Nokia CEO teases that company is looking 'closely' at tablets as PureView Lumia 'EOS' phone rumored again

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| Published: February 4, 2013

Nokia CEO Stephen Elop

Despite the fact that Nokia executives teased nearly a year ago that their company has a new tablet device in the works, the Finnish firm itself has remained fairly quiet lately on the subject of slates. Today the teasing continues, as Nokia CEO Stephen Elop said in an interview with the Australian Financial Review that he and his team are looking at the tablet market "very closely." The exec went on to say that Nokia is looking at Microsoft's new Surface tablets to learn from it and to figure out how and when it'd be best to attack the tablet market.

While Elop explained in this interview that there are benefits to both 7-inch and larger 10-inch tablet sizes, previous rumors have claimed that Nokia is cooking up a 10.1-inch tablet that'll feature a keyboard/kickstand cover that'll also pack a battery inside of it. Unsurprisingly, Nokia's CEO also hinted that any tablet that his company creates would likely run Windows, and rumors surrounding the upcoming tablet claim that it'll run the RT flavor of Windows. It's been said that Nokia could finally unveil its new tablet device at Mobile World Congress later this month.

This upcoming tablet isn't the only rumored Nokia device that's making news this morning, as The Guardian claims that Nokia is prepping a Windows Phone-based Lumia handset with a PureView sensor similar to the 41-megapixel one found in the 808 PureView. This device, codenamed "EOS," was the subject of a rumor last month that included similar information and also claimed that the phone will launch on AT&T with an aluminum body. Today's report from The Guardian claims that the EOS will be released this summer.

As we noted before, Nokia has already used the PureView branding on the camera found on the Lumia 920. However, that camera sensor was of the 8.7-megapixel variety, which obviously isn't quite near the 41-megapixel sensor found in the Symbian-powered 808 PureView. That move disappointed some folks that were hoping to see the 808 PureView's beefy sensor make the jump to Windows Phone. It looks like their wish may soon be granted, though, and now that we're nearly a year out from the 808 PureView and its large hump that was the result of the 41-megapixel sensor, it'll be interesting to see how Nokia designs a newer smartphone with a similar sensor. Does the prospect of a "true" PureView Lumia phone pique your interest at all?

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