Carbon for Twitter Android app now available for download

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| February 3, 2013

Carbon for Twitter Android app

Today may be a day of football for many, but there's another big event that's gone down today that I'm sure many Android fans are excited about. The new Carbon for Android Twitter app made its way onto Google Play this afternoon, giving users a new way to share their thoughts on the big game or the commercials this evening. The app, developed by dots & lines, is a free download and requires Android 4.0 or higher. Some of the features included are multiple account support, threaded direct messages, filters for things like hashtags and users, a tilting refresh animation and a Holo styling.

Carbon has a long history, hitting webOS and Windows Phone before finally making its way to Google's mobile platform. The Android version has a bit of a story behind it as well, with a long development cycle that included a bit of a delay when the developer found out that it couldn't submit Carbon as a paid app from the United Arab Emirates.

After using the Carbon for Twitter Android app for a few minutes, users will see that it's got some nice visual touches, like the big number of new tweets that pops up when refreshing the timeline as well as some nice transitions when switching between the main timeline, @replies and direct messages. There are a couple of features that appear to be missing for now, such as the lack of push notifications or a dedicated tablet version of the app, but overall this initial release of Carbon for Twitter on Android is pretty nice, especially considering that it costs nothing to download. Carbon for Twitter can be found by hitting up the Google Play link below. If you do decide to download it, don't forget to stop by the comments (or tweet us @PhoneDog) to tell us what you think!

Via DroidDog, Google Play: Carbon for Twitter