Featured user review Samsung Galaxy S III 1-9-13

The PhoneDog
Mascot from  Charleston, SC
| January 9, 2013

With a few days of CES 2013 announcements made, we really have not heard about any new "WOW" smartphones heading to the U.S. yet.  So for the time being we can expect the top smartphones on the Official Smartphone Rankings to remain in their current positions.

"All-in-all, an amazing phone."  By ZAKK LIVINGOOD December 29, 2012

I've had my GSIII for about 3 months now, and buying it is a decision I will never regret. The only things I see to be improved is the battery, I can get through the day with adjusted use, but I would like a little more than that. Other than that, I think this phone is the perfect Android phone for someone to use.

Display 5/5
Battery Life 4/5
Apps & Media Support 5/5
Reception & Call Quality 5/5
Design/Form Factor 5/5

Overall 4.8

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