iPad 5 rumored to be on the way with iPad mini-like looks, iPhone 5S and low-cost iPhone also tipped

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| January 25, 2013

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There have been quite a few rumors lately surrounding upcoming flagship Android phones from companies like Samsung and HTC, but today it's iOS's time in the spotlight. A new report from iLounge claims to have some details on the upcoming fifth-generation iPad as well as future iPhone models. iLounge EIC Jeremy Horwitz says that he recently took a look at what was said to be an accurate model of the fifth-gen iPad and, unsurprisingly, he says that it wouldn't be far off to call it a "stretched iPad mini." The device will reportedly have chamfered edges like the iPad mini and iPhone 5, and left and right bezels are said to be nearly non-existant, while the top and bottom bezels are only large enough to fit the home button and front-facing camera. The new iPad is also expected to be much thinner than the current model.

With Apple's adoption of chamfered edges on the iPad mini and iPhone 5 as well as the rounded edges found on the iPad mini, it wouldn't be a total surprise to see the next full-sized iPad gain a similar look. That's especially so when you consider that the 10-inch iPad's current look has been around for a few generations now. When it comes to an official introduction, Horwitz has heard that an October debut could be in the cards, which would be a year after the fourth-generation iPad was first announced.

Moving on to smaller devices, Horwitz suggests that the iPhone 5S will indeed be coming this year and will look fairly similar to the iPhone 5, but will include a larger flash. Apple is also reportedly planning to introduce a low-cost iPhone with a plastic body this year, with that model intended for the likes of China Mobile and for customers that can't afford the higher cost of a device like the iPhone 5.

Finally, it's said that the "iPhone Math" that was the subject of rumors earlier this month is actually a new model that's kicking around Apple's labs. The device's name is thought to be a mistranslation of "iPhone +," and the phone purportedly features a 4.7-inch screen. This new unit is still very early in the prototype part of its life, though, and it's not expected to be released in 2013. In fact, it may never actually see the light of day, instead remaining inside Apple's campus as one of the company's experiments. So what do you all make of today's report? Would consider pulling out your wallet for any of these rumored devices?

Via iLounge

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