashuk Hossain Nokia lumia 900 windows phone with a horrible horrible battery life.
Paul Warner
Paul Warner The worst fone I even owned was a LG Insite. Well made fone but WinMo 6.1 was a dog..
Antonio L. Lopez
Antonio L. Lopez HTC SENSATION
Chris Robato
Chris Robato My HTC Touch Diamond with Windows Mobile.
Douglas J. Middleton
Douglas J. Middleton Samsung Impression!
Hassan Feroze
Hassan Feroze LG chocolate 2006. Never bought LG again.
Yasir Sohail
Yasir Sohail Samsung Blackjack 2, only if I was smart enough back than to know windows phone suck ass.
Dee Moe
Dee Moe This damn Droid Charge laggy ,poor battery & Metro PCS Blackberry Curve
Travis Rector
Travis Rector The worst Android I've owned is the HTC Merge, mostly because of it's slow 800MHz processor. The worst phone I have ever owned is some Kyocera phone. It has no model name on it, so I have no idea what it is
Jimmy Allen
Jimmy Allen Motorola cliq
Manuel Hexxdamangx Cortes
Manuel Hexxdamangx Cortes #1 motorola cliq #2 sidekick 4g android
Andrew Welker
Andrew Welker Droid Charge from Samsung. Laggy as hell with TERRIBLE battery life.
Nikola Karovic
Nikola Karovic nokia 6600
Steve Dreifuerst
Steve Dreifuerst Blackberry Storm.
Joe Voss
Joe Voss Nexus s 4G - I'd take my old razr over this pos
QM McClean
QM McClean Samsung Galaxy S 4G from T-Mobile
Kaylee Sill
Kaylee Sill Samsung epic (galaxy s)
Steven Quacoo- Dorby
Steven Quacoo- Dorby A Motorola krzr man I had that phone on boost unlimited and it sucked. This was b4 the smartphone. It would get hot when I would be talking die to quick it sucked.
David Crowder
David Crowder Motorola Atrix 4G was the WORST phone I have ever owned
David Crowder
David Crowder anything but my current iPhone 4, my phone prior to this one had to be the worst though, Motoroal
Jose Daniel Lara Perez
Jose Daniel Lara Perez Benq z2 cubic shape, sms nightmare.
Bryon Barnes
Bryon Barnes Either blackberry storm or the iphone4... iphone was nice but I hated the walled garden.
Juwon Donte
Juwon Donte Zte from boost
Saurabh Pathak
Saurabh Pathak Motorola Milestone XT800.. :/ :P
Chad Richter
Chad Richter LG rumor. That or my Palm pre only because the pre kept coming apart. Went through 5 in a little over a year.
Jose Hernandez
Jose Hernandez Blackberry Storm
Ladd Davies
Ladd Davies Worst experience I've ever had with a phone is the Samsung Behold II
Mike Miller
Mike Miller Flip phones we all had at one point years ago
Idris Hussain
Idris Hussain Apple Iphone 3g
Nick Koval
Nick Koval 4s
Radamir Siad
Radamir Siad HTC my touch 3g slide
Chris Breuker
Chris Breuker My current phone LG spectrum
Marcus Johnson
Marcus Johnson IPhone 3gs
Brian Dunn
Brian Dunn Samsung Moment, or the old LG VX6100
Jorge Cadena
Jorge Cadena Any of the mytouch line.
Mike Ross
Mike Ross The T-Mobile Dash
Christopher Manic Johnson
Christopher Manic Johnson This LG flip I got back in 2006...so boring I forgot I once had it, until just now.
Ronnie DiMaio
Ronnie DiMaio I've loved every phone I had. I'm thankful I can even obtain something as good as a cell phone. Also I'm pretty smart at not choosing a POS.
Michael Talbot
Michael Talbot Motorola Startac-looked cool,battery was useless...had to buy a piggyback battery to use it at all
Greg Snider
Greg Snider My worst one was the first one I ever owned. It was a 1998 prepaid phone. It seemed like the size of my arm. And no Internet
Sergio Rubio
Sergio Rubio Htc amaze for tmobile
Geoffrey P. Spicer
Geoffrey P. Spicer Old blackberry 7790 no camera no wfi
Juan Carlos Munoz
Juan Carlos Munoz Motorola photon 4g
Autumn Clark
Autumn Clark Behold II worst phone ever
Lance Johnson
Lance Johnson A Crapberry Storm I.... the one you had to push down on the screen to select... talk about sore fingers :((
Filippo Bari
Filippo Bari Samsung omnia 2
Joel Diaz
Joel Diaz Samsung I900 omnia
Joel Neil
Joel Neil Blackberry Tour 9630, close second is HTC Hero, Both on Sprint
Shannon Manns
Shannon Manns Blackberry Storm
Rachel M Crump
Rachel M Crump LG Phoenix. Got it as an insurance replacement and it was completely worthless. Sales people will have a rough road selling me another LG device. Ever!
Tim Tuttle
Tim Tuttle HTC evo 3d on sprint. The worst ever service and phone was a piece of garbage.
Paul Alexandru
Paul Alexandru iPhone 3G
Kyle Desiderio
Kyle Desiderio HTC Freestyle, it failed me on the first day, now I have the LG Optimus G and it's great!!!
Josh Skye
Josh Skye hd2
Craig Greene
Craig Greene BlackBerry Storm. Just one drop of water between the huge gap separating the screen from the housing of the phone and the touchscreen is gone! Went through like 6 or 7 of them in a year
Jawann McBeth
Jawann McBeth Land line.
Phil Graham
Phil Graham LG Viewty, what a load of crap!!!
DK Alipio
DK Alipio Nokia 53ish express music.. did not last for a week.
Larry Valdez
Larry Valdez Motorola Q
Princess Jasmine
Princess Jasmine Cricket Phones.. OOo Them Where Da Worst Phones Ever..
Scot Milo
Scot Milo pretty much any android phone since the G1
Jose Calderon
Jose Calderon Galaxy s3
Daniel Rivera
Daniel Rivera lg optimus one
Paul Battle
Paul Battle LG Spectrum. Lag on a whole different level.
Joe Francesco Kassira
Joe Francesco Kassira Anything LG
XR YZ dell streak
Brandon Martinez
Brandon Martinez Xperia x10
Kristopher Davis
Kristopher Davis Samsung Intercept...horrific!
Aaron Early
Aaron Early Samsung instinct.
John Resch
John Resch IPhone 4
Chris Macartney
Chris Macartney Samsung Charge
Cyrus Taylor
Cyrus Taylor It was my first phone, Motorola Clutch from SouthernLinc, I didn't even keep it the whole contract, I switched to an iPhone on AT&T, I had no data access on the thing other than the ringtone place and the keys were too small and untypable on if that is even a word lol
Jason Ng
Jason Ng Xperia 1x -.-
TJ Hammersland
TJ Hammersland Blackberry Torch 9810, loved my old Motorola Q9h 'til it died, and all the RZRs prior.
Geir Helge Moi
Geir Helge Moi HTC Diamond. Horrible!
Johan Bonilla
Johan Bonilla Samsung intercept was the worst phone ever made.
Aahchoo Johnson
Aahchoo Johnson Behold... just horrible...
George Cruz
George Cruz Samsung devices. Not one but 2 and an LG.
Kal El
Kal El Pretty well just grateful to have a phone at any one time.... Don't really think "worst" fits the situation. Their have been bar phones, flip phones, sliders, touch screens, and smart phones. All had their various advantages and disadvantages.
Brian J. Babiuk
Brian J. Babiuk Motorola Moto Q. Awful device
Ryan Berding
Ryan Berding BlackBerry Storm.
Michelle Beier Osborne
Michelle Beier Osborne Lg MyTouch or Sidekick 4g. Both had horrible lag and the sidekick kept shutting down on me or freezing.
Eric Jamal Green
Eric Jamal Green LG Rumor Touch. Yea.
Cody Wolf
Cody Wolf Iphone1234 and 5
Eskias McDaniels
Eskias McDaniels IPhone 3GS
Cody Wolf
Cody Wolf Alacatel poop
Nisha Collins
Nisha Collins Evo design, pantech burst
Sherman Stevens
Sherman Stevens Palm pre
Carlos Nava
Carlos Nava G2x
Nathan Wright
Nathan Wright And atrix 4g both were terrible
Nathan Wright
Nathan Wright Motorola backflip
Paul Stupin
Paul Stupin @Armone Prentiss iPhone 1 was the worst, but you got 4 more models after that? LOL
Joe Francesco Kassira
Joe Francesco Kassira Samsung Moment
Eren Morgan
Eren Morgan Motorola razr
Jose Angel Santiago
Jose Angel Santiago Blackberry 8530
Javier Delgado
Javier Delgado Atrix 4g
Brian Simmons
Brian Simmons HTC Thunderbolt.
Jeff Kennedy
Jeff Kennedy Iphone 4, had it on release and couldn't hold a phone call, returned it when Steve Jobs told me to because they didn't see a problem with it and haven't looked back since
Gordon Christie
Gordon Christie LG GW620 had it 2 months got rid of it
Michael Miller
Michael Miller OG razr
Ryan McCollom
Ryan McCollom Samsung transform ultra
Anthony Spinelli
Anthony Spinelli LG Rumor Touch - Everything about it is nauseating!!
Ryan Gill
Ryan Gill Samsung Galaxy S Captivate. GPS always failing. The phone got more and more sluggish over time. Second place would be the Motorola Atrix 2 WITH ICE CREAM SANDWICH UPDATE! on 2.3, the phone flew. ICS is terrible on the phone I'm now rocking a Lumia 900 and love it.
Scott Ritchey
Scott Ritchey Never owned one, but any Motorola phone,, pre Google ownership....
Jennifer Concepcion
Jennifer Concepcion palm centro
Aleksandar Sataric
Aleksandar Sataric Samsung s8300 - The worst and most expensive phone I've ever bought. This phone was f*cking disaster, r.i.p.
Kristi Mansur
Kristi Mansur Palm pre
Anthony Ochoa
Anthony Ochoa Nexus 4 worst phone ever. Galaxy nexus is the best
Trinity Kolarova Hoodrich
Trinity Kolarova Hoodrich kyocera slide died in less than 6months
Matt Hettrich
Matt Hettrich Droid bionic
Noah Gothard
Noah Gothard Samsung Transform.
Kevin Joel
Kevin Joel iphone 5
Michael Fabiano
Michael Fabiano Palm Pre
Dalton Severns
Dalton Severns The Motorola C 139 from tracfone. Bet no one hasn't heard of that phone name in a long time.
Barry Chase
Barry Chase Sony Ericsson
David Rathbun
David Rathbun Blackberry Storm
Don Gemus
Don Gemus Samsung Galaxy Nexus on MPCS. 4 hours battery was the best it could do.
Benjamin Ataboonwong
Benjamin Ataboonwong Iphone5
Derek Lombardi
Derek Lombardi HTC T-mobile Dash / Excalibur.. Windows Mobile at the time was absolutely terrible... It would load up to the point of being un-useable.. Also the batteries were crap ..After less than 8 months it wouldn't hold a charge for more than 5 minutes. Get a whole new device from T-Mo.. Developed the same problem in about the same amount of time.. It was a sleek device for its time.
Richie Soares
Richie Soares Anything that was sold from Verizon!
Leonard Chung
Leonard Chung HTC Hero ...
Gary Brown
Gary Brown Blackberry 8703e, no camera.
Peter Krates-Hernandez
Peter Krates-Hernandez Samsung a670
Michal Zych
Michal Zych nokia 5230
Larry L Roe
Paul DeLuca
Paul DeLuca Droid 2
Leo Baxter
Leo Baxter This Samsung Galaxy NEXUS I have right now.
Larry L Roe
David M. Tuckey
David M. Tuckey HTC sensation
Chris Amberg
Chris Amberg LG Vu
Bill Stewart
Bill Stewart IPhone
Tra Davis
Tra Davis Nokia nuron no wifi
Matti Hietala
Matti Hietala Nokia E75
Randy Walker Sr.
Randy Walker Sr. Motorola Atrix 4g mainly because only had a year and Motorola already gave up on allowing it to be updated. Especially after 4 months of them stating it would get the updates.
Emmanuel Kenway
Emmanuel Kenway Iphone 4
Adam Cory Mitchell
Adam Cory Mitchell Motorola Cliq
John McCullough
John McCullough Krazr
Matthew Mascarenas
Matthew Mascarenas Lg decoy
Cary Mompoint Jr
Cary Mompoint Jr Motorola Cliq was the worst phone ive owned!
Jacob Grumbles
Jacob Grumbles Motorola cliq was the worst phone I ever owned I ended up trading it for the g1 which I loved .
Brayson Jenner
Brayson Jenner Motorola triumph
Guillermo Eduardo Ortega-ibarra
Guillermo Eduardo Ortega-ibarra Tmobile g2x worst phone ever

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