Accessories for our phone are wonderful. Cases, screen protectors, and skins are all great ways to visually show the world a little bit of our personality – not to mention it also helps that they help prevent our phones from being as fragile as newborns. When it comes to accessorizing, are you the type of person that buys one and that’s that, or do you like to change it up every so often?

I have an issue with buying cases. There are so many designs and colors to choose from that fit my personality that I can’t stop at just one. Actually, I think I’ve bought so many colors and designs that I’ve just given up on trying altogether – I currently just have a simple black Otterbox that I ordered the other day. I’ve actually grown tired of buying cases and retiring them a week later. This Otterbox is protective and matches the rest of my phone, and you can’t really go wrong with black so I think unless this case (or my phone) manages to break I’ll probably end up sticking with this until it’s time to upgrade.

I’ve never been a big fan of skins simply because there’s not a huge protective value to using them. While they’re somewhat protective from scratches on the housing of your phone, really they’re only there for looks. This works for people who either don’t like cases because they’re too bulky or for people who have already durable phones. Honestly, if my phone wasn’t so breakable I’d much rather get a skin than a phone. If I could use my phone without the bulk of a case I would.

Screen protectors are probably the easiest component of my phone as I don’t usually change them out until they get gross or scratched up. My Zagg shield seemed to last the longest but the feel of it wasn’t my favorite. I much prefer screen protectors with matte finish, probably because of how smooth it feels to the touch. Gestures are much smoother and much more responsive since replacing my Zagg shield with a matte screen protector.

If I could stand having a holster case on my belt loop, I’d probably opt to having one of those too. I’m actually being very high-risk for my phone to break by constantly putting my phone in my back pocket. Even when I have my purse or other means of carrying my phone around, it always ends up in my back pocket habitually. When I got one of my first BlackBerry devices I purchased a holster with the intention of using it, but for me it just got in the way more than being useful item. I gave my holster away after a week and just decided to use my pocket instead, but I do find holsters to be a really great option for easy access to your phone.

I’m kind of hoping that Nokia’s method of releasing templates so users can create their own cases for their Lumia catches on. Although I don’t have a 3D printer yet, I imagine someday I will and it would be awesome if I could just create my own cases at will. If other companies picked that up (and assuming the mechanics improve – as it turns out the idea is not foolproof and does have its inconsistencies) then I could indulge on my serial casing problem whenever I wanted!

Readers, how often do you switch out your casing and other accessories? Do you like to just purchase one until it’s worn out or are you as whimsical about it as I am?


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Chelsea Holloway I am. Ebay is my friend.
Justin Alan Smith Jut headphones. For protection it's called a pocket.
David Piepho Otterbox case, headphones, wall and car chargers,wireless speaker for music.
Jude Fils-Aime i don't just need a case and my charger
Michael Katz I change my case daily.
Mark Belkowski just a case and a screen protector.
Kevin Joel Never.
Virg Prekazis Very often! Especially iPhone cases. It's an addiction.
Yasir Sohail Yes, but i srsly gotta stop it now. Lol its getting very expensive.
Jeff Cross Got one case, it's black so it goes with everything
Christopher Flanagan I have at least 8 cases for my iPhone. I buy new ones all the time. xD
Jose Sut Almost evry two months.
Shewhomustnotbe Named Keei it smart.Keep it simple
Mindy Kuskin Prestigiacomo I change the case on my note 2 to match my outfit!!
Pat Kerby If your phone even comes with them! Droid DNA has no good accessories yet!!! I have been trying to get u guys to help push them to make real true to phone accessories please!!!@
Hanamichi Kurotsuchi I don't have any
Vicente Reyes Just headphones here, sometimes the HDMI, not much else

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