NVIDIA Tegra 4 official

NVIDIA helped to kick CES 2013 off with its press event this evening, and to the shock of almost no one, the company officially took the wraps off of its Tegra 4 quad-core processor. The Tegra 4 touts four Cortex A15 CPU cores, along with the same low-power companion core for battery savings that we saw in Tegra 3, and 72 GPU cores. NVIDIA has also included a 4G LTE modem, which is a first for the company.

During its introduction of Tegra 4, NVIDIA talked up the processor's power with "One Shot HDR." The company explained that the Tegra 4 is able to go through the process of taking two shots and combining them into one HDR (High Dynamic Range) shot in 0.2 seconds. To compare, NVIDIA said that the process takes around 2 seconds with an iPhone 5. An NVIDIA employee also took part in a demo in which he was preparing to take a photo with a Tegra 4-equipped tablet (much to the Taylor's dismay), and on the screen he was able to show a live feed of what the HDR effect would look like.

The introduction of Tegra 4 comes a little over a year after Tegra 3's debut, and the new processor looks to be a nice step up from Tegra 3. Unfortunately, NVIDIA hasn't said exactly when we can expect to see Tegra 4 start appearing in mobile devices, so for now any processor hounds out there will just have to live with the demos given by NVIDIA during its CES press event. 

Before wrapping up its big gathering, NVIDIA also decided to take the wraps off a new device dubbed "Project Shield." This Android-powered portable gaming machine sports a Tegra 4 processor inside its clamshell body and a gaming controller (complete with analog sticks and bumpers) attached to a 5-inch 720p display. There's an array of ports on Project Shield's backside, including HDMI for outputting content to a TV, microSD card slot, micro-USB and a 3.5mm headphone jack. NVIDIA also touted the fact that Shield runs a pure version of Android. Two things that the company didn't elaborate on are pricing and availability for Project Shield, but for anyone that's into both mobile gaming and physical buttons, the device may be something to keep an eye on.

UPDATE: NVIDIA has shed a bit more light on Project Shield, telling Engadget that the device is running Jelly Bean and that it's currently only available in Wi-Fi-only form. The device is expected to start shipping to customers in Q2 2012. NVIDIA has also uploaded a brief video of Project Shield to its YouTube channel, which you can find embedded below.

Via NVIDIA (1), (2), Engadget

NVIDIA Project Shield CES 2013

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Luke Ludington For all the jeerers of this chip I have 2 words "PROJECT SHEILD"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Shehroz Sherry Www.facebook.com/amazingpageforeveryone pls like <3
Phillip Bernal I couldn't tell the difference between tegra 2 and tegra 3.
Angel Hernandez I loved tegra3 but they need to fix that over heating issue when playing high graphics games. Samsungs exynos processor stays cool and very rarely gets warm when playing an hd game. Tega 3 on the other hand usually reached a hot 140°F .
Abram Wenevermet Dennis This means nothing if you're changing batteries every hour
Daniel McCarthy Of course it'll be outdated in a couple months. Apple will manage to outdo them somehow (using Samsung technology) and Nvidia will unveil something new. Rinse. Repeat. Jesus Christ this is more powerful than the majority of CPUs in people's PCs.
T Louis Michael What is a quantum?
Paul Alexandru I give it....0 fucks
Francis Short Jr when they get into us smartphones more widely then talk..only way they can really suceed
Jacob Grumbles Seems like every time nividia releases a new tegra chip that they are supposed to be the best . But you never here anything after a few months . I prefer Samsung chips especially considering my only tegra phone was a g2x and it sucked .
Richard Allen Yarrell People need to get a hold of themselves. OK this was nice but just because your first to show your wares that doesn't make Nividia Tegra 4 the best. Their is still Qualcomm, Samsung, to go i wouldn't put anything in the Nividia Tegra 4 basket yet.
Luis Valentin-Zeno More like; What do you think if the software based i500 modem!?
Matt Shipley Unless it goes into an iPhone I could care less. And besides its a phone not a freakin computer or a gaming system.
Tiger Panomthonichakul hope it fixs the heat & battery consumption.
Branden MuscleHead Tabler I'm glad they finally implemented LTE in this chip. Let's just hope the battery is better on this chip than the tegra 3.
Bobby Delaney Project Shield just looked at vita and 3DS and pulled the trigger
Julian Josephs I'm not into handhelds but I would love to see the power of the Tegra 4 shrunken down to the size of a regular touch screen phone.
Alex Arana Qualcomm krait (S4) processor is not fully A15 don't believe me look up the specs. It borrows some features from the A15.
Jeffrey Tran @aron makeham, having so many cores doesn't mean they are all on. Plus it saves more power
Anonymous Shooooooooooooooom. That the sound of your phone draining your battery in 10 seconds.
Kizito Nestor Waiting for Samsung Exynos... never used a Snapdragon or Nvidia...
Robert Salender Tegra + WinPhone ... Who needs an Xbox?
Adam Scherzer Considering they only put the Tegra 3 in two (2) phones, I really don't care. I'll be impressed if it makes it into a US carrier's lineup. http://www.nvidia.com/object/tegra-superphones.html
Andrew Johnson It will be interesting to see how this works in a phone. Im seriouse though, i have a note 2 and its amazingly fast! How much faster can they make these things? My phone is more powerful then my 4 year old laptop!
Lanh Nguyen don't see this being more powerful than qualcomm's S4 pro since this is a straight up A15 while qualcomm built their own core. It's just going to have maximized GPU performance like every other nividia chip.
George Millhouse derick that is nothing compared to this
George Millhouse im sorry Abram did you have something better coming out? no? ok then stfu
Sthe Harold Magampa I'm wowed, wow
Derick Williams I'll stick to my snapdragon S4 Krait pro.
Gilbert Aragon My desktop's CPU isn't even that powerful. Darn WXP! lol :p
Dani Hayes Outdated in a few months.
Khalid Dris holy crap to iPhone series XD
Anthony Evans Jr the newest ipad just chocked

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