Google has been doing a great job of pushing forward with their products, software, and integrity and they're certainly making more than a name for themselves in many aspects. While it’s hard to avoid Google in the online world, the one place it is easy to avoid is while you’re out and about. Why? Because there’s no such thing as a Google store yet; but rumor has it that all that is about to change by the time the year’s end rolls around.

Google has itself in a pretty comfortable position I’d have to say. They’ve grabbed our attention more than enough times from the products they offer down to the very basis of their place of work. So now that they’ve pretty much gotten everything they could ever want, why not open a chain of retail stores? Some people might wonder: Google is a big enough name as it is; why should they open retail stores? Well, because they’re Google and because they can, I guess. Or to promote new products like Google Glasses, which seems like the more likely scenario. I’m not about to drop anywhere between $500 - $1,000 on something that I’ve never even tried before; it’s kind of like Chromebook – I’ve been interested in it, but without being able to actually try it in a store, I’m wary of dropping any money on it. Whatever the reason, it’s still kind of exciting that they’re planning on opening stores this year.

I think overall this is a smart move on Google’s part. We already come to know Google’s products fairly well just from the name alone, but when you’re talking about stock Google products (the Nexus line, Chromebooks, etc.) you’re pretty limited on where you can physically find those in stores, if at all. By incorporating retail stores with the Google name on it, customers are going to know exactly where to look for and find the products. Another good point to Google opening their own stores is that it will be much easier to ask for assistance or return a product if need be as customer service will actually be available to the public. Although places like Best Buy who have The Geek Squad are experienced in generic troubleshooting and solving issues, there’s a sense of security when it comes from a company with a central focus around one type of product.

Aside from the obvious aspect that there will now be a physical central location for all things Google, this also opens up a discussion for job opportunities in areas that plan on opening Google stores - and that’s a sentiment I can get behind. From the sounds of it, Google is planning on opening a retail store in several metropolitan areas throughout the United States, so if you leave near one and on the lookout for a job keep your eyes peeled for Google stores.

If there’s ever been any doubt in my mind that Google was trying to take over the world, that doubt is long gone. A company that was once just a vision of an ultra-intelligent search engine now has a suite of popular software both for personal and business, its own internet browser, a top-selling mobile platform, an ultra-fast internet service, and more; and now they plan to add retail stores to the mix. Yes, Google is well on its way to world domination if they so please – and strangely, I’m okay with that. (As a disclaimer, I don’t really think they’re trying to take over the world.)

Readers, what do you think about this move from Google? Do you plan on visiting one or do you have a different tech store of choice? Tell me your thoughts!

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"Do you have any plans to visit a Google store later this year? "

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Larry Ayonn Funny you say that, Leon, because I got my 4.2.2 update just a couple of days ago. That's why Nexus devices are the ones to get, if you care about being current with updates.
Gordon Christie Edinburgh or Glasgow
JerryandAudrey Smith I would check them out
Luis Robles Figueroa Yes to see what is all the fuss about.
Orewa Najib if there is one near me
Jude Fils-Aime wish I WAS IN NY or live in SF
Randy B Hoopes If there's any close to me yes
Leon Hall Jr OEM's are still doing a lousy job of rolling out those updates though, especially Google's very own Motorola
Michael Kergosien Jr Open in Dallas!!!
Jae Streets We need one in new york
Ali Raja Yes I will definitely be there..
Mauka Side Hawaii?
Kevin Eusebio as long as they can keep Nexus devices in stock, i'm there.
Chris Roberts Oh yea!!!
Andre Anknown yeaaa funn
Andrew Bissel Anywhere near Massachusetts, YES
Ruben Alarcon Hell yeah
George Deleija If it allows for better ways to obtain my next Nexus I'm all for it lol
Jake Gregory Manchester Google! MANCHESTER.
Susan Hugus I sure hope Google opens one in NYC. Like to talk about Power Searching skills. We do not use Google's true searching capability today.
Roger Schubert DeOliveira I want to work there
Lanh Nguyen Yep definitely will visit and buy the phones!
George Millhouse Yes why not? All the non isheep need a place is reason to hang out
Marti Ruiz yes, where, when, how , with who
Aaron Couts They should build them across the street from apple stores
Milovan Pavicevic yes yes yes
Anthony Bailey I don't know where the hell one is.
Tabib Rehman Lol i almost forgot about the isheeps outside the apple stores
Mark Belkowski since when are google opening stores?
Ian Baylon If they're in most malls or areas I'm in then most likely.
Reese Woodson If they open one in Los Angeles, I'll visit.
Robert Salender No. I don't want a mandatory Google+ join to enter, kthx.

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