Samsung says that it's moved 100 million Galaxy S devices to date

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| January 14, 2013

Samsung Galaxy S 100 million sold

Samsung has been known to share the news of its Galaxy lineup of devices hitting various sales milestones, and today the company did just that by announcing its biggest stat yet. Samsung this morning revealed that its Galaxy S line of products has sold 100 million units "from the supply side" to date. Breaking down that figure, the Galaxy S has achieved 24 million global channel shipments, while the Galaxy S II and Galaxy S III are responsible for 40 million apiece. Samsung also says that it's currently moving Galaxy S IIIs at an average of 190,000 per day.

Those are some pretty impressive stats, and today's announcement serves as more evidence of just how big the Galaxy S line is for Samsung and for Android in general. The last time that we got any news on how swiftly the Galaxy S III was moving was back in November 2012, at which point Samsung said that its flagship handset had passed the 30 million mark. Now the Galaxy S III is on its way to surpassing the Galaxy S II and hitting the 50 million mark, and once it does, I'm sure that Samsung will let us know. How many of you have contributed to this 100 million stat by picking up a Galaxy S device? If you have, which one(s) have you had?

Via Engadget, Samsung Tomorrow, Samsung