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The PhoneDog
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| January 17, 2013

With the mobile tech world back home from CES 2013 in Las Vegas they all like us, were hoping for big new device announcements.  And we wanted the devices now!  BUT, that didn't happen.  Only one smartphone announcement from CES because available last week in the Pantech Discover for AT&T.  So the Official Smartphone Rankings stays the same with the Samsung Galaxy Note II still holding the number one position.

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The ratings haven't changed much post-CES. Apple's iPhone 5 remains on top, followed by a duo of powerful superphones from Samsung. 

Google's Nexus 4 takes the number 4 spot due to it's high-quality build, affordability, and status as a nexus device.

Finally, the iPhone 4S is a superb budget smartphone, earning it the final top5 spot.





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I took a slightly different approach to the list this week. Normally, I'd vote for the top 5 in the order that I would actually buy them. Obviously, that takes in to account cost as well as features, specifications and design. Instead, this week, I went with the 'money no object approach'. 

Lumia 920 makes it to 2nd place for its innovative hardware features, like the super sensitive touch screen and camera with unbelievable lowlight performance. 

The Note 2 makes it to 3rd for the same reason it's been in my top 3 for the past couple of months: the S-Pen and multitasking add an edge to the device which other manufacturers haven't approached successfully yet. 

Rounding off the top 5 are two great HTC devices running two different platforms. Windows Phone 8 is much more attractive to me right now than Android, and so that's the only reason the 8X pips the DNA to 4th spot. 

Top, as always, the iPhone 5 which still - I believe - offers the best all-round experience in terms of hardware, software and ecosystem integration.



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Not much has changed this week in our world in terms of new handset releases. I am excited for the future but as for now I am still very excited about the phones in my top five. Claiming its spot at number one again is the Note 2 from Samsung. The more I play with this amazing device, the more I fall in love with its extensive features and unique user experience. A one of kind (I think I have said that before) experience.

The Apple iPhone 5 holds steady at number two. You have to give Apple so much credit with the overall style of this phone. Amazingly fluid operating system with a simple but powerful design is makes this phone a winner among users. 

At number three I have the HTC DROID DNA yet again. This phone is a great example of how an android phone should run and look. Great feel in the hands and the screen never ever ceases to amaze. Pick up and play with this ultra fast phone and you will have a hard time putting it down.

I put the HTC One X+ at number four again as well. The 1.7GHz Quad core processor keeps this beautiful phone super speedy. Once again HTC has made a great looking phone. This one also comes with 64GB built in storage. When you combine the processor, storage, decent battery, and style you get a great phone. 

And finally at number five I have the Nokia Lumia 920 making another appearance. I cannot say enough about the windows operating system and this phone utilizes the OS better than all the other windows phones. The screen is huge and has very good detail. You definitely need to take a look at this phone once or twice before making your final decision on a purchase.