Sony intros 'my Xperia' security service, global launch expected in Q2 2013

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| January 31, 2013

Sony my Xperia security service

There are several services available to smartphone users that are meant to help them locate their handset should it ever somehow become lost, such as Apple's Find My iPhone and BlackBerry's BlackBerry Protect. Today Sony announced the pilot program for its own security offering, dubbed "my Xperia."

The my Xperia service will allow users to connect their device with a website to help in locating a lost Sony smartphone by displaying it on a map. Users can also make the device emit a sound (even if it's set to Silent mode) and if the owner can't find their device, my Xperia can lock the unit's screen, display a message with the owner's contact information or even wipe the phone's internal memory as well as the data stored on its SD card.

While most smartphone owners are rarely without their trusty handset by their side, sometimes an unexpected incident can lead to a device and all of its precious, precious data getting lost or stolen. That's where services like my Xperia come in, giving users a piece of software that's made by the manufacturer and will help reunite them with their beloved little device. Sony says that my Xperia will be launching in phases in the Nordic regions initially, with the Xperia Acro S having the honor of being the first to get the service. A global launch is expected to go down in Q2 2013. How many of you are already signed up for a security service like my Xperia?

Via Sony Mobile Product Blog