After looking over my bill today, I noticed a few of things. First of all, the amount of texts that are sent and received from my phone are just ridiculous. Second of all, my data usage isn’t nearly as much as it ought to be, but that’s because I’m almost constantly connected to Wi-Fi. The last thing I noticed is that the minute usage on my phone hardly makes a dent in the nearly unlimited usage I have available to me. I decided to check back on previous months as well and it always seems to stay around 60-75 minutes of usage – and that’s including mobile-to-mobile.

The generation I grew up in learned that “texting was better” simply because you can multitask while doing it. While a lot of us still do use the basic function that a phone was meant to do, I know a lot of us who would prefer to text over an actual phone call, generally speaking. Yet when I see most plans that include data, a large or unlimited amounts of minutes is included in that plan. But what’s the use of paying for something if you’re not going to use it?

I’ve been paying for unlimited for quite a few years now, and I don’t even know the last time I spoke to somebody for more than an hour over the phone. Most of my interactions happen through text or face-to-face. I’m not saying that companies should nix the plans they currently offer; having unlimited mobile-to-mobile is a great thing if you are the type of person who talks on the phone a lot. But for people like me who prefer to communicate via texting, perhaps cutting down the minutes is a good way to help cut down the bill a little.

It’s not only texters that would benefit from a lower minute plan, though. Those who have found alternative methods to traditional phone calls using their data plan would benefit from it too. I would much rather switch to Google Talk, Skype or another 3rd party calling app if it meant I could decrease the cost of my bill. Of course, this would probably only work best with those who are either constantly around Wi-Fi or those who have unlimited data plans. I’m not sure exactly how much data a phone call would use, but I imagine if you were to use a data call often it could add up pretty quickly and might create a larger bill rather than a smaller one.

This is an idea that will probably not happen for a long time, though. The fact of the matter is, companies get to sucker us in with things we don’t need. People who want data but don’t text are forced to pay for texting, people who want data but minimal minutes are offered some of the highest minute plans the company has to offer; plans without data offer limited accessibility to both. It’s seems like an all-or-nothing sort of plan with these companies, and as unfair as it seems that’s just the way it is and it will probably stay that way for a while.

Readers, what do you think about your plan? Are there features that you don’t use that you wish you could pay less to get rid of? Are you happy with your plan and its price? Let me know your thoughts in the comments!

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"Are minutes even a thing anymore?"

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Marrion Bell
David DiPilla
David DiPilla Most plains are unlimited now
Mark Fisher Jr.
Mark Fisher Jr. What the hell for? That's hella dumb.
Eric Quach
Eric Quach At least for me 500 minutes works. I've never gotten near the 1,000 minute mark.
Troy Stclair
Troy Stclair No. Minutes are not a thing. That's what they keep trying to sell me on for the mobile share carp on at&t. It turns out to be the same as I'm paying for 2gb. Less data but I get unlimited minutes. I don't WANT unlimited minutes. We want unlimited DATA.
Blake Salsgiver
Blake Salsgiver I actually use my phone for what it was made for. Making phone calls!
John Smith
John Smith I have unlimited data and text from sprint. I never go past my 1500 minute family plan of minutes. The most important used was 200!
Josh Richardson
Josh Richardson Minutes are important to me, just last month, I used 1,196 minutes, 28GB of data, but only used 362 texts.. Instant messaging is taking over the need for texts...
Austin Abdc
Austin Abdc AT&T does free cell to cell, so all is good.
Marv Cabatic
Marv Cabatic I need 'talk time', because calls still gotta be made.... especially for my job!
Michael Kergosien Jr
Michael Kergosien Jr Haha no
Rustle See
Rustle See I have used about 10 minutes a month for a very long time. Mostly to clear my voicemail.
Kenneth Li
Kenneth Li what a stupid article! Carriers want you to go over your data, so they get more of your money!
William Smith
William Smith my wife still talks a lot! :)
Nelson Nieves
Nelson Nieves I have a 1500 Anytime minutes plan with Sprint and the only person I talk to is my wife and rarely anyone else... So my minutes go to waste because I also have unlimited mobile to mobile... Give me less minutes and allow me to bring my bill down some!!!
Guillermo De León
Guillermo De León I rarely make calls. I also don't receive many calls. I hate talking on the phone.
Gordon Christie
Gordon Christie I hardly use double figures of mine unlimited texts is what I use
John Smith
John Smith Yes, yes, yes! I've been saying this for years. I'd love a 100 minutes or less plan or even pay-as-you-go minutes. I'm tired of paying $40/month for minutes I barely use. I used 83 minutes last month and most of those were 1 minute calls I didn't answer (personally I think we shouldn't be billed for calls we don't answer). I have unlimited data and then the lowest text plan they still offer which is 1,000 for $10. I wouldn't object to lowering that to say 500 or so as well. But they won't let us do any of this because they know we want the data and thus screw us over by making us pay extra for stuff we don't want. This is why Verizon and the like came up with the shared plans. It's stupid and serves to benefit only the carrier. I realize they're a business and need to stay in business, but they don't need to rip us off like this. Looking forward to when my contract expires next year, tired of this BS.
Theresa Matthiesen
Theresa Matthiesen I actually switched yo page plus cellular. They take all the Verizon 3g phones, (except iPhones but you might be able to have those flashed through Beige cellular? I Forget the exact name) And they're waaayyy cheaper. But yes, I get unl. text/talk for hubby & 2 gigs data for $55, I hardly talk on the phone & am on Wi-Fi 95% of the time so I got the 1200 talk, 3000 text & 250 megs data for $30, my son is on their 250 talk/text each for $12 but w/ a smart phone so he can use a text app to text his friends all day long. And my other son I buy a $10 card for. He's got a smart phone but hardly uses it, so it lasts him forever. I pay $107 a month. I ? it!!
Michael Garrett
Michael Garrett Yes, because I don't have a home phone so I need minutes...
Christopher Gronde
Christopher Gronde ps...that's 650 shared over three phones
Jesus E. Garcia
Jesus E. Garcia And text uuffff i can easily hit 300-500 a day... Yes i basically live on my smartphone
Christopher Gronde
Christopher Gronde I have a 650 minute plan from Tmobile with free mobile to mobile...I haven't gone over my minutes in 7 years
Fundador Lopez
Fundador Lopez Forget the minutes give me more gigabytes
Jesus E. Garcia
Jesus E. Garcia Companies ATT SRPINT & VERIZON still have them but ppl rarely ever get them this days... I know i cant have one of those cuz i use a lot more than 1000 in a single week
David Hansen
David Hansen Average 500 anytime minus and several thousand Mobil minutes per month. Texting always around 300 a month. My wife hits 8000.
Derek Simmerman
Derek Simmerman Data is where we need a deal.
Steve Bachman
Steve Bachman Some of us actually like the human interaction of "speaking" to another person. What a novel concept!
Clint Gamache
Clint Gamache I just switched to T-Mobile and the guy tried to put me on their 1000 minute plan. Right below that was a 500 minute plan. I said I don't need no 1000 minutes. Oo
Adam Jermain
Adam Jermain I almost went over my limit this month due to work-related conference calls taken from home. There are still plenty of people who see the value of an actual conversation vs. a glorified instant message chat session.
Justin White
Justin White nope! with free mobile to mobile it's not. i know me i use like maybe 30 min a month. i mainly text and if i do talk on the phone it's mobile to mobile so it doesn't use minutes
Andrew Lai
Andrew Lai Should have custom plans. Let you pick and choose everything you want... I can do without conference calling, would rather caller ID...
Christopher Williams
Christopher Williams No one calls anymore unless it's really important. We usually just text otherwise.
Manpreet Garcha
Manpreet Garcha love gadgets and mobiles? ...wana gain some info abt gadgets?......r u damn freaky about the tech? here's new tech page and site http://www.facebook.com/pages/Mobofreaks/458612497534520?ref=hl lyk for ol new updates...visit www.mobofreaks.com
Danielle Kizziar
Danielle Kizziar I haven't thought about minuntes in like 7 years.

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