Are you interested in a Facebook phone? (Poll)

Taylor Martin
 from  Concord, NC
| January 15, 2013

In case you missed it, there was a Facebook event earlier today, where Facebook was believed to be unveiling a phone. Of course. Every inkling of a Facebook event over the last two years has led to mass hype and countless rumors detailing a mythical phone that Mark Zuckerberg continues to deny will ever exist with direct Facebook endorsement at every turn.

Alas, there was no Facebook phone unveiled today. And there may never be, for all we know. But the rumors will live on, despite Zuck's constant debunking. Instead, Facebook continues to do what it does best – create creepy, probing social software. Today Facebook unveiled Social Graph, which will eventually find its way to mobile platforms.

But we're getting off topic. About that Facebook phone. Who wants to see one eventually make it to market, if only to put an end to the never-ending rumors? Tell us in the comments and poll below what you think of the Facebook phone rumors!

Image via The Next Web