This morning, Samsung officially announced a new phone. No, it isn’t the next Galaxy Note. No, it isn’t the next Galaxy S. What it is, though, is an old Galaxy S. If Samsung was looking to surprise folks with a phone announcement, I’m not sure they could have done a better job than what they did announce, and what they didn’t. It might have been nice to see something really new, like the next models in the company’s flagship series’, but that’s not what we were destined. So, let’s take a look at what we did get.

It’s called the Galaxy S II Plus, but there aren’t many “plusses” here when we compare it to the original Galaxy S II. As you can see from the image above, this device looks exactly like the original model. The specifications reflect the same uniformity between models. We’re looking at a (very slightly) large display on the Galaxy S II Plus at 4.3-inches, with a Super AMOLED Plus display. The resolution is still 800 x 480. There is an 8MP camera on the back, with a 2 megapixel front-facing shooter. You’ll find a 1.2GHz dual-core processor running the show, with 1GB of RAM and 8GB of storage. The new device supports NFC, and has a battery measured at 1,650mAh. And, finally, Samsung is packaging the phone with Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean.

You probably need a refresher with the original Galaxy S II, considering it was announced way, way back in February, of 2011: It packs a 4.27-inch Super AMOLED Plus display, with a resolution of 800 x 480. Inside, you’ll find a dual-core Tegra 2 processor, and 16GB of storage. There’s an 8 megapixel camera on the back, and a 2MP shooter on the front. It launched with Android 2.3 Gingerbread, but the device is now running Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. Samsung has confirmed that Android 4.1 Jelly Bean is incoming to the device, though, at some point in the future.

There are a lot of different Galaxy S II models out there. Probably more than need to be, in fact.

And this device doesn’t help the situation. As you can see from the specifications we just went over, this new device isn’t packing anything in the box that should really cry out to potential consumers. Yes, it will probably be cheap wherever it lands, but so is the original Galaxy S II. Actually, that original device should be cheaper than this new device (but we know phone prices are crazy, so anything’s possible). Yes, you get Android 4.1 Jelly Bean out of the box with this new Galaxy S II Plus, but is that really enough?

More to the point, we’re in the year 2013. You know what that means, right? Samsung has a new Galaxy S coming down the line, and that should mean that you’ll be able to watch the Galaxy S III, a truly current device, drop in price pretty quickly. Unless Samsung is planning on launching the Galaxy S II Plus soon, there’s a chance that it comes to market right around the time the Galaxy S IV (or whatever they’re going to call it) lands on the market. Then, ultimately, the Galaxy S III drops in price. The Galaxy S III would be a better purchase, hands down.

It would seem to me that the Galaxy S II Plus is destined for pre-paid carriers. It just doesn’t make any sense to me that this phone would launch on one of the bigger carriers, even any of the regional options. Even as a free option, it’s just too outdated. Sure, it’s running Android 4.1 out of the box, but we know that the current Galaxy S II is set to receive its own taste of the newer software, so why should a current owner of the Galaxy S II upgrade to the same phone?

As a pre-paid option, though, the Galaxy S II Plus makes the most sense, especially if it has a competitive price tag. It wouldn’t be a bad phone for a carrier like Straight Talk, for instance. Then again, with the iPhone 5 and iPhone 4 headed that way, I wouldn’t be too shocked to see people wait a bit longer to get Apple’s offering. It all comes down to pricing, as usual. Well, unless you just hate Android or iOS. Then the choices are probably pretty easy.

I just have one question for you, Dear Reader. Should Samsung retire the Galaxy S II brand? It’s been around for quite some time, it’s seen plenty of life, and a plethora of different models. In comparison, the Galaxy S III has only seen one new model based on its name since its launch. (Instead, the Galaxy S III just keeps popping up with new colors for different carriers.) Let me know what you think.

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"The Samsung Galaxy S II Plus became official today. Is it time for Samsung to retire the Galaxy S II name?"

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Anonymous Well when you think about how many Galaxy names are out there right now since the beginning...Yeah it's about time to call it quits.
Sean Bolson
Sean Bolson T-Mobile was still launching Galaxy S devices (galaxy blaze, blaze q, etc). How come nobody noticed that?
Curtis Owens
Curtis Owens depends on the changes made.
Scott Ritchey
Scott Ritchey Not a good move samsung
Gary Bowling
Gary Bowling Soooo stupid this is.
Charles W. Y. Wong
Charles W. Y. Wong As long Is better than the iphone.. same old mini screen on iphones
Nathan Parks
Nathan Parks That's like apple going back and making a 3gs plus. Quit deluding the galaxy name and just focus on future flagships.
Lim Xilvre
Lim Xilvre samsung will step by step kick itself out from ANDROID by released its secret weapon TIZEN OS
Don McGrew II
Don McGrew II That's exactly why I got an iPhone 5
Elvin Burgos
Elvin Burgos Dude what the hell are you talking about? Less successful DROID line? Ask the general public what kind of phone they have and the majority of the time they will either "Iphone" or a "droid". They say DROID regardless of the brand, type, or whatever. The naming strategy worked. I am talking about average consumer here. Unlike you who is clearly head of the Samsung marketing department and know exactly what they will and will not do. And what does hell the Aaron not being here have to do with a phone that samsung releases and this particular article?
BG Michael
BG Michael why most of Samsung phones look CHEAP? they look like a SOAP BAR! in defferent colors.... LOL!
Eric Hook
Eric Hook Samsung isn't going to a new naming strategy. If it ain't broke...dont fix it. Look at the much less successful Droid line. However rumor has it they may get out of Android back to their own OS But this is sort of a crazy? ? See, one week of Aaron gone and this BS starts
Regina Sharkey
Regina Sharkey No it's spec's are useful still for those who are new to android or budget
Jeremy Lee Mikel
Jeremy Lee Mikel NO....I have a Samsung Galaxy S II and I LOVE IT!
Elvin Burgos
Elvin Burgos What this tells me is samsung may be going to a new naming strategy. Maybe for here on out there won't be gs4 but rather the next gs3 and the gs2 will be the midrange device. Then both series will get refreshed yearly. Kind of like having BMW has a 3 series a 5 series and so forth. They don't bother changing the name of series they just introduce the next version of it. Think about it, it's going to sound pretty stupid when your shopping for the gs16
Eduardo Ordaz
Eduardo Ordaz No. Apple should give up their iPhone line. Not Sammy.
LaTroy Applewhite
LaTroy Applewhite Yes
Kevin Halterman
Kevin Halterman There are at least on sg2 on the big 4 and then the lower providers and then tablets
Kevin Halterman
Kevin Halterman Yes
David Piepho
David Piepho Yes !
Ezekiel Carsella
Ezekiel Carsella yup
Alberto Garcia Flores
Alberto Garcia Flores Yes, but I then again... They're making more money than Apple so I don't blame them.
Michael Myers
Michael Myers Yes. Why even make this it's a downgrade from the S III. Can't wait for the S IV.
Craig Oxley
Craig Oxley There shouldn't be so many variants of one model mobile. Isn't there like 6 Galaxy SII models?
Terrance Henderson
Terrance Henderson Samsung is starting to become a joke. They should have at the most 2 or 3 top galaxy phones a year. And quit making 12 to 15 devices and adding them to the galaxy line, when they are mid range to low end devices.
LaToya's Page
LaToya's Page Yes omg
Matthew Munson
Matthew Munson Its equivalent of the iphone 4, think of it as an iphone 4s
Paul Kirincic
Paul Kirincic It's time for them to stop milking the cow until its udders turn purple and fall off. Why would someone pay full retail price or a overpriced contract price for something that basically is the same as something that is already being offered for free on many networks.
Rashem Woodson
Rashem Woodson I don't see why not more creative
Phil Jackson
Phil Jackson Yes!!!
Vicente Reyes
Vicente Reyes Yes and the galaxy line. Lol
Cory Wood
Cory Wood Yes

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