Apple reports Q1 2013 results: $54.5B revenue, sales of 47.8M iPhones and 22.9M iPads [UPDATED]

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| Published: January 23, 2013

Apple iPhone 5 rear

Earnings season continues today, and this time we've got Apple sharing its results for the first quarter of the fiscal 2013. The Cupertino firm today revealed that it made $54.5 billion in revenue for the quarter and a net profit of $13.1 billion, both of which are records for the company. To compare, Apple posted revenue of $46.3 billion and net profit of $13.1 billion in the year-ago quarter. 

Apple also reports that it posted some record figures when it comes to device sales. The iPhone managed to reach sales of 47.8 million for the quarter, an increase of 11.8 million year over year and a jump of 20.9 million from Q4 2012. iPad sales finished at 22.9 million for the three-month period, which is a jump from the 15.4 million iPad sales in the year-ago quarter and the 14 million figure that Apple reported in Q4 2012. Sales of the Mac and iPod didn't go as well for Apple, with the firm moving 4.1 million Macs and 12.7 million iPods in the quarter, compared to 5.2 million Macs and 15.4 million iPods  in the year-ago quarter.

Many folks were looking forward to seeing what kind of numbers Apple would put up for the fiscal Q1 2013, both because it marked the first full quarter of iPhone 5 availability and because of recent rumors that claimed that the company cut its iPhone 5 display orders due to weaker than expected demand. It looks like Apple did well for itself in the quarter, though, with CEO Tim Cook reporting that his firm sold over 75 million devices for the quarter. Apple will be hosting a conference call to discuss its Q1 2013 results at 4 p.m. ET. I'll be listening in and will update this article with any juicy tidbits that the Apple execs may drop. Did any of you contribute to these sales figures by getting a new iOS device or two over the holidays?
UPDATE: Some other interesting details shared during Apple's earnings call:
  • More than 500 million iOS devices sold to date, 10 iOS products sold per second in the last quarter
  • There are more than 2 billion iMessages sent every day, over 450 billion have been sent to date
  • Over 4 trillion notifications sent in Notification Center
  • Over 250 million iCloud accounts
  • In response to question about large-screened devices, Tim Cook said that he feels that Apple has the highest-quality display in the industry and that the 4-inch display on the iPhone 5 provides users with a bigger screen without sacrificing ease of use. 
  • Cook touched on recent supply rumors by saying that it's good to question the accuracy of any rumor about Apple's supply plans and that, even if a single data point were accurate, it wouldn't be a good proxy for what's going on with Apple's business
  • On the subject of Maps, Cook simply said that Apple has made many improvements since the launch of iOS 6 in September and that the company will continue to make enhancements until Maps lives up to Apple's standards.
  • More than 2 million Apple TVs were sold in the quarter

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