It’s been a little while since we’ve heard any big news from our friends over at HP. The last big thing we knew was that HP was going to release an open-sourced version of webOS. Of course, we shouldn’t really expect to hear any big news since HP abandoned its own platform back in 2011. However, recent news has surfaced that HP actually plans to start creating tablets that run on Android, and may even create smartphones in the future running on the Google platform.

I think they need to keep their focus where they already started - Windows 8.

webOS was an underdog. Actually, HP as a whole was an underdog in the mobile world. They didn’t make terribly good sales and they didn’t have a huge following. Nonetheless, I thought the platform was still at least worth something. I used webOS on my Palm Pixi and I was lucky enough to purchase a TouchPad from the flash sale they had once they officially announced the end of webOS. I was looking forward to the Pre 3, but was sad to see that it never launched here in the United States.

As a company that withdrew itself from the mobile industry and now trying to finagle their way back in, I’m afraid they’re going to get lost in a sea of Androids. I mean, there are a lot of Androids out there already, and it’s easy for names to get lost in there. I understand that you really only have two choices seeing as both BlackBerry and Apple manufacture their own devices, but going straight for Android just seems like a bad idea to me. The Windows platform offers a lot more opportunity for HP, seeing as most people only have one company to associate with the platform when it comes to phones – Nokia.

I suppose both platforms have their risks. If you go with Android you risk being lost in a sea of competitive manufacturers, and if you stick with Windows you risk not being “at the top” – at least for a while. But it would take a lot of magic and convincing to get the company to top companies like Samsung or Apple as well.

Do you know what would help them succeed? A dual-boot.

If they created a device with Windows 8 or Windows Phone 8 and offered a dual-boot it would give them an advantage. Those who miss their webOS devices but want a platform that actually gets updates and gets paid attention to then this device would be perfect. I mean, it would be perfect for me, at least.

This idea is pretty far-fetched, and maybe it’s just something I want to see because I’m almost positive I will be getting a Windows Phone for my next upgrade and if I could get a phone that runs both Windows Phone 8 and webOS I’d snatch it up in a heartbeat; nothing wrong with a little nostalgia now and then. I’m sure HP knows which strategy is best and in reality they probably do have a better chance of succeeding by running Android (dual-boot with Android, maybe?) than Windows 8 but I have this thing were I like to see the underdog blind side the competition and just come up from nowhere to take the grand prize!

What about you, readers? Would you be interested in any of HP’s future mobile products, despite what platform they’re running? Would you prefer it if they offered a dual-boot or would you rather they just leave it out completely? Let me know your thoughts in the comments!


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"Do you think HP can succeed making Android tablets and phones? Would they be better off sticking with Windows 8 products? "

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Dave Yaeck I don't know why HP would even think about an android tablet. They have no android devices. They need to stay focused on a really killer W8 Hybrid.
Jose Calderon PHONEDOG, I find your questions to your readers ridiculous. How the hell are they to know if "HP can succeed making Android tablets and phones?" WTF do you think they all work for HP or something? Please replace your biased social network administrator!! He is obviously an Android extremest.
Larry Waters When Apple starts putting out Android iPads (or aPads) to win back market share, then its time to reconsider. Until then either stick with Win 8 or don't get back into the table business, period. You have absolutely no chance of standing out with an Android tablet. Stay the course with Win 8 and don't repeat the opportunity you blew with WebOS.
Kenneth Li goes where the money is! I played windows phone at att store, boring.
Jeff Seaver Too many making Android phone no need another one make same thing
Gary Hager They and everyone else should drop windows 8. NOT a work station.
William Smith anybody can make an android product! That's why Google making so much money!
William Hall Should never dropped awebos
Jourdan Fletcher Its funny everyone wants HP to go back to webos knowing its a dead OS and HP can't make any money off of it. There are no developers for it and no support for it. I love webos on my touchpad but the lack of apps keeps me on android
Paul Battle Palm Pixi Plus owner. Awesome textile feedback for sure.
Paul Battle Stick with webOS with top notch hardware. I'd buy that if it were in existence.
Michelle Womble Wow knocking Android much. Maybe it's because I buy the highest end devices equipped with tons of memory & super quad core processors that Android has never been buggy. Or maybe Android just simply kicks ass. & no, as someone said earlier, I am not drunk. If I were drunk I would have followed the sheep to the Apple store or bought a Windows Phone. I was die hard WinMo forever, but ROM'd it to be right. What they've got now is horrible. But, some will like it. Old people, people who need minimalistic because they can't handle more so they get a locked down limited feature device. Or like iPhones, the smartphone for dumb people, it's so basic it's impossible to get confused, as it doesn't let you do but so much. Anyway, I used to love HP, but would be too skeptical to buy Android device from them. They'd have to prove themselves & really be cutting edge to win me back. Just don't see it happening.
Devin Tolliver webOS all day
Cody Wolf Penis
Gary Brown They need to go back to webOS.
Abram Wenevermet Dennis Of course.. as long as its running buggy Android the robots will line up for it.
Leo Baxter Sure they should. Just ask any Palm Pre or Touchpad owner.
Anonymous The Android phone market is clogged and dominated by Samsung. They would have a much better chance focussing their resources on Windows Phone.
Karl Funk I think they would do great,and I think android is alot better than win 8
Jamil Cooper I don't trust hp and andriod stick to 8. They can't mess that up.
Larry L Roe yes there a computer company

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