Will you jump ship to join the Windows Phone 8 party on Sprint?

Evan Selleck
Contributing Editor from  Arizona
| January 6, 2013

Usually, the most repetitive piece of news the mobile industry hears every year is focused on Apple’s iPhone. Over, and over again we get to hear about the same rumors. That was no different last year, and I’m sure as we inch closer to another Apple-themed event, we’ll get to watch it all unfold again. But interestingly enough, another piece of news that kept popping up didn’t have anything to do with an iPhone. In fact, it was tuned more towards Microsoft’s mobile operating system, Windows Phone 8.

Oh, and Sprint.

It was most recently confirmed by Sprint’s CEO Dan Hesse, back in November of 2012. He confirmed, as much as a CEO can talking about things we can’t see or touch, that his carrier was working with Microsoft to bring Windows Phone 8 to customers in 2013. It had been “confirmed” by Sprint that the major national carrier would be supporting the next big version of Windows Phone since the beginning of 2012, though. So, no surprises there.

And here we are, just a few days into January and I think we’re overdue for another confirmation that Windows Phone 8 is going to be launching on Sprint’s network in 2013. Wait, what’s that? You mean there’s something like that? It happened today, you say? Well, that’s fantastic!

Indeed, earlier today, Sprint posted a page that is solely destined to house more information regarding Windows Phone 8. As the page says, “Learn more about Windows Phone 8,” with smaller text telling us that the page was last updated on January 3, 2013. “Windows Phone 8 is coming soon!” the page also tells us, but of course we’re missing any kind of dates.

We’re missing devices, too. That would come in handy when we’re talking about new things coming, but it is obviously not surprising that we’re not seeing anything yet. I wouldn’t be shocked if Sprint wanted to make a big deal out of this. A specific event, kind of big deal. But, that leaves some interesting questions, if you ask me.

Is Sprint going to go big with Windows Phone? For all intents and purposes they really could just announce any phone they wanted at a specific “Windows Phone 8 and Sprint!” event, without having to worry about if it’s a phone worthy of competing with, say, any of the other top-tier devices. Sprint can market it as a big deal just that they’ve got 4G LTE Windows Phone 8 devices. Specs come second.

And if Sprint does go big with Windows Phone 8, are they going to use a device we haven’t seen yet? Are we going to see a phone from Nokia that isn’t a Lumia 920 sibling? Does HTC have another Windows Phone 8-based device that doesn’t use the 8X style? Because if either one of those situations is true, and Sprint really is working with Microsoft to announce something spectacular, then I’d be willing to be that would make some waves.

Here’s my question to you, Dear Reader: Would you jump ship to Sprint if the wireless carrier announces a top-tier Windows Phone 8 device that genuinely competes, if not outpaces, the halo devices available already on AT&T and Verizon? If so, what would a Windows Phone 8 device have to feature for you to switch from your carrier, or even just your current mobile platform, to pick up Sprint’s Windows Phone 8 effort?

Let me know where you stand!