If you were one of the 108 million couch potatoes this past Sunday night watching Super Bowl XLVII, you probably remember at least one of the following: a whole lot of Dorito's, an uninterrupted 34-minute blackout, and a ferocious halftime performance by Beyonce's thighs. Somewhere in the mix was a nail-biting football game, too. And between the cars and Clydesdales were a few commercials thrown in just for you, Dear Reader.

The black fruit company and Mr. Sung's empire were the only two players to show their faces in between shots of the Superdome. Apple and Microsoft did not advertise their operating systems which was clearly a missed opportunity. Overall, BlackBerry and Samsung's spots were valiant efforts to grab our attention. But if you expected to see some devices in action you were probably caught by surprise.  In fact, they were more demonstrations of how important marketing really is. Oh, and we also found out that some cameos and CGI can never hurt.

BlackBerry's - What BlackBerry 10 CAN'T Do

Watch the commercial here.

BlackBerry gave CBS their shiniest $3.8 million coin in exchange for a 30-second spot and I was surprised by their show. Why would BlackBerry and their marketing team play this one so close to the chest? They bet a whole lot on their new identity and assumed we remembered they made phones. And an operating system. If you ask me, I'd say it was probably a missed opportunity to show us some true differences between the Z10 and its competition.

BlackBerry took a few things for granted Sunday night. The first assumption was that we knew they were still around. Despite their recent 15% surge in market share value, BlackBerry assumed we remembered them. It might sound simple but it's not when you've been on sick-leave from the mobile market for years. As a company that has taken a beating from consumers and gadgeteers alike, BlackBerry should have thought more about what they needed to do instead of what BB10 can't do.

The second assumption was that we would understand the new and improved, edgy-feel of BlackBerry 10. There were a few glimpses of the guy flicking through BB10, but for the most part, it was hard to tell what the device was and why we should care about this particular handset. Did the commercial make sense? Yes and no, but more of the second. I think it will end up being fuel for the fire of the doubters. Of course you could argue that BlackBerry didn't have much momentum to begin with and that any publicity is good publicity. But let's face it, they're the undisputed underdog with little momentum in the first place. Why risk it?

After being out of the spotlight for the better part of three years, BlackBerry figured it made more sense to ignite an actor, give him elephant legs, disappear him, and let him explode a semi truck into a million rubber duckies. It was some cool CGI but the uninformed viewer still doesn't know what BB10 can do.

Samsung Mobile USA's - The Next Big Thing

Watch the commercial here.

Buried deep between Destiny's Child, a sneaky scorpion, and the classy, new CLA from Mercedes was Samsung's 2-minute pitch.

Samsung took a similar approach to BlackBerry. They relied on the fact that we already knew their products and that we were interested. But in this case, it clearly played to Samsung's favor. Odenkirk was spot-on as the sleazy businessman looking to score some fashionable TV-time with the likes of Paul Rudd, Seth Rogen, and LeBron James.

But a girl I know very well simply didn't like the commercial. "It wasn't funny." Sure, dear. Anyway, I watched it again and I found the problem; it was too long. I hope CBS gave Samsung a nice discount because if my calculations are correct, Samsung bet $15.2 million that we would understand their "commercial within a commercial" concept. It's the oldest trick in the book…and now the most expensive one, too. Was it worth it? Yes, because it was funny.


Paul Rudd: "Are you sure you aren't here to see a guy named Sam Sung?"

Seth Rogen: "I would wear a diaper for Samsung."

LeBron James: "I can do a cameo on a tablet or something."

It was all so ironic and outrageous that it was hard to resist. Did it make sense as a commercial for the Galaxy line though? I don't think so. We only saw the Galaxy Note II and a glimpse of the Galaxy Note 10.1. I would have liked to see more. Then again, I'm talking about the commercial favorably so maybe it worked.

But what say you, mon? I want to know which commercial you liked! Was there a clear winner between BlackBerry and Samsung? Do you think BlackBerry is off to a good start with their first official commercial in The States? Let me know what you think in the comments below! 


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"Which Super Bowl smartphone commercial won, BlackBerry or Samsung's?"

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Jeff Seaver No One
Christopher Manic Johnson Samsung, no doubt. I liked BlackBerry's, but Samsung's was just too comical. BlackBerry's commercial didn't really make that much sense, but it was pretty creative, I liked the whole imagery...
Jaasiel Torres is that even a questions its Samsung Mobile USA they killed: t
Tyler Hell Samsung Mobile USA
John McCullough Wait, Blackberry had a commercial?
Sylbert Joseph I had no idea that blackberry even had a commercial..
Naveen Bhatia What is blackberry??? ;)
Grant Young Samsung
Carmen Fantasia www.rgjxz.gomakemoney55.info/rxwopzkv.hzpiaxd
Hilary Asher I really was disappointed .. I totally want BB to come back. That said, their commercial SUCKED.
Justin Cartier Samsung, BlackBerry sucks
Steve Johns Nikolas manuelides 1. he won the championship way before he signed with samsung. 2. He could be taking a picture for a team mate.
Steve Johns Samsung
Julian Scott They both were really good...
Ezekiel Carsella samsung definetly!!
Natalie Baker ??? Blackberry had a superbowl commercial. Musta been during the blackout. Samsung rules
Les Siewert when you set the bar so low, how can either one be declared a "winner" ?
Angel Hernandez Samsung, it was hellla funny lol.
Michael Shaw BB was better
Gregory Mckenzie stranded on a island and a BlackBerry was the only phone I have, I'm good as dead!!! . the island is "Manhattan"
Damon Michener I found the Samsung commercial a bit of a letdown - especially after their YouTube teaser, which I actually found funnier. With that in mind, both ads were poorly executed, in my opinion. Samsung wins by default, as such, as they can afford to put out a disappointing ad more than Blackberry, at this point in time.
Kimberly Smith Perrye Samsung. Btw I was in the Apple Store and the Genius Bar staff freaked out over my Galaxy Note II - started passing it around, oh-ing and ah-ing over it...HAHAHA Yes!!
Allan Anaya Blackberry
Christopher Wesley Nikolas, that photo of Lebron was before his deal with Samsung Mobile USA. Point not taken sir. I had a one x too before my S3. Lol says much about HTCrap. BlackBerry commercial didnt make any sense.
Santiago Alexander Cruz Samsung Mobile USA!
Nikolas Manuelides Lebron owns a HTC One X http://www.google.com.ar/imgres?hl=es&sa=X&tbo=d&biw=1454&bih=739&tbm=isch&tbnid=FvnLzM0mDVscSM:&imgrefurl=http://www.eprice.com.tw/mobile/talk/4542/4786308/1/&docid=XS6PFDtVO9zTsM&imgurl=http://timg.eprice.com.tw/tw/mobile/img/2012-06/28/4786308/hulkbb95_1_HTC-_715644a21689421e04c676f6ad93a0ee.jpg&w=640&h=317&ei=BVsRUcS6NYrK0wHYtIHgAQ&zoom=1&ved=1t:3588,r:2,s:0,i:85&iact=rc&dur=1987&sig=117234889875164247431&page=1&tbnh=159&tbnw=307&start=0&ndsp=17&tx=264&ty=51
Christopher Michael Hottenstein Is that a serious question?
Charles Datdude Knight Leon Sandcastle was the best!!!
Royce Dessaure Samsung!
Dee Moe Samsung
Jessica Wiseman Blackberry
Dennis Heggenstaller samsung wins like there was any competition
Gary Bowling BlackBerry can only succeed if they start making Androids.
Vicente Reyes But the best super bowl commercial goes to the dodge ram
Vicente Reyes Blackberry
Alberto Garcia Flores Samsung commercial was the best one commercial of the super bowl
Joseph Tabuteau Blackberry commercial made no sense at all....so Samsung wins
LaToya's Page Hands Down SAMSUNG I Mean Is That Even A Real Question Lol
Dylan Velasco blackberry needs to give up. i liked their commercial though
Luis Enrique Baquerizo Samsung add is hilarious
Steven Basso What's a blackberry?

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