Samsung decides not to offer ATIV Tab Windows RT tablet in the U.S.

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| January 11, 2013

Samsung ATIV Tab Windows RT

Customers in the U.S. with an interest in Windows RT currently have a few different devices to choose from, including the ASUS VivoTab RT and Microsoft's own Surface for Windows RT. One model that they apparently won't get the opportunity to buy, though, is Samsung's ATIV Tab. Samsung executive Mike Abary has told CNET that his company doesn't plan to offer the ATIV Tab in the U.S. after tests showed that a lot of "heavy lifting" was needed to educate consumers on what Windows RT is. Abary, who serves as SVP of Samsung's PC and tablet divisions in the U.S., added that demand for Windows RT isn't as strong as it'd like and that Samsung was unwilling to make the tradeoffs necessary to bring the ATIV Tab to market at a price point that RT models are expected to hit.

Abary went on to say that this decision doesn't mean that Samsung will never bring a Windows RT product to the U.S. "We want to see how the market develops for RT," the exec explained. Even if Samsung hasn't completely written off the idea of offering an RT device here, though, the company's decision likely isn't sitting well with Microsoft. I'm sure that the Redmond firm would like to see a few more RT models out there on U.S. shelves, especially from a big name manufacturer like Samsung. What do you all make of Windows RT so far? Are any of you interested in picking an RT-powered tablet up?