Alright, so there’s a lot of hubbub going on surrounding BlackBerry 10 and the official announcement that came from BlackBerry (not RIM!) today. I’ve been keeping up on the liveblogs and announcements and while most of the info comes as no surprise, I had a few thoughts during the presentation that I thought I would share with you guys regarding my feelings on BlackBerry 10.

Earlier, Taylor asked if BlackBerry 10 is arriving too little too late; in short, the answer is yes. We already know we have more stable platforms that are stomping the competition, but so does BlackBerry. They’re probably not going to start off with much of a bang as a lot of phone users gave up on BlackBerry a long time ago and have moved on to bigger and better things. On the one hand, that can seem crippling to the company. On the other hand, it can also give them a leg up.

Companies that were once on top but became yesterday’s news still hold some ground when it comes to recognition, if nothing else. BlackBerry isn’t some no-name company trying to come out of nowhere and take the throne for the first time. Even people who used to use BlackBerry probably have a special place in their heart for them – I know I do. BlackBerry was once my go-to phone and if they can be innovative once I have faith that they can do it again. Would I consider the Z10 innovative? Not really, but there are some unique features about it that I’m excited to try out in person. It’s one thing to read about how BlackBerry Hub, Flow, and Peek will work, but to actually try it out is what I’ll base my real decision on.

As little attention people might pay to the BlackBerry Q10, I’m glad to see that BlackBerry is still keeping the physical keyboard factor. While for a lot of us the traditional BlackBerry design is outdated and not something we want to go back to, to other people it might be essential that their phone have a physical keyboard. Why should people who want a physical keyboard be punished just because it’s not the cool thing to have anymore? Somebody has to step up to the task, and it looks like BlackBerry will continue to take one for the team.

Presumably the Q10 style device won’t be BlackBerry’s main focus as they shift towards a more modern approach to mobile tech, which brings us to take a look at the Z10. I’m glad that the device isn’t going to be a behemoth of a device as it only has a 4.2 inch screen, but as much as I generally can’t stand giant devices there’s no denying that a larger form factor is what a lot of people prefer. I assume some time in the future BlackBerry will release a phablet (or tablone) of their very own if the platform gains enough popularity. Enough about that, let’s get back to the Z10. While the phone is certainly no powerhouse with a 1.2GHz dual-core processor, the first thing you might think is that BlackBerry is already starting off on the wrong foot by introducing a device with considerably common specs. Personally, I’m okay with this as long as the interface runs smoothly and there isn’t too many hiccups. The specs aren’t too bad and the device is technically HD with a resolution of 768x1280 pixels (356 ppi). While it’s not Full HD, it’s still sharp visibility considering the smaller screen on the device.

I’m trying to give BlackBerry the benefit of the doubt here because I’m interested in seeing where this goes. If they’re willing to put this much effort into getting their company back off the ground then I’m willing to give them the time of day to show me what they’ve got. It’s easy to hold resentment for a company that was so unwilling to keep up with what the rest of the mobile world was doing, but for me it’s better late than never.


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"Can they beat Microsoft's Windows Phone 8 for third place in the mobile OS wars?"

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Sebastian Gomes
Sebastian Gomes Didn't know windows was competing?
Lennes Shaw
Lennes Shaw BB need more apps; however i would like to see you unbox the unit and give it a run through the current OS's are becoming boring, soooo something different would be appreciated. thanks Aaron
F. Jay Ver
F. Jay Ver I think there is room for a number 3 and 4 in the smartphone wars and BB10 and WP8 have the best chance at that spot. I can't even imagine why sailfish, firefox, taizen and umbuntu are entering this late in the game. I think Blackberry will get some early traction since they have good relations with the carriers if the brand isn't too damaged but, I do believe that Windows phone will eventually be bigger. Just like Android they can offer more variety in form factors by serveral manufacturers. Plus Microsoft can play a long game because of thier deep pockets.
Jeff Seaver
Jeff Seaver Both OS are not good enough specially window
Syedul Islam
Syedul Islam is it me or does BB 10 OS seem something of the likes of ginger bread from android.. however the main difference between BB is the fact that you have BB for one and that amazing physical keyboard.. But considering how late they have changed only time will tell if this will save BB from extinction..
Harrison James
Harrison James I believe if they can get some flagship apps to app world then yes. The hardware/software looks great, they just need to rebuild the ecosystem.
Larry Hanks
Larry Hanks I figured windows phone was on its way out. Surprised to see they're still trying
Flako Ramirez
Flako Ramirez Maybe
Dustin T. Robles
Dustin T. Robles No
Brandon Holley
Brandon Holley Lol they will. The os looks more viable than that whole metro clusterfuck that is wp8.
Sylbert Joseph
Sylbert Joseph Newsflash guys, your mobile phone doesn't define you, it only says which brand you prefer, and possibly why. No need to defend your decision on choosing one or the other. With that said, the bb z10 looks good, but I dont see people switching over to get it. If you like bb and you're looking for a more modern upgrade, this would be your choice.
Aaron Sharrow
Aaron Sharrow hard to say.. depends on if they survive.. there is a market for BB.. I think if the new and improved BB is really that!!!! than they have a shot at new market share and holding on to the little they have now..Far as windows goes... they should call it now.. walk away...
Jesse Ling
Jesse Ling Marrion:then clearly you know nothing about either.go back to playing with your cheap little toy your mom n dad bought you that needs 4 task killers/memory cleaners running to keep it from freezing :p
Marrion Bell
Marrion Bell All blackberries are stupid so is Windows Phones
James Matthews
James Matthews No.
David Moreno
David Moreno I think they will, WP8 has been out for sometime now and I've seen maybe 1 person in public w/ a WP8 phone. I still see people using BB devices so if they get support from the app developers it's a done deal. Honestly I may get one... But but won't let go of my note 2 tho lol!
Paul Keefe
Paul Keefe Molopo
Herbert Salamánca Ramos
Herbert Salamánca Ramos No, wp8 & Nokia are one hot couple :D & the 920 is too stylish to be compared to the new bb,
Jesse Ling
Jesse Ling they dont need an droid look,they arent going for number one spot,they just need to unseat windowsphone which honestly isnt hard at all to do.windowsphone is for users who want to try and pass themselves off as business people.BB10 is the real deal.
Marwan Ahmed
Marwan Ahmed i don't think so maybe they r a bit closer to the android look but not like windows phone 8 or iOS so they will not beat WP8 but maybe it will attract back their users who went to windows phone :) but neither than that they won't affect WP8 in any aspect
Gordon Christie
Gordon Christie Ubuntu won't be out for a year and works like a PC with phone capability am waiting to see how good it will be before I but one
Alfonso Manuel Avalos
Alfonso Manuel Avalos Ubuntu *
Alfonso Manuel Avalos
Alfonso Manuel Avalos Its all about unbuntu
Julian Scott
Julian Scott I think windows and rim should combine and make a flagship together there never gonna last on there own just like at&t Cingular came together.
Jesse Ling
Jesse Ling I'm surrounded by imbeciles. >_>
Javier Delgado
Javier Delgado not a single chance.. they released a phone from 2 years ago..to compete with now day machines...not even close to 920 lumia..even the design..its horrible compared to stylish 920.............. nexus 4 owner...
Florens Richter
Florens Richter They might!
Dee Ross
Dee Ross Wow. Less time sounding angry more time building proper sentences Jesse. Anyway, I was interested in the Z10, however it's a bit on the small size for flagship phones and the specs are definitely 2012 not 2013.
Anthony Lasam
Anthony Lasam Intro phones in Jan but not released til Mar = extreme-o-lame-o!
Reese Woodson
Reese Woodson If they can get more apps then WP then yes. WP8 is lacking a lot of popular apps.
Nicholas StylishDemeanor Scafe
Nicholas StylishDemeanor Scafe
Julian Scott
Julian Scott Think about this Android 2.0 was an OK in droid until the updates have been in Gingerbread came out then order Android was absolutely no longer a good phone good hardware whatever would work on regular Android you needed the gingerbread I know you needed ice cream sandwich and now you need jelly beans I'm just saying random you to suck they're good now.
Jesse Ling
Jesse Ling for the fool who thinks theyre trying to compete with android and iOS,look at how they made this OS and how they made every one before it.if they wanted to make another cheap generic knock off like that they clearly would have done it,they didnt spend all this time just for that.moron.this phone line is geared primarily towards business users,kindly pull your head out of your ass before speaking.
Julian Scott
Julian Scott Yes! I've been doin some research on blackberry 10 and honestly I thought there was just noway rim could make a comeback. Then I started googling it YouTube it and I really have to say a lot of the features they change to an added are really quite nice it really made it easy and friendly the user interface is just unbelievable the multitasking is amazing
Dwayne Cubbins Syndos X
Dwayne Cubbins Syndos X Not at all WP8 is way better than BB
Jonaxz Encarnado
Jonaxz Encarnado Absolutely.
Yan Zhenghao
Yan Zhenghao This is like competition with Windows Phone 7.5, Android 2.3
Donnie Ross Oneill
Donnie Ross Oneill I honestly think that the blackbery smartphone is way better then those gay nokia lumina 920's/ windows phones lol
Brandon James
Brandon James Blackberry finally made a phone to compete with the 4s and S2.......O wait! Somethings wrong here! Lmao
Nicholas StylishDemeanor Scafe
Nicholas StylishDemeanor Scafe Nope microsoft it king.go window phone 8 and nokia
Brad Allison
Brad Allison I am going to say no. Microsoft can afford to pay developers to build for their Platform. Unless BB is bought out, they are on the verge of broke.
Wasis Waskito
Wasis Waskito Blackberry salad with Apple, I throw to Windows and stoled by Firefox.
Facebook user
Facebook user Nice!
Jesse Ling
Jesse Ling They already have,Microsoft just hasnt realized it yet.

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