Vertu Ti official

Good news this morning for anyone with an extra $10,000 to spend on a new smartphone, as luxury phone brand Vertu has officially introduced its new Android-powered handset. Dubbed the Vertu Ti, this Android 4.0 device is launching this month with a price tag that starts out at $9,600 for the Titanium Black Leather model. Anyone that feels a bit more spendy can step up to a Titanium Pure Black model for $11,500, a Titanium Black Alligator unit for $12,800 or a Titanium Black PVD Red Gold Mixed Metals variant that carries a price tag of $19,900. 

So what will all that hard-earned cash get you? Well, Vertu says that each Ti is handmade in England and that the device is made of grade 5 titanium materials for a strong, low weight body. The Ti also comes with services like Vertu Life for personalized information and benefits, Vertu Concierge for assistance with things like obtaining gifts and access to events and Vertu Certainty for data protection and customer service, all of which can be accessed using the Ti's dedicated Vertu button. The raw specs found on the Vertu Ti are as follows:

  • 3.7-inch 800x480 sapphire crystal display
  • 1.7GHz dual-core Snapdragon S4 processor
  • 8-megapixel rear, 1.3-megapixel front cameras
  • 64GB storage, microSD slot
  • GSM 850/900/1800/1900MHz, WCDMA bands I, II, IV, V, VIII DC-HSPA+ support
  • NFC
  • Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich

While those specs may not blow your hair back with power, that's not really what Vertu is going for with the Ti, with Vertu design head Hutch Hutchinson telling the BBC that the device is "about relevant technology and craftsmanship" because "it's not a disposable product." Many folks that buy Vertu devices are likely lured in by the feeling of exclusivity, as well.  My only question: Will a buyer's $9,600 (or more) also earn them an update to Jelly Bean? Guess we'll just have to wait and see. A promo video for the Vertu Ti can be found below.

Via Engadget, BBC, Vertu

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"A $10,000 phone. Seriously?"

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Josef Ruiz Look like an old Briefcase.. Talent Trust - Offshore with a difference
Prakhar Agarwal not worth the price!
Shawn Sedha It's only expensive for looks but it sucks ass
Lawrence Lepes Anyone who buys that phone is stupid!
James Norwood This doesn't compare to the stupidly priced $1.000.000+ diamond incrusted Iphone.
Ta??s?? ???µp?????? you can sell the phone and make alot of money for the raw material... also it comes with vip consierge to get you into good clubs
Ta??s?? ???µp?????? if u dont all realize it is made with rubys and sapphires and not small pieces either.. thats why its 10k because it has more precious stones than people have in their house
SalmanNaseer If I was millionaire, I would gladly buy it. It's a beautiful piece of craftsmanship.
Rudy Don 8-megapixel rear, 1.3-megapixel front cameras.... for the price of nearly 10 grand????? NEXT!!!!!!
Christian Jordan Oh nice Nokia makes android phones now.
Peter Nicholas Bravato So, when's the review coming Aaron?
Rumle Borgmann looks exclusive
Freddy Reyes It better do some 007 stuff if you know what I mean..
Peggy Coe Brooks This think looks like a modified old Blackberry Pearl. The Pearl was more attractive though.
Karla Agno i'm not surprised. they've always made the most expensive phones. it's a luxury:)
Jessica Wiseman They've gotta be out of their mind. I'm sure someone's gonna buy it.
Jeff Smith Lol, "It's not a disposable product." Ha ha ha really? If it's a smartphone, or any sort of computer-based product...it's disposable!
Yasir Sohail someone just had to make an expensive ass phone to make the rich people feel even better about them selves. but the sad part is that its launching with a 2 year old software.
Gary Bowling And its got ICS!!! WHY????
Mark Schroeder Technically it can make you a sandwich. It's main feature is its concierge service.
Dalat Phon Unless it can make me a sandwich, I'll pass.
Ricky Hodges That is so pointless. Waste of money.
Donnie Ross Oneill thats fuckin gay!!!!!!
Bruce Wilbanks Read the article, saw the video, and I'm still laughing at such an awful waste of money.
Steven Basso thats cheap for vertu they have ones that are 100,000
Chris Roberts Not a damn thing lol
Kendall Portee I hope this phone can wipe my ass
Teddy Perez Does it come attached with a car?
Danny Blau for a luxury phone...thing looks awfully dated. all of their phones do in fact.
Dayo S. Apata and i taught blackberry porsche was too much, this people are crazy .
Lavonte Dread Head Hamilton No matter how much i love phones never spending that much they geekin
Rawlston Shamik It's not about the phone its the benefits of owning one ;)
Jane Johns Really? HUH? And it will be outdated in a year...why bother?
AllanToss Van Persie what can this phone do, that my Galaxy s3 cannot do?
Mike Holodenko 10K price tag is a budget buy for Vertu.
Steve Williams does it s ur d? awww i was beat to it
Mark Schroeder Someone who could afford a fleet of million dollar cars could afford a $10,000 phone
Phil Ofthefuture That's an ugly ass phone to be $10,000. I wouldn't even pay $100.
Rani Hinnawi With Android 4.0? C'mon...
Traci Boggan Lawrence Who in their right would pay over 10000 dollars for a phone.
Robert Wellington Clubine III http://www.vertu.com/en/collections.aspx
Kim Caraballo This is just crazy! Who would shell out that kind of money for something that is constantly being upgraded, improved and rehashed?
Fabian Toti I am sure some rich millionaire or billionaire will definitely buy that just to show off
Marti Ruiz shut up and take my money
Robert Wellington Clubine III This a high end mobile that is for an exclusive market, the rich one. Stop complaining because you cannot buy one.
Hendrick Equis M y are all the super expensive phone ugly?
Jeremy Gross no jelly bean...forget it lol
Angel Polaco Useless.
Aleksandar Stoichkov Nokia 8910i!
Sean Jensen just bought 5.
Jim Messerfish For that kind of money I'd just buy 3 iPhone 5's.
Christopher Gronde This price tag tactic only works with Apple users
Virg Prekazis Rubbish.
Jace Bongailas Ugly design..
K.j. Littlejohn this phone better be able to suck my DICK!!!!
Michael Ly Nguyen If thats the price for ICS, i say it will be triple of that value for JellyBean
Georgios Renieris looks worthless
Justin White uhhhhhhhh yeah no!

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