Mysterious HTC PL80110 stops by the FCC with Sprint-friendly 4G LTE

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| Published: January 18, 2013

HTC PL80110 Sprint FCC filing

A recent Federal Communications Commission filing has revealed that there's a new HTC device headed Sprint's way, but exactly what that device is is a bit of a mystery. The filing shows that this is a CDMA product made by HTC that includes support for LTE band 25 (Sprint's preferred flavor) and features the model number PL80110. Two pages in the FCC's test report describe this as "Windows Phone" equipment, leading Engadget to suggest that this mystery device is the HTC Windows Phone 8 handset that Sprint has said will be coming to market by this summer. However, other parts of the FCC filing simply list it as "Smartphone" in their Equipment sections.

Meanwhile, another report suggests that this could be an Android device. PhoneScoop points out that this mystery phones PL80110 model number is very close to the model number of Cricket's new HTC One SV, which is PL80120. That's led the site to speculate that this new Sprint-bound HTC device could be a new version of the One SV that's headed to the Now Network.

As you can tell, the true identity of this device is a tad hazy, and it doesn't help that the FCC hasn't included any outlines or images of the PL80110 to help us decipher the mystery. One thing we do know is that there's some kind of HTC device that's coming to help Sprint grow its roster of LTE-enabled devices, which is good news both for Hesse and Co. as well as Sprint customers. It's unclear when we'll learn more about the PL80110 since an appearance at the FCC doesn't necessarily mean that a phone is nearing launch, but you can bet that we'll give you a shout just as soon as more details surface.

HTC PL80110 Sprint FCC filing Windows Phone

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