Huawei Ascend Mate official

Huawei's Ascend Mate may have been shown off in several leaks leading up to CES, but it's always good to see an unannounced device make the jump from Rumorville to Officialdom, and that's what the 6.1-inch Mate has just done. Huawei today made the Ascend Mate officially official at its CES 2013 press event, confirming that the handset does indeed feature a 6.1-inch 720p IPS+ LCD display. There's also an 8-megapixel camera on the Ascend Mate's backside, 1-megapixel shooter on its front, and buried inside its large frame is a 1.5GHz quad-core processor and 4,050mAh battery.

On the software side of the Ascend Mate, users will find Android 4.1 Jelly Bean running beneath Huawei's custom overlay. In order to help with one-handed operation of the 6.1-inch behemoth, Huawei will also be including some one-hand UI features like a shrunken keyboard and dialpad, which you can find and example of right here.

Moving down a bit in size from "Wow, that's massive!" to "Hey, that's a big phone," Huawei also announced the Ascend D2. This one's got a 5-inch 1080p IPS+ LCD display, which is more than an inch smaller than the screen found on its Mate sibling but is also of a higher resolution. Also included is a 1.5GHz quad-core processor, 13-megapixel rear camera (which Huawei says has a manual color temperature adjustment function for photogs that are into that sort of thing), 1.3-megapixel front shooter, 2GB RAM, 32GB storage and a 3,000mAh battery to power the whole show.

Huawei says that the body of the D2 is aluminum with a metal frame, with the whole package that measures in at 9.9mm thick. The D2's body also features a curved design for more comfortable handling. Other features of the D2's outer shell include a Gorilla Glass screen and IPX5/4 dust and water resistance, meaning that the new handset ought to be able to withstand some abuse.

As far as availability goes, Huawei says that the Ascend D2 will be hitting China sometime in January 2013, with the Ascend Mate set to follow with its own Chinese launch in February. There's no word yet on any sort of U.S. launch for either the D2 or the Mate, but Huawei's spec sheet for the latter of the two shows that it has pentaband UMTS support, so it should play nice with AT&T and T-Mobile 3G if any big phone aficionado out there feels that they must have the 6.1-inch Mate in their life. Would any of you be interested in picking up either the Ascend D2 or Ascend Mate if they were given a proper U.S. launch?

Huawei Ascend D2 official

Via Huawei (1), (2)

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"Clearly, big phones are in. We must ask: how big is too big?"

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Noel Chavez I currently have the note 2
Noel Chavez I would love a 7 inch phone with a thin bezel. stock android with at least 1080p resolution.
Bryan T Miller my above post was supposed to say galaxy note, but the stupid auto correct on SwiftKey thought I meant to put in the word questions, lol
Bryan T Miller anything bigger than my galaxy s2 skyrocket's 4.5 inch screen is too big thats why I don't like or want a s3 or questions note
Luke Ludington 4.8" is the biggest I will buy and 4.3" is my favorite, 4" is the smallest.
Paul Warner 5 inch is as big as I would go..
Elijah Mitchell Phone dog is a pretty sucky blog. idk how many time you a;; have asked this 'question'. Frankly i think you've gotten repetitive.
Tony Dominguez Random Note 2 comment here
Chris Magnell Personally, I like the size and weight of the iPhone 4s (haven't seen a 5 yet) but of course I need android. I wish someone would come out with a solid compact fully featured android phone with a solid enough following that xda comes out with good Dev on it.
Anthony Bailey I think they're a lot of morons commenting on here, who need to go back to elementary school and learn how to master the proper use of the words "to" and "too." BTW, Brian Jones, I don't think I look like an idiot holding up an $800 smartphone to my ear that a lot of people can only dream to afford. If you're so worried about what other think, there's a nifty invention that's been out for many years called an "earpiece" or "wireless headset."
Cat MacKinnon i think 4.5-5" is the sweet spot for phones, especially for people like me that have tiny hands (i still think my GSII's screen is the perfect size for me.) i don't want to be holding what is essentially a tablet up to my head to make calls: if i want a screen that big i'd get a tablet. (and yes, it looks completely ridiculous to see someone taking on a phone that large, phone quality not withstanding.)
Michael Schneider Note 2 and s3 are to big
Brian Jones Too big is when you're putting up to your ear what is, essentially, a tablet, and looking like an idiot in the process of doing so.
Carlos Nava My S3 is pretty good size
Elijah Ford I want one,where can i buy one?
Creighton McCain 4.3 is the biggest ive had on my lumia 822 & now I think others are small any smaller then 4 is small to me now, but I wouldn't wanna go much bigger then 4.3
Chris Downs I thought the DNA would be to big for me, but after I got used to it, Its perfect! Typing and surfing the web is so much easier on a big screen.
Charles W. Y. Wong 5.5 is good enough looking at my old iphone 4 is soo small. Love NOTE II!
Juwon Donte The note 2 isn't to its the perfect size to view all your content.. Is you want a pitiful size screen just get an iPhone 4s or 5
Tyler Hell 6.1 is to big!
Jordan Carroll 5.5 inches is big enough 6.1 that's just going to far
Samuel Esparza Depends on how big the actual phone becomes.
John Smith The note is too big for a phone.
Zia A. Wahab 5.5 is as far as I would go.
Magnus Larsson 4,7 The LIMIT!
Ian Baylon The Nexus 7 can fit in my pocket, except it looks weird so it's not too big.
Steven Basso Enjoying my note perfect size everything feels small now
Sebastian Gomes Anything bigger than the note 2 is too big. The Galaxy s3 and the droid dna is the ideal size. The iPhone is just a toy
Yasir Sohail NOTE 2 -is perfect.
Caleb Villarreal I think my Galaxy Note 2 is kickass! I love the 5.5 inch screen, but wouldnt go any bigger, plus it doesnt look big when you talk on bc who talks on the phone anymore??
Andre Jackson Love my note 2 its not big when you get use to it
Aly Youssef How much content can be fit onto the screen is important for me. I.E Apple's iPad mini launch and the screen comparison that they demonstrated.
Isaac Castillo Anything bigger than my s3 is too big lol
Cesario Brito Jr. If its too big then here's a simple notion.......don't buy it.
Gary Bowling I am enjoying my Note 2.
Nathaniel Newman I think 4.5 at MAX 5.0 inches. But Note 2 at 5.5 and this one insane. Soon we'll be carrying bag phones again. In tablet form.
Kyle Cordiano Huawei doesn't introduce their high end phones to the US. Do not care.
Curt Ramey Too big means it doesn't fit inside my front pocket comfortably. I will never get a phone bigger than this galaxy skyrocket.
Chuck Xu I love my galaxy note 2, but if this thing is a beast specs wise, I might get this.
Adrian Young-Djredz 6.1 is too big .....even the galaxy note is too big they should have stopped at 4.8 ......anything ever 4.8 needs to be connected to a Bluetooth headset because they would look weird with that tablet on their ears
Guesem Arana for me the galaxy s3 is tooo big i prefer the iphone 5 ;)

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