Microsoft taking orders for 128GB Surface Windows 8 Pro, units expected to ship in two to three weeks

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from Omaha, NE
Published: February 15, 2013

Microsoft Surface Windows 8 Pro

Microsoft's Surface Windows 8 Pro model has been a bit hard to come by since its launch last week, especially for customers in the hunt for the 128GB model. There's some good news tonight for anyone that's still in the hunt for either Surface Windows 8 Pro unit, though, as Microsoft has taken to the official Surface Blog to explain how interested customers can snag a device. Here's the breakdown:

  • Online Microsoft Store: The Redmond firm's online shop is currently accepting orders for the 128GB Surface Windows 8 Pro model, and Microsoft says that purchased units will ship out in two to three weeks, depending on its incoming inventory. The 64GB Surface Windows 8 Pro is available to ship now.
  • Best Buy: Microsoft says that Surface Windows 8 Pro inventory level at Best Buy stores is growing and that many locations have the devices in stock. However, if a customer's local store doesn't have any Surface Windows 8 Pros available for purchase, he or she can place a reservation for a unit that'll be coming in the following week.
  • Staples: It's said that many Staples locations have the Surface Windows 8 Pro in stock. If a store doesn't have any inventory, though, a customer can place an order for a 64GB model in store and have it delivered to them.

As is usually the case with a tough-to-find product, it's probably wise to call your local store to see if it's got any inventory before moseying on down there. Microsoft says that it's "excited" by the demand for Surface Windows 8 Pro and that it's working to both meet that demand and to get more stock into stores. While reserving a 128GB Surface Windows 8 Pro and waiting a week or two to actually get it may not be ideal, at least those folks know that they'll be getting a unit, meaning that they won't have to turn to eBay or Craigslist and potentially pay higher than retail prices because of the device's scarcity. Both the 64GB and 128GB Surface Windows 8 Pro models can be purchased by hitting up the Microsoft Store link below.

Via The Next Web, Surface Blog, Microsoft Store