BlackBerry Balance BlackBerry Z10 leak

It's been a little over a week since our last BlackBerry 10 leak, and while that may not sound like much, it could be considered a bit of a drought considering how frequently RIM's new OS and hardware have been showing up as of late. Luckily for BlackBerry fans, that drought is one that's ending today. Rapid Berry has posted what appear to be promotional images meant to highlight new features of BlackBerry 10, including the new keyboard and BlackBerry Hub. The shots also offer several views of the full-touch BlackBerry Z10 in both black and white.

While the promo images don't really offer up any new information on either the Z10 or BlackBerry 10 itself, they do offer a nice refresher of the features that are coming in BB10 and what the first smartphone running the OS will look like. CrackBerry notes that these images use an older BlackBerry 10 icon set and likely aren't very recent, adding that they were probably just quickly thrown together to give an idea of how the phones and software will look. Still, we'll take whatever peeks at BlackBerry 10 that we can get, and these images will help to sustain many folks until BlackBerry 10's big launch event on Jan. 30. Several more images can be found at the Rapid Berry link at the bottom of this post.

UPDATE: Rapid Berry has shared another BlackBerry 10 leak, and this time we're getting a very brief peek at what the OS's BBM video chat functionality might look like in action. The video is said to have come from the latest version of the BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha OS that was recently pushed to developers. The clip is available below.

BlackBerry Hub BlackBerry Z10 leak

Via CrackBerry, Rapid Berry (1), (2)

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"BlackBerry 10. Who's going to use RIM's new OS?"

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Josef Ruiz I wonder how it works. In anycase I hope I can use my apps from TalentTrust for this. http://www.facebook.com/talenttrust
Larry Frank Crandall To little to late - sorry but true
Ale Ks No one
Jason Wilde meee. i wil have a z10 on tmobile
Jason Sug 100% copy of sailfish os and windows phone 8
Anthony Bailey Crapple is always suing superior Samsung for the smallest design commonalities and claiming "Copyright Infringement." This craptacular BlackBerry looks like a Chinese knockoff of the iPhone 5. If Crapple doesn't sue, it will be clear that Crapple only sues companies that give them real competition, and so they feel threatened.
Joel Moran I would like to try it!
Paul De Lozier I can read all the amazon books on it.
Paul De Lozier I have amazon app on my play book.
Optional Guzman But won't support end if this fails, I mean just look at the playbook doesn't even have an Amazon reader app
Steven Khan not me
Sunny Rattan I love how you tech junkies make yourself feel better because you're so cool that you can root and rom stuff. How about business owners that use RIM because its the most secured OS? When you are done tinkering with your toy and actually need it for work and business use, then you will understand.
Christian Kansichi Definitely Me!!!!
Patrick Scot I will when I see the Geico pig flies
Angel Hernandez Not me, my trusty Phablet (Galaxy note II) Is more than enough for me. (:
Michael Mathis It's nice, but looks much like an iPhone in my opinion. Think Ima stick to getting the Galaxy Note II instead.
Devin Martinez Blackberry employees
Josiah Johnson Me for sure.
German Abdurahmanov Oops waiting for new wars with Apple )
John De Leon I would like to switch to it from my iPhone 5.
Mike Cooper The only people who will use it are the same people who use windows phone: people coming from dumb phones who want one of them fancy iPhone gizmos with the facebooks but don't know anything about tech and will take the glossiest free smartphone their carrier offers.
Clint Gamache Blackberry who??
Marcus Samual Winchester RIM were far too ignorant to recognise Android and iPhone as a threat, they were complacent and it has come around to bite their behinds. I think Windows Phones got a good chance at displacing RIM from No 3 spot on the market.
Tom Nguyen For (me) it depends on their selection of apps. IOS and Google Play are really leading the storefront when it comes to apps.. windows is starting to catch up.. (still far behind) and blackberry? who knows... it could very well be an amazing phone with amazing hardware... but there's a reason why it's in the trouble it's in right now..
Marcus Samual Winchester I will never use a blackberry phone as a primary handset again, my galaxy s3 is already miles better than this junk. I however have a blackberry bold as a spare phone.
Luis Robles Figueroa Have to see what they have first before I make a decision. So far it looks promising.
Nick Berry Didn't know rim was still in business
Abram Wenevermet Dennis I would if someone bought it for me.
Lance Tomlinson Not interested.
Magnus Larsson Android in my <3 But if ill get my hands on a device running it i will try it:)
Jesse Ling pffft Anthony,if thats what you consider it you have no idea what quality work tools are.stay with your toys,little boy.leave the big tech to the big brained men.
Daniel Gomez looks sick
Douglas Russell Android is the best
Anthony Bailey "Not I," said the duck. This POS would be a tremendous downgrade from my Galaxy Note II.
Terry Davis Definitely, and supporter of North American companies
Beres J. Marrast I'll be picking two or three up for me and the family. . .time for true multitasking. . .down with the home button! LOL
Jan Michael Cruz Can't wait for it, this iphone5 is getting boring by the sec
Humberto Cortes What is BlackBerry?? LoL... Justtt kittiinn...
Anthony Davis Not I. I can't stand R.I.M. Android til I die lol
Rob Wiley shits so dope im getting one for sure haters got it wrong
Carlos Flores Acosta I wanted to try it, but too late.. This last holiday season i bought two android phones ...
Samir Barik Definitely not !
Joe Czo Not me
Nitish Pant No one . 1st of all cut down yr blckberry service rechrge plans.
Corey Snow Cant wait to get my hands on it!!!!
Isaac Castillo Looks promising.. not gonna lie and I don't even like blackberry
Jesse Ling I just may...depends on my next few months.It'd be my first contract in a LONG time.

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