As we roll into 2013, we continue to see a battle between Android and iOS

One of the main benefits of iOS could also be its biggest flaw: if you want some level of customization in your device, the iPhone isn't the device for you.  It's a one-size-fits-all phone that, while successful in many areas, is trumped by Android alternatives in most categories.

With Android, you have the option of choosing a device that fits your needs.  If you want a large screen, you have choices.  If you prefer to focus on camera technology, you have choices.  If a large battery is important to you, you have choices.  Choice abounds, but with choice comes fragmentation on many levels.

Don't get me wrong - despite the negative press it often receives, Apple is doing fine.  However, as with anything in the tech business, organizations have to come up with strategies well in advance to remain successful.

Keeping all of that in mind, I'm asking you: what do you think Apple needs to do to remain competitive with Android?  Cast your vote below and let me know in the comments section!

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"What does Apple need to do to compete with Android?"

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Anonymous Removable Battery and SD card slot more options bigger screens!
Bryan Turcios Free music and everything
Joel Gomez Make siri understand lol. Add widgets. Bigger screen not just taaaaalller but wiiiiider too. Removable battery. Deep third party app integration. Stop suing others. Get rid of crappy apple maps. Add adobe flash player option. Allow other files to be attached to emails and be saved in the device by having a file management system. Make the phone more usably mature by stopping changes on thinner and lighter non sense.
Eduardo D Elia Androit need siris, iphone need bigger screen and flash player...
Andrew Dominguez have real bluetooth and use universal files not like. imov
Rushl Chturvdi Well they should give up
Rick Pharris Has anyone read the press release from Verizon??? I think they are doing fine!! Aaron is acting like Apple is fixing to file bankruptcy!
Maria Izabela 3 more rows of icons would solve everything. ISheep will buy any crap from Apple.
Santiago Alexander Cruz Buy BlackBerry and create the Ultimate Fruit Device!
Javier Segura Kudos for the "Android forever" option, nice way to screen out the lemmings
Roger Penn People are gonna buy the brand because they know they are getting a quality product with ease of use and integration...I can't even connect a GS 3 to my MacBook without downloading additional software what a waste
Andrew Bissel Maybe use a ui that's new for a change.
Roger Penn They don't need to do anything they will always be competitive in every aspect of technology whether its from cell phones to laptops to tablets. They one company that hasn't needed to change because people still buy and as long as people bye there's no need to change. I'm fine with IOS now they just like to use the phrase "keep it simple stupids" and when they decide to make another change ill jump on that train just like I have for years
David Indermuehle Lower prices so more carriers world wide can have them.
Robert Smith nothing there is no comparisson
Jeff Seaver IOS 6 is behind comparison to Android 4.1.2, no comparison.
Jeff Seaver Nothing can do as long as Apple acting so sure of them-self or Apple decide for us what we need and no listen to Market or hear us. Look IPAD Mini how grade base on size and weight but Steve was not willing to make it
Gary Bowling Get off their High Horse, stop suing people and change up iOS.
Martin Martinez Have ios as an open os like android allow download from 3 part websites and download email attachments and as well as file browser
Dee Nazario Break everything down and start from the ground up.
Brandon Holley iOS isn't as behind as people make it out to be, it just needs a better user interface. The hardware is there, maybe a little bit bigger of a screen in my taste, do something brash and creative, take fucking risks. That's what steve jobs did, he went out on leaps of faith all the time to propel apple to where it was, that's what they need now.
Angel Hernandez Hardware, their 20years behind Android muahaha..
Yvette Veideman Removable battery & WIDGETS
Sheeraz Sarwar For Apple to compete,a simple funda is to launch two iPhones, one with a size as of iPhone 5 and second they should launch another of the size of phablets this thing still be more than enough for android fan boys to switch back to iPhone
Sheeraz Sarwar For apple to compete they should launched
Luis Arturo Batista Aquino steve jobs need to be born once again
Jason Ramos Nothing. They'll always have isheep regardless of what they do
David Daniel Schwartz Ressurect Steve jobs from the grave
Juan Carlos Munoz Bigger screen
Alvaro J Donaire Revamp iOS and provide a wow factor with the UI experience..
Anthony Tat quit banking off the remaining herd of iSheep and start innovating again. if they're not going to innovate, they have to at least bump up the hardware
Lim Xilvre Hundred Thousand of Androids gadget out there versus the only one IOS
Lim Xilvre Thousands of gadget out there represent ANDROID that stay tough in its own. entry level, mid range, amoled, super amoled, super amoled HD. 720 and now 1080. Which each of them represent an evolution stage of nowadays we call smartphone.
Lim Xilvre Android OS and IOS is two separated dimension which living in their own world. The differences that make themselves have their own unique of taste.
Jose Be Julme Nothing, stop competing.
Fernando Gonzalez Funny... Not that long ago the question was what does Android have to do to compete with Apple ... How times change.
Craig Oxley They need a 4.3" screen and a whole new iOS that gives personalisation like Android or they'll will forever decline.
Devin Martinez @ziggy why am i an idiot, what I'm saying isnt true ? I know a ton of people mostly old who call every touch screen phone an iPhone & every tablet an iPad. & last time I checked tv shows like Conan & many other main stream tv shows made a big deal or even mentioned the latest android running phone or tablet. phonedog is starting to make it seem like apple is done...just saying
Randy B Hoopes Um, new flash, they're out selling android look at least years sales!
Cecil McMillion not look like the same device every year lol same design , same boring device with new hardware WoW !!! they need a ground breaking design and a way we can expand the memory
Tony Valadez I don't know why there is so much animosity towards this phone. Calm down. It's a phone.
Shawn Moser A battery that can last at least a day with heavy use.
Ziggy Torres Devin you know about them lol. What a idiot.
Derek Wheeler occam's razor. keep it simple. just give it a more proportionately larger screen. that's all it needs
Ventuniano Santito I feel bad for apple.their time is in the past
Smritha Venkataramanan bigger screens. . ofcourse. . .
Devin Martinez Wow phonedog has really gone fandroids fanatics. Most of the non-tech savvy world don't even know android exists,mostly people who aren't in to the smart phone wars & aren't up to speed with all the different phone brands only know iPhone & iPad. Most people like that, that do have androids think they got iPhones.
Christopher Manic Johnson Update their UI, and start thinking outside the box like Google. Apple isn't going to compete with price point.
Francesco Pistillo smart icon system. too many icons to manage! it's a mess!!!
Jan Michael Cruz At the end of the day, none of these polls matters, its just a good read in the comments section
Devin Martinez Compete with android ?
Gordon Christie Make IOS available to other companies
Lanh Nguyen Make an android phone lol
Jazer B Rn change is CONSTANT people! DONT tell me its NOT necessary. Your skin changes! your age changes! your life changes every min! maybe apple need to get out of their comfort zones for once. it wouldnt cripple them. after all, life is about taking risk.
Rick Torrance And micro sd cards and removable batteries
Rick Torrance Quit being so propiatory and make bigger screens.
Jim Marshall III Oh and removable battery and expandable memory!
Charles W. Y. Wong Stop sueing
Will Doyle A more customizable UI, standard connections, non PC synching with other devices (iPods, MP3 players), better email, SD memory, revolutionary build quality and materials.
Marcus Samual Winchester Open the ecosystem a bit more, better sharing integration and multitasking on the software side. On the hardware side, move the display to 4.3 inches as a compromise, increase RAM to 2GB on iOS devices. To claim the emerging markets, Apple needs to launch a compromise iPhone, heck why not relaunch the iPhone 4 with LTE onboard and add an A5 chip, but skip on build quality and go with a hybrid build involving a mix between 3GS/4, whilst increasing the thickness.
Larry L Roe the internet and battery life
Rafael Guzman They need to stop making the same thing over and over
Matt Peters Simple. Sell two version of the iPhone: The iPhone we're all used to today, and an iPhone "Pro" that acts like its jailbroken friends. Filebrowser access, etc. Requires no extra maintenance or cost for them, and gives people more of what they want.
Jody Warrick Bigger screen.. customization..
Jesse Ling Quit being such assholes and arrogant fucking hipster pricks.
Jesse Huertas I would just say, stop releasing the same phone every year and calling it new. After awhile, even the most hard-nosed idiot knows when they're being had
Tyler Frodl I love both Samsung and Apple. They both have their pros and cons so neither is technically better than one another. But Apple could bring around more customaztion options which would immediately be a huge plus to iOS.
Qi Ren Lol. Judging from the comments, Android fanboys haven became as fanatical as Apple fanboys.
Abram Wenevermet Dennis They need 2 release 50 thousand phones per month.
John Kyle Make phones cheaper!!;-)
Jeff Jay Contact Samsung.
Jim Marshall III More user control!!!!
Bill Siembida Make a android device
Phil Graham Bring their prices down in line with Android. The iPad Mini has been a flop because it was competing with the likes of Samsung and Asus. I'd rather have Asus Google Nexus than a iPad mini.
Marva Solomon I switched to Android for my latest phone because Apple was boring. I mean, why buy a new Apple phone... nothing would have changed. I have an ipad, so I'm not missing anything. They are all the same.
Craigg Jones Everything they having done yet. Open space os, much better integration , possibly not being a hold back secret companany and sign contracts with other company's. In all honesty nothing really huge had happened with the iPhone of ipad. Some things in the os here and there then hard ware changes. But all looks relatively the same. Innovation is what there known for. Honestly its time for them to think outside the box once again
Yan Zhenghao Bigger screen
Hyman Villanueva Give up.. LOL
Matt Cain Nothing will change until people do. Apple knows they could make a phone that would make every other phone look like a toy by comparison. They don't because they know whatever they put out there will sell millions it's first week of release. Why try if you don't have to? Until people stop settling for that nothing can change.
Donald Hixson Do some major changes to iOS. Also, be original, don't just copy Android. Wish they'd keep up with phone specs too. That or they could take a look at the reasonable complaints cuatomers have made over the years and fix em.
George Millhouse No ajith you are annoying
Robbie Piccione Allow discounting on all their products.
George Millhouse Nicholas you are on crack
George Millhouse Options options options
Brandon Johnson Apple just needs to loosen their deathgrip on the os, they need to let the apps have deeper integration.
Nicholas StylishDemeanor Scafe Hmmm an android OS samsung phone is crap with the android os
Justin Drennan Give up. Bwahahaha
Tj Hill Add widgets!!!!!
Robbie Piccione Switch to using microUSB charging ports and cables, allow memory expansion, 5-in 1080p display, and removable battery.
Nicholas Saulino Innovation.
Lissa Lisaa Liisa Apple sucks...Prices too high
Teejay Crooks Stop making phones
Teron Facey What they need to is stop releasing the same phone each year with one stuff difference. Be innovated that's something they lack since they dropped first iphone.
Ajith P George Apple should stick on with what they are...that's their strength....android is annoying
David DiPilla Bigger screen faster processor thinner phone 13 mp camera 1080p display graphics card lol customization
Eli Romy 4.8 inches
Jeremey Brown Its too late!!ANDROID FTW!!
Daniel Quintero Copying android hasn't helped To beat android they must buy webos and incorporate it
Rob Cloud change there ui and stop crying and suing everyone.
Jesse Ling I think the real question is,what does Android need to perfect to finish Crapple off for good.
Michael Brangwynne Quad core with 4gb of ram.
Nathan Wright Overhaul iOS, but not all at once so they won't confuse older users. Maybe a wider variety of iPhones too, one small, one medium sized, one large.
Theresa Petroccia Be more universal

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