T-Mobile prepaid brand GoSmart Mobile said to be set for nationwide launch in February

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| Published: January 31, 2013

GoSmart Mobile T-Mobile prepaid brand

Remember that GoSmart Mobile prepaid brand that T-Mobile said it was testing in some markets? Apparently those tests are going pretty well, as sources have told FierceWireless that T-Mobile is planning a nationwide launch for GoSmart Mobile in February. Those same tipsters claim there's "strong demand" for GoSmart in the markets where testing is underway. T-Mobile opted not to comment on the matter.

GoSmart Mobile is a prepaid operator that runs on T-Mobile's network and offers a $30 unlimited talk and text plan, a $35 unlimited talk, text and 2G data plan, and a $45 plan with unlimited talk, text and data that includes 5GB at 3G speeds, after which a user will be throttled down to 2G speeds. One other detail worth noting is that T-Mobile has said that some of its own plans "may be prioritized" over GoSmart plans when its network is congested. On the hardware side of things, the lone handset offered by GoSmart is the Alcatel OT 838 for $49, though the operator does offer an $8 SIM kit that'll allow customers to bring their own phones onto the service.

While GoSmart's two cheapest plans may not appeal to people that love to gobble down high-speed data, they could be worth looking into for folks that actually use their phone as a phone more than anything else. It's not yet clear exactly when in February GoSmart will be launching or if we'll see an expanded selection of hardware offerings when it does, but with today being the final day of January, we should be hearing more soon. We'll give you a shout once more details surface.

Via FierceWireless