This is just something that popped into my head today: every time I open an article about a new phone coming out (today, for instance, regarding the new BlackBerry Z10 device coming in both white and black housing) and I look at the comments, sure enough there’s always that one person (or ten) that say, “This looks just like the iPhone.” Without fail, there’s always some remark or comparison to an Apple product.

It’s the same with tablets and iPads.

It’s the same with mp3 players and iPods.

It’s the same with laptops and MacBooks.

Everything on this earth is going to have a prototype. Somebody has a good idea; somebody else takes that idea and builds on it, and so on and so forth. That’s just how the world works. If you wanted to you can point at a small lizard and say, “That looks just like a dinosaur.” Or you can even point at a fellow human and say, “You are nothing but a copy of the Neanderthal.” No matter what person, or lizard, or phone you look at there is always some ancestor that came before it.

I’m not going to lie to you: I compare devices to Apple products all the time. I look at a device and I make the comparisons. How does the interface compare to the iPhone, the iPad, an iPod Touch, or MacBook? This device is black! The iPhone is black. This device has volume buttons! You know what else has volume buttons? The iPhone.

We make fun of Apple for handing out patent lawsuits to manufacturers like Oprah gives away cars, but we sit here ourselves and point fingers at the same companies for the same things… except maybe not as extreme. Regardless, some people will sit here and huff and puff about the device having a single dedicated home screen button (Samsung Galaxy S III) but the iPhone had that feature first. Although Apple didn’t really have that feature first now, did they?

The thing about comparing gadgets to Apple products is that most things Apple “invented” weren’t “invented” by Apple at all. They didn’t invent the tablet, they didn’t invent the smartphone, and they didn’t invent the thinnest laptop ever. So why, in the wake of a new product that hasn’t even gotten a chance to prove itself, are we so quick to trace back to these products as an anchor to our claims that these new products are just “copies” of these well-known Apple products?

It’s just that: They’re so well-known. They’re the flagship devices of our generation. While every product Apple has ever released has always had a predecessor by another company, they did something the others did not: they waited. They watched as the others failed and they took note of the key ingredients needed to put together a successful tablet, a successful mp3 player, or a successful computer. Every time a new Apple product was released it took the market by storm. Basically Apple was in the right place at the right time, and will probably have praises sung about them for years to come whether you like them or not.

It all traces back to relativity. It’s the same reason older people or younger people – generations that don’t typically see or care about the differences between iOS, Android, BlackBerry, or Windows Phone – always refer to any given device as an iPhone, or an iPad, or an iPod. For the longest time my own father referred to my no-name brand mp3 player as an “iPod.” It’s kind of like how we’ll say, “Pass me a Kleenex,” when they’re just standard facial tissues that aren’t the Kleenex brand; it’s like playing World of Warcraft any time you’re playing a computer game. It’s like playing the “Nintendo” when you’re playing on a PS3.

An overly popular product took over the market at a prime time for the technology, and now they get to bask in the glory of such impeccable timing.


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"Do you automatically compare new products to the Apple counterpart?"

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Mark Kuziv Nope why would I???//
Norharishan Nordin an innovative company in computing, so they deserve it. we love their designs
Peter Allen Hale No. I detest Apple in general, and care not what it does. Overrated and over-hyped. Style over substance.
Curtis Owens because it is pervasive, everyone has seen apple products, and many have experienced at least one of them.
John C. Cole "Do you automatically compare new products to the Apple counterpart?" Nope, never had an Apple product. I don't really care to, either.
Paul Warner No never!!
Miguel Sahagun The comparison ended 2 years ago when Anroid started taking over
Luis Rodriguez Never...why would I.
Anthony Tat LOL that guy defends apple by talking about penis size. typical off-topic argument from isheep.
Anthony Tat @jeff griffith yeah, the internet totally MADE UP the whole iSheep thing. it was no way derived from actual iphone users spewing a bunch of cult-like assertions about how apple is the best and how they will always support apple, no matter what. im sureeee the apple-following is composed of well-informed buyers who are aware of the availability of better, cheaper products, but simply choose apple because of the gifted individuals at the genius bar. the majority of apple's continuing success is in no way due to brand-loyalty.
Anthony Tat yes, only when the apple product is released around the same time as the android counterpart. but since apple is so nonprogressive and only releases a "new" product/version every year, it becomes outdated after a month and is no longer comparable.
Bubba Norman @Jeff Griffith.. I have quite a few friends that have iPhones and yes they do have smart a## comments about Androids and people that use them. Also saw on my daughters Facebook timeline a kid saying how only poor people used Androids. So the finger pointing and name calling goes both ways.
Gary Bowling No, there is no point.
Brian M McCoy No! iCracks suck!
Steven Quacoo- Dorby No because you can't compare the best to garbage.
Steven Pereira Nope. Apple bores me.
Jim Walker Nope Android rules my machine to rule all machines. Love my Bionic. Where's my jellybean?
Peter Hwang Never.
Chad Smith How could anyone compare the GS2 or GS3 to an iPhone?
Kyauphie Jay R. Chie Yeah, it keeps Crapple in a realistic perspective.
Dan Daniel I don't but endgadet sure does
Cesario Brito Jr. Apple who?
Joshua Perkins No. No I don't.
Aaron Martell Its because of idiot consumers that know nothing of technology and shitty sites like CNET that lick the ass of Apple and always compare them to everything. Plus all those goddamn Apple commercials
Irvin Zamora Apple iPhone lovers like it or not, Android owners, although sounding quite immature and disrespectful at times, almost have a proven point.. If Apple doesn't step up their game, They will be way too far behind to be in any kind of comparison ratio. Trying to defend Apple now is rather out-dated.
Eric Magana Ha why is apple so successful? They do set standards and will continue to do so. Definitely in quality, their os is boring I admit that but iPhones are still great I have windows os android apple so I'm not biased either, its what ever suits people better
Nick Petrizzio We do it to show how outdated Apples products are spec wise
Corey A. Mayo no, i am not part of the media establishment and passed over the Koolaid for the Jaegermeister
Nicholas Riddle Nobody conpares a new device to apple. Apple is overrated, overpriced, and just plain boring. Honestly, anyone can make a rectangular phone with a 4x5 grid as their os.
Huey Liggins I compare them to galaxy line. Apple has been the same so what are you really comparing anything to it for?
Jeff Griffith The funny thing about this is that most Apple device owners like their device, know they have something that suits them fine, and don't really care about others personal prefs. And don't make wise cracks at others for owning a Android device, they really don't care! They also rarely make overly opinionated comments about how their brand of choice is superior to others choice of brand and then call that other crowd stupid for buying that product. But not all Android owners are like that, and those people are grown ups, (usually).
Joseph Alan Richardson Because people think the sun shines out of Apples arse but I know for a fact Apple copies off everyone else.
Miguel Bleau The only apple I buy is the fruit, other than that my note 2 kicks ass..
Joe Czo Geez there's a lot of hate for apple. I learned to appreciate both OSs I love my gs3 and I love my iPhone 5 as well. It's good to have choices.
Marti Ruiz i only compare apple ptoducts with huawei p.
Jeff Griffith See, there ya go
Angel Hernandez No comparison actually, my note 2 blows the any apple product out the water lol.
Jeff Griffith It may also be a superiority attitude/low self esteem thing, "I got a small penis but have an awesome Android phone that's wayyy better than an iPhone, and that gets me the ladies, cause ladies don't care about a small dick as much as a guy having an awesome phone" Lol That about right? That's gonna offend a few teenie weenies out there, sorry in advance. :)
Anton Lemeza Mp3 players yea because nothing else really compares to iPods. Phones no, Samsung seems to hold the lead there.
Marc Martin So many iPhone haters.. /sigh.
Sašo Aco Plut not really.. if i want to compare i compare it to the top product in the class and my current product that i have
Jeff Griffith Android freaks love to hate Apple, I mean, look at the comments on any given day. It kinda goes hand in hand with owning a Android device.
Kyle Krause I don't understand why people hate iPhones so much I had both and I never had a problem with my iphone, it's all personal preference. It makes me laugh seeing people hate on a "phone" so much hah.
Eric Hook I'm typing on an LG Nexus 4 with a Blue Poetic Bumper in a Black Leather Pull Tab Pouch that is more beautiful, smoother than Apple has ever put out
Eric Hook Who compares everything to Apple? I wasn't aware of this
Nick Truskowski I do it the other way around, when Apple releases something, I compare it to low to mid range android. Apple fails every time.. sad. But of course I could take a dump into a paper bag, paste glass over it with an Apple logo, and retards will pay and try and resell it for a thousand bucks.
Matthew Brundage Yes because it a good company to compare to even thought I just buy their products
Steven Walker no. i dont buy anything but apple phones. i'd love a mac but dont see that happening
Judi Bryan I'm an Android fan...but I do understand that in some respects iPhone has always been the gold standard. They set the pace for many years. Now they face stiff competition. Question is will they be the gold standard in the future...or even are they now?
Alberto Garcia Flores Not at all, I compare it to other Android phones.
Yasir Sohail Apple used to be good 2 years ago, now they suck ass.
Adrian Oliva I usually compare to other Android phones on the market
Robby Olko No because all android flagships always destroy the iphone anyways.
Thomas Hadley No because apple is crap
J Litz Van I never compare anything to apple products because I don't believe that there's anything that needs to be compared. Apple isn't the standard when it comes to mobile devices. They're just another company that does their own thing.
Terrence Cartwright No because I just buy the apple products.
Christopher Wesley No. Its not the standard anymore imo.
Nicholas StylishDemeanor Scafe :) i eat apple every day!
Alex Bussani Most of the people eager to compare products to Apple products already know said product is superior to Apple's and just want to make their point. Apple is slipping big time.
Michael Myers iPhone sucks.
Gordon Christie nope cos apple products while well made etc are a bit boring thats why they not number one anymore
David Evans What is this "apple" you refer to?
Sean Watson I don't even acknowledge apple has a phone at all half the time
Enis Fazliu Nope why

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