LG teases 'breakthrough' MWC 2013 announcement as 5.5-inch version of Optimus G Pro purportedly leaks

Alex Wagner
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| February 7, 2013

LG MWC 2013 video teaser

Apparently yesterday's mobile tease isn't the only one that LG had up its sleeve. The manufacturer recently posted a brief teaser video to its official YouTube page, promising that "breakthrough will be made at MWC 2013." There's not a ton of hard information to be found in the clip, which mostly just shows a bunch of words like "premium," "speedy," "powerful," "innovative" and "unique" being thrown at the viewer in rapid succession. Considering that this is just meant to be a taste of things to come, though, the lack of any real meat isn't a total surprise.

Today's video teaser follows an image that LG Mobile posted to its official Facebook page yesterday. In it, the company promised that a "new series will be unveiled" and that its upcoming surprise has "an unexpected distinction." There was no mention of exactly when LG actually plans to show this new series off, but with MWC kicking off at the end of the month, that show seems like a fitting place for a firm to show off a big new product or two. A recent leak gave us a look at a device referred to as the Optimus L7 II Dual, which appears to be a follow-up to the original Optimus L7 that debuted at MWC 2012, so a new line of Optimus L-Series handsets could be one of the things that LG is planning to show in Barcelona later this month.

Keeping up with the LG Optimus news, a pair of images that claim to show a new version of the Optimus G Pro have made their way online this morning. The shots, posted by PhoneArena and available at the bottom of this post, show a white handset that looks somewhat similar to the Optimus G Pro that was announced for Japanese carrier NTT DoCoMo last month. There's a pair of capacitive navigation keys on either side of a slim physical home button, a thin earpiece and a front-facing camera.

An accompanying spec sheet suggests that this Optimus G Pro has a couple of notable differences from its Japanese counterpart, like a 5.5-inch 1920x1080 display that's larger than the 5-inch 1920x1080 screen found on the Japanese G Pro. There's also said to be a larger battery (3,140mAh), 2GB RAM, 32GB storage and a 1.7GHz quad-core processor inside the new G Pro.

This leaked spec sheet is said to have come from Korean operator LG U+, suggesting that LG may have opted to prep a larger version of the Optimus G Pro for the carrier in its native South Korea. Obviously this 5.5-inch Optimus G Pro is still very much unofficial at this point, but with other Android manufacturers going larger and larger as of late, it wouldn't be a surprise if LG decided to throw its own hat into the giganto-phone ring with a 5.5-inch handset. Of the two Optimus G Pro screen sizes, which would you rather have on a smartphone: 5-inch or 5.5-inch?

LG Optimus G Pro 5.5-inch leak

Via Android Central, YouTube, PhoneArena

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