I presume that most of us, at one point or another, have lost our phone somewhere. Sometimes we’re lucky and it turns out to be under a misplaced book or an article of clothing, or even in our own back pocket. But have you ever run out of places to look for your phone and turned to using the GPS on the device to help you find it?

I’ve always had the “Find My iPhone” app on my phone, but have never really considered that it would be that useful for me. If it was stolen and shows up at somebody’s house, I’m pretty sure they’re not going to admit to an angry young lady who shows up at their door accusing them about stealing her phone. Should my phone ever get stolen or lost somewhere in this big world, I’m pretty sure the only thing my app can do for me is give me closure as to knowing where my phone ended up at the end of the day, and knowing my information in the device itself is safe with a remote wipe. I don’t think I’d ever have the guts to call up the police and have them try and find my cell phone when I’m sure they have more important things to do.

Another GPS locating tool I once used was the Sprint Family Locator, which I actually subscribed to for a while in order to serve the same purpose – finding my phone. I actually did use the Family Locator once in order to find my missing HTC Hero after a shopping trip all over town, although it showed up as being at my apartment. I never did find it, even after moving out. That will forever remain a mystery, and sometimes I still lose sleep at night because of it. After that, I decided that paying $5/mo. for a locator that didn’t remotely turn on any sounds or notifications on the actual device to assist the search really didn’t do me much good. (Yes, I do realize the locator was meant to keep tabs on family members, but I thought I was being clever.)

That was about the time I found Lookout Mobile, which seemed to have done more harm than good for my device but to its credit it did find my phone twice during the time I had it installed. Unfortunately the app, or perhaps the app and my device combined, really seemed to slow down my device after installation. Lookout was uninstalled within six months of downloading. After taking a second look at the app some time later, it seems to have made some impressive improvements (like being able to ping your location one last time before the battery completely dies), so don’t take my word on an app that I was using two years ago.

While I’ve never heard of anybody I personally know successfully going to somebody’s house to retrieve a phone that somehow ended up there (because that’s sketchy and not very safe) I have heard of smaller scale victories where they accidentally left/dropped their phone in the trunk of their car while putting away groceries, or dropped between the seats in the car and a GPS locator let them know to stop searching their house for their phone and start rummaging through their car.

What I want to know, dear reader, is if you’ve ever successfully found your lost phone via its GPS locator? Would you have ever found it had it not been for the GPS? Let me know your lost and found stories in the comments below!


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"Have you or someone you know ever successfully found your lost phone via its GPS locator?"

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Ryan Rees-Williams A few times, all in my house with the ringer off, luckily with it being a Windows Phone I could get it to ring even though it was on silent :D
Gordon Christie i use lookout on android phones
Kevin Joel Hmmm... never lost a phone before....
Michael Talbot BlackBerry Protect works great
Luis Robles Figueroa Yes my friend IPhone 4. He found way off where live. Like three town away.
Josh Billingsley Yeah. Android lost is by far the best of them too. New years eve. Life safer. And it was the note 2. My clip broke. Not to mention I was bubbly.
Gary Bowling My phone does not leave my side, its a Note 2 and would cost $700 to replace it.
Sam Rick Nope
Osama Hamdan Yep, Windows Phone
Metz Caluza Martinez Yup this helped me find where I dropped it :D
Frank Tiberius Marte Jr Yes I did using Lookout! Helped a bunch! :)
Michael A. Lococo yes... thought I left it at work but the map looked like it was showing my driveway... probably not that accurate but I found it in my car.
Krystal Baedor Lookout app does me very well haven't lost my phone yet just in case it does am good to go!!
Jeff Griffith It's worked for me a couple times, and worked for my stalker many, many times! Lol It's an iPhone.
Brain Roopull Yeah, but it was in my house with the ringer off.
Joe Francesco Kassira Find my iPhone had helped me a few times ... It's not a gimmick that's for sure
Kyle Pezzolla Shay Carl who daily vlogs has a great video of a guy who stole his phone and they tracked him down using the gps
Ramon Gerardo My friend found it but the people that had it denied having it even though GPS placed it there so lost forever
LaToya's Page Yes found my daughters phone after a classmate stole it out the teachers desk went to his house!
Dani Hayes Yes. I caught you pro took a pic of the guy as well.
Anthony Evans Jr I test mine out all the time and so far has worked well. even watch and map the gps on where i've been
Anthony Lasam No, but had a total stranger hold on to it until I called it and it was promptly returned. :)
Imani Kap Pierre Yea, they found their phone...along with their car which was also stolen lol

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