HTC posts countdown to Feb. 19 event along with teasers of new One hardware

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| February 13, 2013

HTC M7 One teaser

HTC is putting together a little shindig that'll be taking place on Feb. 19, and to help build up the hype machine a bit more now that we're less than a week out, the company has posted a countdown for the event on the front page of its official website. This isn't just a plain ol' countdown, though, as it flashes a glimpse of at something HTC-branded every time that the timer ends in a "1." It's tough to really make out many details of the hardware that's being teased thanks to the close-ups and lens flare, but we can see an HTC logo, a camera and an angled edge going around the outside of the device. Thankfully, YouTube user gaurav2328 grabbed all of the clips from the source of the page and combined them all into one easy-to-watch video.

Rumors of the HTC M7 have been floating around for a couple of months now, with reports suggesting that it'll feature a 4.7-inch 1080p display, quad-core processor, 2GB RAM, 32GB storage and Android Jelly Bean beneath a new HTC Sense 5 overlay. A few leaked renders of the device, which is expected to launch as the HTC One, have also made their way online, and the device featured in today's teaser seems to have a bit in common with the most-recently leaked shot, like the angled edge around the device.

While much of the HTC One is still shrouded in rumors and mystery, it's expected that the device will be a flagship product for HTC, something that this teasing and the rumors of a straight up "HTC One" name seem to reinforce. It's not known when the device will actually launch, but the new phone could hit multiple U.S. carriers when it does. The good news is that we're now less than a week away from HTC's event, so we don't have much longer to wait before the rumors can come to an end. Who's getting excited?

Via Android Central, gaurav2328 on YouTube, HTC