HTC M7 front and rear housing

It's been a few days since we've heard any new rumblings about HTC's upcoming M7 smartphone, but there's good news this morning for those folks that were starting to go into M7 withdrawal, some new photos and a video purportedly showing some M7 parts have made their way online. Posted by ETrade Supply, the images and clip show what looks to be the rear and front casing from an HTC device that looks fairly similar to the M7 that posed for some "in the wild" photos last week. The new video shows a physical camera button on the M7's side, a power/lock key on top of the unit, and what appears to be a speaker on the bottom of the M7's face similar to an early render that we saw previously.

The video also compares the M7 chassis to a couple of recent HTC smartphones. The upcoming handset gets shown next to a One X first, and as we suspected, the M7 ditches the curves of the One X is favor of a design that's a bit more like a rectangle with squarer edges. One device that looks fairly similar to the M7 is the DROID DNA for Verizon. The two units feature more squarish corners and a similar rear camera/logo layout, though the flashes on the two devices are located on opposite sides of the camera. The M7 appears to be a hair shorter than the DNA.

HTC's M7 is rumored to feature a 4.7-inch 1920x1080 display, a spec that seems to have gotten some support today thanks to the video's comparison of the M7 with the DNA, as well as a measurement of the front piece's screen opening. Also expected to be included with the M7 is a quad-core processor, 13-megapixel camera, 2GB RAM, 32GB storage, Android Jelly Bean and HTC's new Sense 5 overlay. Thankfully, the M7 is reportedly set for a debut at Mobile World Congress next month, so it may not be much longer before the rumors can come to an end and we can actually see this thing in the flesh plastic. Now that we're starting to get a good idea of what the HTC M7 is all about, what do you all think of the device? Does it look like a smartphone that you'd open up your wallet for if it hit your carrier of choice?

Thanks for the tip, anonymous!

Via Appdated.de, ETrade Supply (1), (2)

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Wanda Hayes-Henry
Wanda Hayes-Henry @Sean Watson, I too still have a Thunderbolt, works great! Looking foward to the HTC M7! I love Sense!
rizevnarastek Let's hope this thing will have enough storage (or an SD slot) and a big enough battery. Design wise i think it's a hit; love the dedicated camera button, love the stereo front speakers, love the USB on the bottom.
Josef Ruiz
Josef Ruiz Innovation. Thats what they need. Talent Trust - Offshore with a difference
Gary Bowling
Gary Bowling 1. Make their phones available on every carrier, instead of fragmenting them. 2. Micro SD Card Slot 3. Removable Battery The issue is, HTC's big wigs do not seem in touch with the market.
Ezekiel Carsella
Ezekiel Carsella make an awesome Windows Phone
Howard Abraham
Howard Abraham I had to return my HTC 8X. I tried two different units. Both had trouble receiving SMS and calls even when I was at full bars. The second unit bricked itself last night. A pretty as my 8X was, I need my phone to be reliable. I'm back on my Nokia 710 now.
Marti Ruiz
Marti Ruiz dump sense
Jeff Seaver
Jeff Seaver Better Marketing, listen to End users such all ask wish can replacement Battery in back and external storage. Better sense. HTC Butterdly Great
Sean Watson
Sean Watson I just think you guys are arrogant is all. One day we'll have a phone with 80 cores in it, and you will be the guy saying, OH every phone that doesn't have 80 pointless cores is super outdated, and pointless. Like we actually fucking NEED 80 cores in a phone... People who argue things like that have lost touch with reality
Sean Watson
Sean Watson well maybe I would realize that if I had 600 bucks to blow every 2 months on f'n phones like apparently you rich snobs do. But look at my options. Apple. NO. itts been the same forever. you wanna talk about played out dick? Samsung.. hardware wise, sure, but they are turning into apple. I HATE apple. NO go. LG. eh, they have nothing really special, and their UI hasn't fully developed itself either. My problem with Samsung is that samsung is trying too hard to be applee. They even advertise like apple! Apple is a corporate BULLY expecting everybody to be cookie cutter molds of each other. Samsung is on their way down that path. Plus Beats audio is important to me. My HP laptop has it, and it is Drastically better than any other laptop's audio ive ever listened to. HTC's contract with Dre is already enough for me to pick them, since music quality is very important to me.
Anthony Bailey
Anthony Bailey Sean, quit riding HTC's played out dick. As a person who used to be a diehard HTC fan, they bit the dust about two years ago. As others have mentioned, same ol' boring bullshit retooled and re-wrapped into another package after package after package. HTC has no direction. They release a new flagship phone every other month. They are no better than Apple. Sense UI on the DNA, is essentially the same thing that was on my HTC EVO 4G from 2010, just marginally upgraded. Sense used to be really great, now it lags far behind Samsung's Nature UI, which is far more advanced, far more intuitive, and far more functional. Stop acting like you have some sort of authority over other people and their opinions. If you are fine using an antiquated POS from many moons ago, that isn't even spoken of in passing at this point and time, that's YOUR opinion. Don't visit your opinion on others and think they're supposed to subscribe to it. HTC is basically a stone's throw away from BlackBerry/RIM. I moved on to the Samsung Galaxy Note line, and have never looked back. HTC doesn't know the difference between up and down at this point.
Jamie Crane
Jamie Crane i buy nothing but htc i love there phones love sense only thing i would love to see is something like s voice because Google voice is rubbish
Sean Watson
Sean Watson sense is great. motorola is too boring. samsung is too much like apple, too bubbly.. sense's ui... does make sense.... also again i stress that you guys that are bitching, haven't been stuck using gingerbread, and sense 2.1 for the last 2 years like I have.. I haven't even been UPGRADED to the new versions, and I still support it. OH i for LG. Lg's New UI is better since they did their update a few months ago, but sense is still better than that
Edward Reeder
Edward Reeder Get a better ui leave sense
Sean Watson
Sean Watson You guys are dumb. The dna storage was Verizons decision, not htc. The butterfly has a sd card slot. Verizon told htc they wouldn't carry it unless They made it so Vzw could force people to use the cloud and waste data. And everyone complaining about battery life must not have one, cuz Most of the reviews on Vzw say the battery life is fine, and lasts most people throughout the day, or at Least close to the gs3. Stop spewing rhetoric. You're sounding like all the apple fanboys, who have spit out the same tired crap for years now. Also for the record, I have a thunderbolt, and I love it, and have had it almost 2 full years now. I love htc, and my only concern is if this comes to Vzw or not. If the specs are what the rumors say they are, then this phone is essentially perfect and I'd feel extatic to have it for the next 2 years. Even at off contract prices, whatever thats gonna be
Kamaljeet Singh Otaal
Kamaljeet Singh Otaal They shud invest in a different market...
Tony Bauza
Tony Bauza Every time I bought a HTC Phone I couldn't stand the battery life. Also they always seem to be one step behind in specs.
Julian Scott
Julian Scott I love HTC brand the very first HTC I had was the HTC Touch Pro Windows Mobile 6.1 loved it but now I'm using the HTC evo 3d 4g and love this phone custom roms
Willie Lucero
Willie Lucero Go down the Motorola road and sell the company to Google
Jose Angel Santiago
Jose Angel Santiago Imbedded bateries are ruining their rep. That's why they are losing their customer base to Samsung.
Steve C Trevino
Steve C Trevino Im pretty sure they would have sold more of HTC DNA because the tech savvy that knew about the limited measly 16 gigs on board storage is what kept them from getting it.. I don't know im guessing that could have been over 100,000 more units sold or more plus no micro sd card, that phone was crippled already not to mention a battery that could haven been better looks at GN2 and RazrMaxx.
Dee Nazario
Dee Nazario Put bigger batteries in their phones. Tone down Sense UI and lean towards stock android. Stop releasing "flagship" devices every 3 months. Basically do what Samsung is doing, because whatever they did, judging by their revenue and sales, they must be doing something right.
Anthony Bailey
Anthony Bailey
Noriel Dacer
Noriel Dacer micro sd slot and battery replacable is not HTC's image.so stop asking that.. its not like samsung. availabilty of all carriers might be a big help and a very good avertisement.. that's all.
Mark Fisher Jr.
Mark Fisher Jr. And batterys that last longer.
DeejayNicho Serrano
DeejayNicho Serrano Stop carrier's exclusivity
Mark Fisher Jr.
Mark Fisher Jr. Make they phone last longer than three years without problems.
Anthony Bailey
Anthony Bailey Start making phones that are actually... wait for it: COMPETITIVE!
Aaron Sharrow
Aaron Sharrow When HTC started releasing phones, they hit a home run with the incredible..since then most of their phones have been all Hit or miss that you will get one that works right. Glitchy as hell.. even the New DNA is a miss..while some think is a good size.. its weak battery and one size fits all memory is a bad choice.. What market are they selling this phone to?? Any one out there feel like charging their phone 2 or 3 times a day??I dont.. or wants to walk around with a device so big it doesnt really fit in your pocket??? Answering the question... I say drop their overlay and focus on what makes ppl want a phone..Camera, Battery, keyboard, and form...
Kizito Nestor
Kizito Nestor Why on earth would they release a 5 inch 1080p screen phone and Quad core processors...and they spoil everything by giving it a measly 2100 battery which is not user replaceable...thats what i call being self destructive...#HTC Droid DNA...Great phone...pathetic battery life even with all those Pixels (441)
Tim Warumzer
Tim Warumzer Release the phone with unlocked bootloader and s-off.
Michael Spotts
Michael Spotts Go back to the og evo mindset. Drop the entry level phones and set the standard.
Douglas Prevo
Douglas Prevo Advertising might help...
Eric Magana
Eric Magana Make a decent battery in their phones?
Jaasiel Torres
Jaasiel Torres Spend money
Tukana Delaney
Tukana Delaney Lower the price hahaha
Chris Northcutt
Chris Northcutt Merge with Samsung and create a beast of a Android phone that no one can come close to.
Scott Wesley Mason
Scott Wesley Mason Flagship on all US carriers. MicroSD slot, and actually keep their plan throughout the entire year. Last year, they said they're going to have the One X, One S, and the One V--that's it. Of course, they started to panic again, releasing more versions of the same phone. It was like 2011 all over again.
Marlin Steel Robinson
Marlin Steel Robinson Make a flagship device on ALL carriers.
Alexander Rojas
Alexander Rojas Sell phones on all carriers.
Teejay Crooks
Teejay Crooks Give me a free phone
Alfonso Manuel Avalos
Alfonso Manuel Avalos Stop making phones without SD slots and get rid of sense
Keith UnCool Nicholson
Keith UnCool Nicholson So does apple Joe but apple sells.
Jimmy Reynolds
Jimmy Reynolds Get bought by Apple?
Joe McDonough
Joe McDonough They already Have a bad rep there's like nothing they can do

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