Sprint says that its upcoming Windows Phone 8 devices will be 'current' models

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| Published: January 9, 2013

Sprint HTC Arrive

Sprint revealed earlier this week that it'll finally launch its first Windows Phone 8 smartphones by this summer, with models coming from both HTC and Samsung. The carrier didn't spill many other details save for the fact that the devices will feature dual-core processors and 4G LTE support, but a company executive has told PCMag that we shouldn't expect re-releases. Ryan Sullivan, Sprint's director of product development, has said that his operator is "working for current product launches, and not necessarily to launch on six-month-old hardware."

Since Sprint was so tightlipped the other day when it came to sharing information about its upcoming Windows Phone 8 products, some Now Network customers may have been concerned that their carrier would just be pushing out handsets that've already launched on other operators. It doesn't sound like that'll be the case, though, and while we still don't know much about these Sprint-bound Windows Phone 8 devices, today's news is still exciting for folks that've stuck with the Now Network while waiting for new Windows Phone hardware. How many of you are looking forward to checking out the new HTC and Samsung Windows Phone 8 smartphones on Sprint?

Via PCMag