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After many weeks of no new big smartphone releases, the BlackBerry Z10 arrived and immediately started making waves on the Official Smartphone Rankings™. Currenlty only available internationally or unlocked in the States, that hasn't stopped it from moving up the charts.  In fact, it is trending in first position right now on the People's Choice Rankings.  So in honor of the new BlackBerry Z10 we spotlight three experts that included the device in their top five this week.   

Kyle Frost - News Editor and Reviewer for TodaysiPhone.com.  Follow him on twitter @TiP_Kyle.




Finally, a newcomer this week. However, this newcomer may be too late in the smartphone world to make any real dent, especially because it isn't out for sale in the US as of yet. My 1st and 2nd picks are still Apple's newest iPhone, the iPhone 5, and Google's newest pure Google experience device, the Nexus 4. The newcomer is sitting at 3rd with the BlackBerry Z10. This device was just announced recently at a BlackBerry event where RIM rebranded itself officially as BlackBerry. This device runs its newest mobile OS, BlackBerry 10. It may be too late though, as Apple and Google have completely swallowed the smartphone market. I think it has a good chance though, as the device and the OS are really on par with smartphone OS's of today.

Sitting at 4th and 5th are my former 3rd and 4th place holders - the two HTC devices. The DROID DNA earns its spot because of its long spec list, beginning with its 5-inch 1080p HD display. This device sets a new bar for great displays. The 8X is, in my opinion, the best Windows Phone 8 device available. It feels great in hand and has a great feel when using the phone. Windows Phone 8 will never make it as a leading platform, but it is a great 3rd choice, now competing though with BlackBerry.



Chase Bonar - Contributing Editor for PhoneDog.com.   Follow him on twitter @PhoneDog_Chase.




This week I've chosen to spice my rankings up by adding the BlackBerry Z10 into the mix. This means that I had to cut a smartphone from my top five. That smartphone was the Galaxy Note II. 

I have chosen the Xperia TL as my #1 for two main reasons: the hardware design which takes into account durability by adding dust and waterproofing (on the Xperia Z). The second reason is Sony's beautiful 5-inch display that features on-screen keys - a personal preference of mine.

Samsung's Galaxy S III ranks #2 in my book because of it's balanced approach to all that makes a smartphone 'smart.' With the additional features of TouchWiz and the hardware specs to back it up, the Galaxy S III checks all the right boxes.

The HTC DROID DNA is the best specced smartphone of 2012, and even competes with the Xperia TL with its quad-core processor and 1080p display. The DNA is also no slouch among 2013's best (so far). I am also a fan of the solid hardware construction and the personalization features Sense offers.

Google's Nexus 4 is solid. So solid, in fact, that it makes you wonder why you're paying anymore than $229 or $349 for a smartphone on a contract. With the obvious benefits of top of the line hardware specs and build quality, the Nexus 4 presents buyers with a choice that is hard to ignore if you're on a GSM carrier.

Though I have never seen the BlackBerry Z10 with my own two eyes, it is no doubt a force of nature. For a single smartphone to attack the mobile market as thoroughly as BB10 has, is impressive nonetheless. I also admire BlackBerry for the simple fact that they take no shame in their current market position. No, it is not a top of the line smartphone with the best specifications. And no it isn't anything special from a design standpoint. But BB10 is the freshest operating system to grace the mobile market in quite some time, and that should not go ignored, which is why it is #5 in my book.




Alexander Omoniyi - Contribution Editor for BWOne.com.  Follow him on twitter @ElseBWOneDotCom.




This weeks rankings include the newly released Blackberry Z10. Overall, the hardware is sub par, but it's shining gem is currently the software.




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