Calling all haters: you may have 99 problems, but your smartphone ain’t one. So, what’s the problem?

It’s you.

I regularly surf YouTube’s popular videos. I have a lengthy subscription of channels that cover a wide variety of subjects, too. When I’m not on YouTube, I surf plenty of tech sites. I like to see what the general consensus is of a new product before I say I want it. Nine times out of ten, I want it anyway. Having said this, I always read the comments and reviews. This is where we need to relax.

It’s getting to be too much. People need to lighten up.

I admit to being slightly partial to what Android has to offer me. Most notably, the latest version of Jelly Bean has done me in for the long haul. I regularly use my girlfriend’s iPhone 5 and love it for the first 45 seconds. Then I miss my home screen and widgets. Having said this, I still find Apple’s hardware impossible to ignore compared to my Galaxy Nexus. Especially the camera. I mean it. We are talking dinosaurs versus aliens. From a software perspective, there’s that much of a difference in my eyes.

Let’s look at the big picture. There are three major players in the mobile industry, so there's an oddball in the mobile race. Windows Phone 8 is getting there, but they're not quite up to par yet. However, for the sake of accuracy, they're included here. When there are alternatives, they tend to offer certain competitive advantages. When one opposes another, there is disagreement. And when there is disagreement, there are irrational opinions and false pretenses that set hate into motion.

I’m tired of the hate. This isn’t 1963 and I’m sick of feeling like MLK. Am I really that far off with the idea that all phones are awesome? It might sound preachy, but if phones were people, we’d have a serious civil rights problem going on, and it’s getting exhausting. As long as we have a choice, we should be thankful. It’s a choice we didn’t have before.

Calling all iPhone users – you have serious competition, but it made your phone better.

Look at it this way, any Android phone released in the past year is faster than my computer. That’s amazing even though I hate it. Android’s offerings are on the bleeding edge of innovation. Whether you have a DROID DNA, LG Optimus G, or Galaxy Note II, there isn’t another mobile operating system out there that can handle the multitude of CPU intensive tasks Android has been evolved to cope with. On the flip side, just because you can watch a video while you’re surfing the Internet in a tiny window on the screen of your phone doesn’t mean your phone is better. Your phone stutters sometimes. It overheats. Sometimes, it slips out of your pocket, and the screen cracks like any other. It has happened to all of us, and it’ll happen again. Other times, your phone completely crashes, lags, and for lack of a better description, dies on spot. Then you have the option of doing a battery pull, a quick ADB reboot if your bootloader is unlocked, and you’re back up and running within about 30 seconds. Point being: you have options.

To the Android fans who don’t want to get an iPhone, but can’t quite convince themselves to jump ship to the polar opposite – you might be convinced by Windows Phone 8 soon.

Windows Phone fans are the fast followers of the group, and Microsoft has learned quick. I believe WP8 devices are viable alternatives to Android and iOS. The fluidity of WP8 is much more consistent and user-friendly than Android. WP8 is just as powerful despite being closed-source as well. WP8 is the guy on the football team that didn’t train, didn’t come to practice, and schooled you on the field. It’s not necessarily a bad thing, but in WP8’s case, lack of innovation could soon come back to haunt them. In the meantime, I hate that guy on the field. He didn’t earn it. He was gifted the ability. If I were Steve Ballmer’s masseuse, I’d ask for a raise because we know he/she is working overtime. We needed a personal assistant yesterday, Mr. Ballmer. I truly believe that WP8 cannot directly compete with Android and iOS until it has a personal assistant like Google Now and Siri.

To the Android fans out there - there isn’t a more dedicated crowd of followers in the world than iPhone users.

You might want to remember the company that sparked the cascade of innovation which rests comfortably in your pocket. With all due respect, you need to be mindful of your surroundings, el GOOG. Apple created your market and Android has just started to take a piece of it away from Steve Jobs’ legacy ecosystem. If you bite the hand that feeds, you might end up with too much to swallow. There is absolutely no problem with wanting all your apps in front of you all the time. I like having all my food organized on my plate at dinner. What’s the big deal? It could be a sign of age, but I call it maturity. Unfortunately, stagnation leads to deflation and ultimately, depression, so if there ever was a time to change the world again, it was yesterday for Apple.

So, how do you feel about all the hating on the web? Does it justify the benefits, or disadvantages between smartphones? Should Apple, Google, or Microsoft acknowledge their symbiotic relationship? Or am I just a total hippie looking for world peace? Let me know in the comments below. Leave the hate out of there!

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"Have the disagreements and arguments over which smartphone is the best gotten out of hand?"

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Steven Pereira If you ask a ridiculous and childish question (like which is better--chocolate or vanilla) you're going to get a childish reply. Anyone who INSISTS that one platform is better than another isn't answering your question. They're just shouting like a toddler who loves its blankie. Ask more thoughtful questions and you'll undoubtedly get a more thoughtful answer.
Jose Angel Santiago If you look at it all the smartphones basically do the same thing. Surf the Web, make calls etc etc. They aren't any smartphones that you can really say "WOW" to except the note 2!! Some are just a fraction of a second faster then others and that's all. To each his or her own. They make the choice that suits them.
Chastity Lynn Donoho Iphones suck
Jacob Petrie The question is who cares?
Cesario Brito Jr. This moron above me.
Shahid Khan @lawrence lepes: who gives a sh#t if you do or don't buy an iPhone, you stick to your Android crap. Your too thick for an iPhone anyway, u lot are all big fat fat fat fat Android LOOOOOSERSSS!!!!!! LMFAO!!!!
Cesario Brito Jr. Lol this article does nothing more than to instigate it further.
Lawrence Lepes The design of the Iphone isn't originally done by Apple. The main reason why I don't buy any Apple Products is they are made up of a bunch of crybabies, and cowards. Every time a company gives them competition in the cell phone business; Apple turns around and sues them. That even started with the late Steve Jobbs. That to me doesn't make a good company. They would rather sue than make an Iphone with at least a 4.3" screen, a flash player, and more.
Michael Garrett Not out of hand, just old..
Lamar Battle By the level of Paul's intelligence U know for sure he is not an Android user.
Paul Alexandru Yes, it's Android users,they're a fucking shame to the OS and the humanity.(some of them who go cry on EVERY SINGLE iPhone post), if you're one of them, Go Kill yourself bitch
Kevin Post For the best, power battery U need an htc.
Jose Calderon It's just a phone, get over it people.
Brent Langenbacher It's a phone people, it is not your life. Or at least it shouldn't be.
Jim Marshall III Nope because the note 2 is top dog so no worries
Gordon Christie Nokia 3310 is the best phone mines in a drawer still holding a charge and will probably work too
Jim Mccoy yes they have. does it really matter its just a phone?
Rashaud Cook iPhone is better then any phone out there. Hands down
Lamar Battle No Android is the best nothing else needs to be said..............
Gordon Christie I don't do punktuation or spelling im Scottish Larry
Abram Wenevermet Dennis It's mostly the obsessed Android users that cry in every post about apple.
Sebastian Gomes Give me the gs4 with latest version of Android and that'll end all arguments lol
Anthony Lasam It's funny to see peeps bash BB like jealous ex-lovers.
BG Michael optimus G.
Perro Rosello That's half the fun of it lol. Personally I like all platforms, my current is a Galaxy Note 2 that i LOVE but I have always had a soft spot for Windows Phone, ill wait till the next batch of flashships to return to them.
Abram Wenevermet Dennis Yes. I'm sick of it
Larry Ayonn Hopefully Gordon's phone comes with punctuation marks, unlike whatever it was he was using to make his post.
Gabriel Freeman Where is the feature phone coverage? How are we to survive the zombie Zombie Apocalypse with devices that only have up to one day of battery capacity?
Darwin Ayala I have owned and iphone windows phone and android now and by far my note 2 is the beast FOR ME for thoes that say iphone windows or andriod is better should only speak for them selves we all have our favorite operating software and apps so please lets leave at that you like what you like and they will like what they like
Lowell Orlando Richmond how about every new phone is just if not more useless then the next...we don't need a flood of phones we need better batteries or power
Jennifer DeAlmeida Yes! I'm so sick of fanboys! Both iOS and Android have their positives and negatives. Use what works best for you and stop trying to "convert" everyone else! That is all. :)
Gordon Christie good article but im gettin an ubuntu phone next year and will be better than all of you but i like windows and android and not ios so much although i wish android was as stable and less power hungry maybe Ubuntu will be the so called iphone killer noone has made yet
Sonu Billi CNET one of the fuker in industry
Nicholas Riddle If apple would just come clean about being a horrible corrupt petty company I probably wouldnt argue so hard for androids. Lol
Anthony Evans Jr also this is flame bait lol
Andrew Conrad everyones a troll!!!!!!!!!!!
Anthony Evans Jr yup. and what makes it worse is some website are all about telling us EVERYTHING about apple stuff and little about android when they claim to love both. Its to much personal biased about one or the other and not enough news being reported

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