Google Nexus 4 T-Mobile store shipment leak

Earlier this month we learned that the Nexus 4 would begin making its way to more brick and mortar T-Mobile stores in January. At the time, it wasn't known exactly when the phones would begin heading to stores, but now it looks like that mystery has been solved. An image sent to TmoNews shows that a shipment of Nexus 4 phones is now being shipped to at least one T-Mobile store, with the order consisting of just five units.

The Nexus 4 has been pretty tough to come by ever since its launch, and both the 8GB and 16GB versions are currently listed as "Sold Out" on Google's Play Store. That's likely why these shipments are so small, and while that's kind of a bummer, at least the arrival of these units in T-Mobile stores will give a few folks the chance to snag Google's new Nexus smartphone. If you're in the hunt for a Nexus 4, it may not be a bad idea to memorize the phone number of your local T-Mobile store and start calling itin the next few days to see if there are any shipments coming in. How many of you are still in the hunt for a Nexus 4 to call your own?

Via TmoNews

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Vaibhav Gupta hey i wanted to know is their actually any battery drain problem in nexus4 ????????
Sam Rick Not the overpriced BRANDED version.
W.l. Spears no,waiting to get a lumia 920 when my contract expires
Shawn Gergler Nope. Have a Note 2
Arka Bhattacharjee And one more thing, Nexus can receive android os update (not minor app update) throughout the lifetime where as any other manufacturer will receive the android os update may be two or if lucky three times..
Arka Bhattacharjee Yasir - Nexus 4 is not full of bugs, major overheads were solved, that's it. Check the comparison & bugs list from Google Code. Nexus is the only smartphone series in the line that comes with Raw Android apk that Google makes, so called Vanilla JB/ICS where as any manufacturer you name it HTC, Samsung, Motorola morphs the android os that comes with it. And talking about Note 2, is also an awesome phone in it's family but is completely different in terms of portability when it comes to Nexus and overpriced as well. You will get the similar config almost 1/3rd the price of it.
Yasir Sohail Anyone who rates this phone being better than Note 2, never really had a Note 2. Nexus phones are always full of bugs and are onlt meant for ppl who cant wait a few months for a bug free update. Anyways, not interested in this pos.
Susan Hugus Note 2 for me.
Paul Battle 5 units only? Derp. No thanks, its just an incremental upgrade from my Galaxy Nexus. Im sticking with Samsung as the OEM.
Anthony Tat @juwon it's not on tmobile...
Alex Miller Already ordered mine. 2 more days.
Juwon Donte Would get it if it wasn't on T-Mobile
Gary Bowling To late, already got a Note 2.
Brandon Holley Make two versions. A CDMA version and a GSM version.
Ricardo Lopez No got it on new years eve. Its awesomeeee!
Cesario Brito Jr. No. My Galaxy Nexus suits me just fine.
Ruben Alarcon No : ( I so want
Ezekiel Carsella i could only wish
Gary Bollinger Been waiting on a Samsung Galaxy S4 more
Nain El Fuego Romero I have it. Best phone hands down!!! Coming from and s3 and note 2
Reese Woodson I rather wait and pay $350 (16GB) for it. My iPhone 5 will hold me over until then. So it's not rush for me.
Jovan Shane Ramjewan I have been waiting for the Google Play store to start selling devices in Trinidad and Tobago
Lanh Nguyen you could walk into tmo and buy it but it'll be 500 dollars.
Reese Woodson I have AT&T. So I guess I'll be waiting for a while until the come back in stock on the Google Play Store.........

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