Nokia CEO talks Android, says company is committed to Microsoft but that 'anything is possible'

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| Published: January 7, 2013

Nokia CEO Stephen Elop

Rumors of a Nokia-made Android device have been floating around for years now, and even though the Finnish company formed a strategic partnership with Microsoft in 2011 that saw it adopt Windows Phone as its primary mobile OS, some are still holding out hope that Nokia will eventually go green (robot). Nokia CEO Stephen Elop recently addressed the matter in an interview with Spanish publication El País when confronted with a question about the possibility of a Nokia Android phone appearing soon. In his response, Elop said that Windows Phone is its weapon of choice in the mobile ecosystem battle, but that Nokia is "always thinking about what's coming next." The exec went on to say that Nokia is "committed and satisfied with Microsoft" today, but that "anything is possible."

While Elop's statement isn't some sort of guarantee that we'll one day see an official Nokia Android device, it does leave open the possibility for Nokia to sample Android (or some other mobile OS) at some point down the road. Right now, though, Nokia still appears loyal to Microsoft and Windows Phone, and with the rumored Catwalk and other Lumia phones in the pipeline, it seems unlikely that Nokia will be giving up its Live Tiles any time soon.

Later on in the interview, Elop discussed his goals for the future. The CEO said that he hopes to see Nokia get its market share into the double digits, though he said wouldn't get into specific figures or set a hard date that he hopes to attain that goal by. After hitting double digits, Elop wants to continue pushing forward to create a balance with the other two major ecosystems in mobile, iOS and Android. Whether or not Nokia will succeed in reaching Elop's goals remains to be seen, but with devices like the aforementioned Catwalk and whatever "exciting things" the company has planned with Verizon, anything is possible.

Via Gizmodo, El País