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After HP had a bit of a fire sale with its webOS-based TouchPad tablet last year, many folks snapped the device up in the hopes of loading up Android on the device, like the Cyanogenmod port that's currently available. However, new reports claim that HP is currently busy crafting an actual Android tablet of its own that could be announced soon.

Two sources speaking to ReadWrite claim that HP's Android tablet has been in the works since before last Thanksgiving and that the device will be powered by NVIDIA's quad-core Tegra 4 processor. The Verge has since chimed in on the report, saying that it's own tipster has confirmed that an HP Android tablet is coming, but that the details of the device are not yet concrete.

We haven't heard much about HP's mobile plans since it announced that it would be open-sourcing webOS. Creating an Android-powered tablet could be a good way to help HP to get its name back out in the mobile world, as Android is already a widely-used, established mobile OS and tablets are continuing to grow in popularity.

Considering HP's previous products and its recent silence in the mobile space, it'll definitely be interesting to see what kind of Android tablet that HP is putting together and how the company plans to attack the likes of the iPad and Samsung's Galaxy lineup, which are the two big names in the tablet market right now. If the device is indeed announced soon, it could be one of the first products to market with a Tegra 4 processor, which would likely help it to gain some attention from consumers.

Along with this tablet, ReadWrite claims that HP is "exploring" the possibility of releasing an Android-powered smartphone. HP CEO Meg Whitman recently said late in 2012 that we shouldn't expect any new smartphones from her company in 2013, and while it's not clear if the company actually plans on sticking by that statement, I wouldn't be surprised if HP tried to get a smartphone out quickly if its tablet did well enough. How many of you would be interested in an HP-made Android tablet or smartphone?

Via ReadWrite, The Verge

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"HP is reportedly working on an Android tablet, and it may be considering an Android smartphone phone as well. Would you buy a new Android device from HP? "

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Thomas A. Kautz I wouldn't buy a thing from hp, you are lucky if a laptop from hp lasts 2 to 3 years without going out!
George Millhouse wow they dont even support windows lol...lack of sales scare them? lol
Keith Howells touchpad+CM9
Carl Joseph Bialorucki I think it would make a lot more sense to make Windows Phones and claim "HP Smartphones make it easy to connect to your HP Computer"
Julius Temple I will never buy anything from HP again.
Stephen Streiker I would prefer to NEVER buy anything from HP. The last great product they made was the 6P/6MP LaserJet. Downhill after that.
Alan Xenos I would buy a Pre3 running jellybean, and my touchpad already runs ICS
Jeff Jay Hp/Palm = Yes..
Steven Benham Hey two years ago I wouldn't have bought a phone made by the same people as my TV. But I wouldn't part with this baby now. So yeah. If you have 11 boxes and the HP phone ticks them all.. then yeah hell yeah
Julian Scott Yea if they were the 1s that made the nexus that year, cuz u kno nexus picks different company each year to make it so that would be a positive maybe
Matt Jackson Only if it let us dual boot Webos! Hey now, a guy can dream right?
Julian Scott It would depend on what the smart phone was and what it had to offer
Debbie Kains-Coupal Probably not, I've had enough problems with their Desktops, Laptops and Printers. I don't make sacrifices when it comes to my Android Cellphones/devices
Dave Vitti i wouldn't buy a damn thing from HP lolz........
Micah Ryan Caffey Yeah.. Just kidding. No.
Joe McDonough he'll yess
Reese Woodson No bring back WebOS
Vonda Newton If Samsung Mobile USA made it...then yes
Steffan Paso Gayle I already have one....its my touchpad running cyanogen
Patrick Tilsen I wouldn't buy an HP computer, which is one of their core competencies. Why would I buy a tablet, which is just its way to get its share of the current trend? What about HP should make me think it can execute better than the dozen market players with vastly more experience than it has?
Kevin Phillips they got to do something to save their business, no one is buying printers anymore that's for sure
Eko Budi Prasetio Yes if only they have some great hardware and new fresh UI like in webOS
Jim Mccoy Fucks NO!!!!!!
Andres Castañaza No, HP they doesnt know what they are doing...
Abram Wenevermet Dennis Theres like 100 Android tablets already
Mark D. Cox Only nexus though
Michael Moore Drops their own os only to make an android device... Smh I wouldn't keep it if someone offered it for free..
Mark D. Cox Heck Yea I love hp
Rey Gonzalez maybe :P
Tomisha Moore Hp is having too many problems so no I would not.
Glen McCormick Probably just a touchscreen printer
Norm Chan i have an hp tablet i won't buy another
Sung Cho I tried out the Touchpad for a while. It was a bit clunky but I really liked their OS..
Alan Holmes It was stupid for Dell & Hp to ignore the mobile market for so long. Make it available across all carriers and free of carrier bloat. It can work. Make a great device.
Shuntae Henry Wow. The closest thing to WebOS is the new Blackberry. I'll never ever buy an HP phone now. Ouch!
Fabian Toti Maybe .... if they make good products.
Dave Yaeck REALLY..... I mean.... REALLY!!!
Keith Windiddy HP never shouldve given up Palm OS

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