Verizon BlackBerry Z10 landing page leak

We've already seen a Verizon-branded version of the BlackBerry Z10 in the wild and heard the carrier say on a couple of occasions that it plans to support BlackBerry 10. Just in case you needed any more proof that RIM's new mobile OS will be hitting Big Red, though, a newly-leaked image posted by @evleaks serves as even more evidence that BB10 is VZ-bound. The screenshot shows a landing page on Verizon's site that promises that the BlackBerry Z10 is "coming soon" and invites users to sign up for more updates. In addition to reaffirming that the Z10 is headed to Verizon, the leak backs up the BlackBerry Z10 name and gives us a clear look at the backside of the white Z10, complete with Verizon branding.

The BlackBerry Z10 has been the subject of more leaks than even the most die-hard BlackBerry fan could keep track of, showing up multiple times as the London, L-Series and Z10. The device is rumored to feature a 4.2-inch 1280x768 display as well as 8-megapixel rear and 2-megapixel front cameras, and unsurprisingly, it'll also feature 4G LTE connectivity on Verizon's network. There's still no word on exactly when Verizon customers will actually be able to get their paws on their very own Z10, but hey, at least now they can be extra sure that it's coming. How many of you are planning on picking up a BlackBerry Z10 when it launches?

Via @evleaks

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"How many of you are planning on picking up a BlackBerry Z10 when it launches?"

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Jeff Seaver I do and have to try it. Even love my iPhone and Galaxy. Screen too small by the way
Dylan Greene Poor BlackBerry, and my friend thinks WP is doomed lol
Michael Harp No way and not on Verizon
Nick Truskowski You guys were struggling that bad without Aaron huh? I kinda saw it coming after the first video without Aaron Baker.
Michael Kergosien Jr Haha good one
Daniel Carpenter Nope! Getting the note 2 next wwek. I'm awaiting the exciting news from Phonedog too hint hint!
Scott Filip I am waiting for the "X10" !
Lashun Manning Nope never liked any crackberry. Perfectly fine w/my HTC DNA
Lance Tomlinson Only Android, and only Nexus devices. Android because its the best OS, and Nexus devices because they get the fastest and most recent updates and are supported far longer than any other Android. Its simply the best mobile experience.
Marcus Samual Winchester Hopefully RIM enjoy some success, I however ain't going back to RIM now I have a Galaxy S3. In two years when my current contract is up, I'll opt for a 5th Gen Nexus, a galaxy s5 or maybe a Windows Phone
Danny Chavez Why would anyone be excited for BB10 if there's no apps for it
Johnberty Vargas Yep i guess its official now Blackberry is dead...
Jeff Griffith A what phone?
Jose Angel Santiago I'm surprised crapberrys still exist!!!
Jose Angel Santiago I am extremely happy with my note 2.
Angel Hernandez No, not Impressed. Still like my note 2 over any other phone. Like the form factor tho. Just not big enough for me. :p
Flako Ramirez A black-who now?
Kevin Mybigman Maybe.... Z10 or I will get my lumia920..
Chris King they are still around?
Jude Fils-Aime nope I'm waiting for the XPERIA Z
Gary Brown I love my android but I will give it a chance . it look promising .
Dennis Heggenstaller I would if they would have more than one data center in the world...when that place goes down so does your phone....so no thanks.
Jamie Crane sounds good but i love android and htc phones
Devin Vosburgh I was an android fanboy...recently switched to iPhone for simplicity (the 5) and might try this out. All things I have seen make it look awesome, specs are impressive. I guess if people want to limit their experiences they can...I however know I do not know what I don't know. Need to try it and see.
Lance Johnson My last phone was the Crapberry Storm I and that will be my last Crapberry ever! Its too little too late... Crapberry is like a 3rd world country....so far behind the times of Apple and Android
Jan Michael Cruz Want to try bb10 out, ios is getting too dull for me
Alexander Morgan I'll be picking one up as soon as its available on ATT :D super excited about it will make a nice addition to my setup
Justin Beilstein Miss my 8330, but blackberry is going to have a tough time holding onto their white collar appeal while grabbing the attention of the younger market. what a ceo needs their device to do is a far cry from how a sixteen year old wants in a cell. or, the way in how a phone executes those processes anyhow. they have nothing without their security and lack of fun.
Deb Casper As soon as it comes to t-mobile!
Jameson Philip North And I'll be getting my Z10 the moment it's available and I've sold my 4S.
Jameson Philip North Yes people, RIM is still in business and they still make phones. This is all new and you need to look at it like that. This isn't the Storm or the Pearl or any old Blackberry phone. This is a phone that beats all others for web browsers in HTML 5 tests. It can run more apps than any phone out there, and is gorgeous too! Give it a chance and you'll never go back to anything else. This is next gen.
Tabib Rehman I hate blackberrys but bb10 looks good
Daniel Maguire I'll stick with my Nexus 4!
Dennis Orcutt Jr first time I've EVER been remotely excited about a blackberry release/product.
Kal El I am immensely interested, to see what Blackberry has in store for the future.
Miguel Placencia people still use blackberries?
Dustin T. Robles Still a business type of phone
Heath Beaudry Love my iPhone.
Carol Flores Nope not going to do it.
Ilija Jovanovic nope,android is the best
Steve Bachman The only thing they have going is the best secure servers. Other than that, I couldn't think of one reason to switch!
Beres J. Marrast sure will . . .or maybe the X10??? I can't decide! lol
Mark Hartzel Wait, Blackberry is still making phones?
Michael Walsh never, cant rely on the crap internet service
Jeff Jones RIM is still in business? Wow.
Thomas Boehnlein The second my carrier has it, I will be buying it. The Note 2 is awesome, but I'm ready for something different.
Faizur Rahman Himel Nope. I don't wanna switch to BB. Cool with Droid. Might consider wp.
Luis Reich Seriously? You want me to give up my Note 2 for this??? HAHAHAHA
Ken Scott I might go and play with it, but not planning on owning one anytime soon.

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