HTC bundling small Mini Bluetooth handset with 5-inch Butterfly in China

Published: January 25, 2013

HTC Mini Bluetooth handset Butterfly China

There's no question that smartphones are getting bigger and bigger, and the new HTC Butterfly (aka DROID DNA) and its 5-inch 1080p display is one of the biggest handsets in HTC's lineup. Such a large phone may turn some potential customers off, but HTC is attempting to fight that by bundling a smaller, Bluetooth-enabled phone with the Butterfly in China. Dubbed the HTC Mini, the device connects to the Butterfly over NFC and then can display notifications using a Bluetooth connection. The Mini can also be used for phone calls when users don't want to hold the 5-inch Butterfly up to their head.

In addition to displaying messages and taking calls, the Mini's got a few other features to help make using the Butterfly easier and more enjoyable. The Mini can act as a shutter button when taking photos with the bigger Butterfly, and it can also become a remote control for a Butterfly that's connected to a television. If a Butterfly owner is having a hard time locating their 5-inch smartphone and but still has their small Mini in hand, the device can also make the Butterfly emit sounds that'll make it easier to locate.

The idea of bundling a small, dumbphone-esque device with a smartphone like the HTC Butterfly seems like a bit of a strange idea, but the Mini actually sounds like it could be a pretty useful little accessory. For example, the small device could come in handy while the Butterfly is charging, allowing the owner to still move around, accept calls and receive notifications while the Butterfly is getting juice. The Mini will also need charging, of course, but so would any other type of Bluetooth headset. What do you all think of the HTC Mini? Is it something that you think you'd get a lot of use out of if one came bundled with your next smartphone purchase?

Via The Verge, MICGadget YouTube, HTC

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