Apple is living in a new world in 2013. Some loyalists have crossed the border to Android running atop Samsung's Galaxy S III. Others have moved to a similarly functional OS via the HTC Windows Phone 8X. Yet, some stay loyal to Apple and their products. But no matter your opinion of Apple or their products, the exorbitant influx of doubt is a rising tide.

So, how long can fruits float when forgotten at sea?

Some remain complacent and rest on their deep faith in everything Apple. "They'll make the next one better." "I don't need NFC." "Android is too complicated." "iPhone's are the best phones because they were first." Lately, Apple has multiplied attention, subtracted loyalists, added minor features to their aging hardware and software, and divided the amount of viable alternatives to iOS down to one.

That alternative is Android.

Google's Android is a chameleon, ever-changing and evolving to perpetuate functions we might not know we need, and incorporating them into everything iOS is not. And as compared to iOS, Android's main advantage is in variety. Any hardware manufacturer can differentiate the baseline Android software into their own by adding true features atop different hardware and software fronts.

Yet, like a bad dream, Apple isn't responding. I keep waking to the same products and mentality. The same icon grid. The same home button. The same colors. And I want to be surprised and happy with what Apple has done with the mobile computing industry, but I can't be.

In 2013, I will not settle or sympathize for an outdated, overstated, underdeveloped, and outrageous marketing tactic thrown at me. Enough is enough.

In order for Apple to regain my trust as an unbiased fan of all things in the mobile realm, here are three things Apple can do as a unit to impress me.


Update iOS and change the experience

And make it magical.

It's not terribly understated when someone looks at an iPhone or iPad and thinks "wow, this is so easy to use and navigate." The problem with this thought-process is we are no longer in 2007. The year Apple announced the first iPhone running iOS 1.0, the world was turned upside-down. Nearly 6.5-years later and iOS remains largely unchanged. Is it okay that Apple has only added "features" when it deemed necessary?

I'm sorry, but it's not. I have very little faith left in iOS and it's upsetting. Look no further than multitasking which seems almost second nature to any other operating system. Compare that experience to Android's implementation of true multitasking, or even Windows Phone 8's version and it's clear Apple still has some work to do.

A few things are going to have to happen to iOS for me to acknowledge it's viability as an alternative in the mobile operating system penthouse.

First, shortcuts on the lockscreen which allow easy access to any application would be a welcomed edition. There are many times when you need to get in and out of your iPhone without unlocking it and launching the app. Give us the option to get to it from the lockscreen, please.

Secondly, iOS needs something to let us utilize the iPad to its full potential. Look no further than Samsung's multi-window feature on the Galaxy Note II. I am thoroughly unimpressed by iOS on an iPad due to the wasted space, and underdeveloped usability of those extra 5.7-inches.

I'd also like to see a more intrusive Siri that helps me like its competitor, Google Now. Her uselessness is becoming an apparent gimmick in comparison. Siri's adversary has a list of features that is unparalleled. I'd like to see Siri do the following: email and event reminders, news, public alerts, traffic updates via location, and local reviews.

Another feature Apple can add to iOS that will largely influence my previous recommendation is an update to the homescreen. It's no secret that the homescreen is iOS's greatest strength and weakness. It's uninhibited simplicity is iconic…and extremely boring. Take your pick from this list of features that can be added in one context or another to the homescreen: tiles, widgets, images atop the wallpaper, icon-resizing, home screen carousel, and jailbreak swipe gestures.


Get out of your comfort zone and update the hardware once and for all

Apple products are renowned for Jonathan Ive's designs. It's no stretch of the imagination to say that Ive's role with Apple is a lifeline. But my million dollar question is: can he change the designs of his products without a large refresh of iOS?

I don't think so.

For instance, the home button serves a vital role in how iOS is navigated on any Apple device. Without it, there would be no way to get back to that iconic homescreen. The iPhone faces the most hurdles in adapting to any significant hardware change. Even the speaker grills, volume and hold buttons, and headphone jack are placed in a way that does not negate the manufacturing of the device. And I'm not going to tell them to put those antennas too close to each other; that could cause reception issues.

One thing Apple should have added with the launch of the iPhone 5 was NFC. Near field communication is a set of standards which allow devices to establish radio communication to each other. When connected, devices can share pictures and videos.

However, the main reason we need the next iPhone to have NFC on-board is to get an industry standard in motion. Contactless payment systems are here to stay. With a simple tap of your phone at the grocery store, you can transmit credit or debit card information directly from your account to the store, like you would with traditional plastic. Apple needs to adopt NFC to standardize the process and set guidelines for the mobile industry. Due to Apple's widely accepted standards of use, they're the only hope in moving our future towards truly contactless payments into a reality.

Another needed addition is durability. The past few months I've touched on HTC, Samsung, and Sony's approach to hardware durability in the face of adversity. But it wouldn't be a party without Apple. Let's see dust and waterproofing IP55 and IP57 labels on the next iPhone. Rubber edges to deter damage in a freefall. Glossy plastic to hide scuffs and aging. Less aluminum. Less glass. I guess I'm really asking for a completely different looking iPhone.


Apple needs to calm down and face reality

If in 2007 you had told me that there was going to be a phone that had a 3.5-inch screen, I would have laughed at you. "There's no way I need that." "It's too big to carry around." "It doesn't sound like it will catch on with consumers."

And here we are. Just a few short years later and the iPhone is an icon in the mobile industry. It's the epitome of a dream brought to reality by a man with a vision. An unenforced, unconscionable dream that paid no mind to doubters and naysayers encountered over the 25-years in Steve Jobs' life.

We believed in the product a few years ago. It was revolutionary. Even Magical.

Was revolutionary.

Where does this leave the Apple of today? Well, competition has left them in a rut. No, they're not going under. Investors will continue to back whatever device they concoct. They'll adhere to Apple's beliefs that their products are truly "magical." For lack of a better word, Apple is safe for the indefinite future of computing.

But there's a problem in the mentality of what Apple has pitched to consumers. It is borderline irresponsible to let your followers belittle and deface competing innovations if it is not stamped with the famed "partially bitten fruit" around the backside.

Innovation is a highway. You either follow the traffic and take your exit towards one path, or you keep going. Onwards and upwards, as they say. On the contrary, I believe many Apple loyalists do not see Apple products as competition to the likes of the HTC One's and Samsung Galaxy S IV's of the future.


Because you can't change true Apple loyalists. Believing in a company and dedicating your life to it is one thing if you're Steve Jobs, but writing-off NFC, on-screen keys, gestures, or whatever else that wasn't "innovated" by the Cupertino company is despicable. In 2013, I'd like to see Apple acknowledge competition as just as innovative as what they devise in their next wave of products. It's a stretch, but if this happens, maybe Apple's followers will smell what BlackBerry, Google, and Microsoft are brewin'.

Then again, it's never easy arguing with a teenage mentality.

That's all, folks. What do you think Apple needs to do in 2013 to stay relevant? Do you think their time is up? What features would be truly magical in the next iPhone or iPad? Let me know what you believe in the comments below.

Image via Apple.

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Rimsha Raheem
Rimsha Raheem so what was the new in iphone 5 4G :no new camera:no better display:no so what; just fifth row of icon
Ezraella Brody
Ezraella Brody Become a samsung siii
Lim Xilvre
Lim Xilvre maybe will consider to IOS if larger screen display. not like iphone 5 but something like G.note if not ur customer will run away
Lim Xilvre
Lim Xilvre larger screen please.
phonedog_chase They need to make the uPhone.
Shyam Sundar
Shyam Sundar Sell macbook probably for $1000
Jeff Seaver
Jeff Seaver Stop suing everyone
Jeff Seaver
Jeff Seaver Offer something more than just higher speed, higher MP camera. But better Map internationally and something more inventive
Mark Kornak
Mark Kornak Apple is a great platform, but being so locked down pushes people away. Open the platform. Allow access to the file system. Stop with the application firewalling. Let us access non-apple store applications
Howie Eastin
Howie Eastin I agree but I enjoy the fact that the iPhone is easy to use ...I like customization just as much the next guy...I would like more gestures added to operating system
Larry Waters
Larry Waters Boring phone, boring iOS....stop being boring and understand 2007 was a long time ago.
Frank F. Bona
Frank F. Bona Copy samsung..
Christian Ybañez Guioguio
Christian Ybañez Guioguio to catch my attention??maybe they're need to create an overkilling smartphone device with an a lot of breath taking features
Mary Walker
Mary Walker If something isn't drastically different on the next iPhone. I'm going back to Android. Although I will keep my iPhone and use it for an MP3 player. iPhone is so stale !!!!!
John JR Alvarez
John JR Alvarez They need to retire the iPhone!!! Overpriced and backed up in technology
Eduardo Ordaz
Eduardo Ordaz Haha. Apple isn't going to listen to u. They are only going to put stuff on IOS that they think is best for their users. Ur better off jailbreaking or get a new phone.
Vikas Nanda
Vikas Nanda Innovate instead of reinventing
Steve Swiger
Steve Swiger Apple needs to emulate android in the sense that they need to open up their home pages more. Add more widgets, add the ability for the user to customize more. Add the ability to play any music and other medias. Don't make the user use I-tunes. That has always been my biggest complaint with Apple, the proprietary nature of their software.
Camar Green
Camar Green Give all newborn babies iPhones and you will survive
John Resch
John Resch Stop paying workers 17¢ an hour for making iPhones..
Kevin Lampron
Kevin Lampron They need a 5" screen on I phone!
Santiago Alexander Cruz
Santiago Alexander Cruz They need to update that UI for God sakes!
Samuel Claudio
Samuel Claudio Go bankrupt.
Thomas Boehnlein
Thomas Boehnlein Let Ive work his magic and throw away anything and everything he wants. They are screwed otherwise.
Brandon Cupz Carozza
Brandon Cupz Carozza Google only
Syedul Islam
Syedul Islam Add some serious new innovative features esp on their software side of things. Some kind of retina plus display, Icon packs .. that shouldnt be difficult.. a notification light.. (automatic profile change based on location) ?
George Isenhart
George Isenhart Most who know me know I love my Android but I know folks who love their I Phones and I Pads just as much so I think Apple might tweek a few things but otherwise they should keep up the good work.
Anthony Bailey
Anthony Bailey Build a phone that is already inferior and three years behind the Android competition from the day it's released.
JD Thayn
JD Thayn NFC, widgets, faster animations... Oh wait, I can get all that on Android!
Jonathan Swanagan
Jonathan Swanagan Just die apple die
Jeff Kennedy
Jeff Kennedy I dont hate apple, but I do love my note 2, the reasons I don't buy apple start with, no removable battery, no expandable memory, screen too small, stuck up attitude (ex. if you don't like it, return it(iPhone 4)), and stuck with iTunes.
Timothy Rosell
Timothy Rosell Screw Apple
Gareth Ridout
Gareth Ridout Great article. Those who know me may be surprised to read that I am seriously considering a permanent move away from iPhone to Android (my temporary dalliance with Windows Phone is coming to an end). My reasoning is Apple's failure to respond to customer needs...and for many long time iPhone users that is the option of a larger, "phablet" version of the iPhone. I even appealed directly to Tim Cooke via email for a larger Galaxy IIIS sized or Galaxy Note2 sized option for users. Only time will tell if Apple responds to customer demand for a larger iPhone.
Chad Dinkins
Chad Dinkins Stop making the same phone every year.
Jorge Lopez
Jorge Lopez Maybe... If they come up with an Android device
Jerimiah Reece
Jerimiah Reece They can go out of business. That might garner my support. Or how about they stop using Chinese sweat shops to make their stuff?
Roy Groh
Roy Groh Buy Apple for 10Billion and Samsung will rules
James Carew
James Carew They need to tear down the wall, make stuff configurable, make battery accessible, make memory available to supplement, enlarge the screen, include a wacom stylus and killer software, and make multiple apps viewable on the screen at once. In short, out do the Galaxy Note II. Maybe running Android would help too. :-)
Raul Blacksten
Raul Blacksten Is iPhone the new Beta Max?
Jose Calderon
Jose Calderon You really think that a company with 137 billion dollars on hand will go away in the next two years? Your logic, sir, is what's "off."
Matt Shipley
Matt Shipley Fragile? Have you seen the drop tests between the s3 and iPhone 5?
Joel Gomez
Joel Gomez Not only taller but wider screen please. Removable battery. Widgets. Better multitasking. No aluminum less glass so no case is needed bec phone is so fragile which laughable. Make siri understand and do a lot more usable features like reading emails or text while driving. File system so i can attach any file in the email. Enable adobe flash. Too minimal design is impractical. Stop suing for rectangles and icons.
Matt Shipley
Matt Shipley How is apple expensive? iPhone-$200. Galaxy s3-$200 note2-200 or even 250.
Paul Shotton
Paul Shotton apple needs to drop it's price on everything...way too expensive ,compaired to other brands.
Don Stephen Strada II
Don Stephen Strada II To stop teasing the customers with little by little technology every year
Jason Charles
Jason Charles What's apple
Timus Maximus
Timus Maximus Answering an earlier comment as to why Android users hate Iphones ? Simple actually, as compared to an android it just doesn't measure up is all and the apps pretty much suck in comparison.
Andrew Butler
Andrew Butler GO AWAY
Kristen Luce
Kristen Luce They need to practice necromancy and bring Steve Jobs back from the dead.
Bo Abe Vorachack
Bo Abe Vorachack Hd screen, micro sd card, nfc, no itunes, 5in n up screeen, more colors, mass storage, transfer music from any computer, better design, bigger battery, real multitasking. After all of this i still wouldnt buy one, cause i love my note 2.
Marcos O. Vasquez
Marcos O. Vasquez So, what all u icrap fans want in the icrap is what android already offers? Lame .... ios is soo outdated and overrated!!!!
Skylor Mitchell
Skylor Mitchell Hey need to stop trying to patient anything and everything that deals with mobile technology, and to stop trying to sue everyone over simple and stupid things.
Nick Kathrein
Nick Kathrein I think they need to make a movie staring Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn. Maybe a movie about two 40-something's who land an internship at Apple to get a full-time job. I think that would work for me. :)
Rick Hornett
Rick Hornett Better yet, just go away.
Florens Richter
Florens Richter Re-invent their devices
Steven Quacoo- Dorby
Steven Quacoo- Dorby I really don't think there is anything touching what they created in a sense that android copied and continues to catch up with iOS, but it would be nice to see something new on either platform
Kevin Peters
Kevin Peters Their not going to do anything! They're too busy chasing copywrite infringements to make their money. Apple is done! Samsung and HTC are going to finish them off in the next 2 years.
Josh Rankin
Josh Rankin Hmm... go away? That might get my attention.
Kripesh Shrestha
Kripesh Shrestha Become Red
Dee Nazario
Dee Nazario Thats why you dont hear us complain about phones being to small.
Jose Calderon
Jose Calderon Not every one has large duche hands either.
Dee Nazario
Dee Nazario Stop wearing skinny jeans. Who the hell buys these big phones? A LOT of people. Look the sales figure and the demand. Like to complain about big phones? Not everyone has small bitch hands.
Mark Belkowski
Mark Belkowski My note 2 fits just fine in my pocket. Maybe you should get bigger pants!
Reese Woodson
Reese Woodson They need to put out a larger phone and totally revamp boring/stale iOS.
Clemente Miklavchich
Clemente Miklavchich who the hell buys this big phones, please, i cant even put in my pocket
Mark Belkowski
Mark Belkowski Apple isn't going to do much in 2013. What they need to do is release a 4.7" phone with a quad core, expandable storage and a revamped UI.
Tommy Lassiter
Tommy Lassiter Go out of business.
Adam Catello
Adam Catello Not be apple
Eugene CrazyJoe Grace
Eugene CrazyJoe Grace File bankruptcy
Martin Martinez
Martin Martinez Be cheaper
Bryan Platt
Bryan Platt Go away
Andrei Jelin
Andrei Jelin 4,5" screen
Lennart Nielsen
Lennart Nielsen Switch to Android OS. ;-)
Mathew Poynter
Mathew Poynter First off, Apple needs to drop ALL litigation against Samsung. Secondly they need to completely overhaul iOS, its been largely unchanged since 2007. Sure iOS has great app support but it lacks some of the features that Android now offers.
Sheeraz Sarwar
Sheeraz Sarwar Only one thing which can save apple is...make a 5"inch iphone and another one keep the same as of the size of iphone 5...just only this thing can save apple coz majority of the people still believes in apple product build quality in which apple is boss of samsung... Also increase the no. Of f4ee apps from market
Timothy Phillips
Timothy Phillips More options to unlock the device, FIX MAPS, and wireless charging would be REALLY nice
Elvis Brown
Elvis Brown Apple should disappear, entirely. It's a shame! And they should leave the fact of producing the S line of their iPhones like the 3Gs, 4S. If they're going to release the iPhone 5S with the same basic and shitty stuff, then for me Apple's gone. Although almost 4 years on Android I still love it. I'm not in love with iOs but for their survival... they should innovate something with iOs 7 and leave the iPhone 5S project (even if the same with iPhone 5, lol)
Jesse Huertas
Jesse Huertas Stop being trolls and stop making the same phone since 2007
Lawrence Lepes
Lawrence Lepes Apple has to accept the fact that they are no longer the top dog. The Iphones are simply yesterday's big things. Samsung makes the best phones on the market. One thing Apple needs to do is stop sueing every time a company gives them competition in the cell phone business. Basically, the company of Apple is made up of a bunch of cry babies, and cowards!
Antonio Horn
Antonio Horn Will doyle. All that is in android phones already. Apple needs to change the os. It's plain outdated. I've owned the og iphone, 3g and 3gs. Went to evo, , siii now note 2. I can safely say ill never go back To boring os and lack of customization. Not to mention the itunes non sense.
Brandon Mims
Brandon Mims Any big changes Apple could do with their software would take them into Android, BlackBerry, Web os territory and good luck to Apple fighting that battle with their patents.
Laurie Thyne Perz
Laurie Thyne Perz Flash player
Arturo Atherly
Arturo Atherly Apple needs to stop assuming their funky elitist attitude
Angel Ortiz
Angel Ortiz 5 inch screen
Susan Hugus
Susan Hugus Could never support Apple. Too controlling.
Arturo Atherly
Arturo Atherly
Murtaza Rzv
Murtaza Rzv
Murtaza Rzv samsung give it ur best shot again...
Will Doyle
Will Doyle Why do android users hate apple so much? Lmao!!! I think if apple makes a larger retina display, SD slot, a customizable UI, and an amazing design with superior build quality- they'll be fine.
Ralph Landi
Ralph Landi iPhone Sycophants are Steve Jobs Sycophants
Miranda Brito Inacio Mandlate
Miranda Brito Inacio Mandlate Apple will always have our attention, especially now that they have so many more critics. They just have to make a minor change in their product people will start fussing about it.
Jose Rodrigues
Jose Rodrigues Apple far away better
Marlon Milligan
Marlon Milligan They still make a shitload of money ....I don't think they need to do anything. Their phone sucks imo tho
Denise Charlton
Denise Charlton Stop building expensive junk!!
Billy Brown
Billy Brown sell out to Samsung!
Juan Carlos Munoz
Juan Carlos Munoz Give more bang for the buck. I mean seriously no extra memory slot. Or bigger screen. How about a redesigned ui
Jenni Massey
Jenni Massey If they would stop suing the competition and add enhancements like widgets, a micro sd card slot, the ability to not be tied to iTunes for everything.
Shahnwaz Don
Shahnwaz Don Just new innovation to it's iPhone!
Louis Agresti
Louis Agresti Actually when comparing an Iphone to Samsung i would take the iphone much better quality,a nicer display and better radios,Samsung make cheap plastic toys with horrible over saturated displays,but HTC and Motorola make a nicer built phones that i would take over the Iphone.
Alex Miller
Alex Miller Apple needs a good kick in their apple bag. They've reduced themselves to the playground bully. And now they're doing everything they said they would never do. Fragmented devices through multiple handsets.
Shawn Pedazzle McCollough
Shawn Pedazzle McCollough Die
Jeremey Brown
Jeremey Brown Nothing Apple will ever do will get my attention.ANDROID FTW!
Arafat U. Chowdhury Shahan
Arafat U. Chowdhury Shahan sell itself to android
Jordan Williams
Jordan Williams 'We have noise canceling mics!' Apple. Meet the Nexus ONE. It came out three years ago.
Rúben Soares
Rúben Soares Make a phone or tablet that they haven already made, as in, I'd be surprised if they stopped repeating themselves...
Richard Halm
Richard Halm nothing apple is over rated and is JUNK
Kyrie Johnson
Kyrie Johnson I don't they can. My ipod has been sitting on my nightstand for months. I've been using my Samsung Galaxy S III and my Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 for everything. Apple cost too much for me to get the ipad.
Paul Moakley
Paul Moakley You pay top dollar for something with a fruit on it!
Ajay Padhy
Ajay Padhy hey friends, like this page the ultimate best for technical updates........
Jaden T. Brown
Jaden T. Brown Apple lost their innovation with Steve Jobs.
Anthony Davis
Anthony Davis Nothing I can't stand the fruit company. I'll stick with my android.
Rick Harris
Rick Harris Apple had the market cornered 3 years ago with their Iphone and Ipad, that's where 85% of their profits came from, but they sat fat dumb and happy and Samsung, HTC etc now have passed them by,Apple is still a player but their total dominance in that space is over.
Grace Fumero-Cherry
Grace Fumero-Cherry They would have to do a lot, including lower their high prices. The Note II is amazing and we aren't looking back.
Timus Maximus
Timus Maximus Become an android :)
Anthony Gonzalez
Anthony Gonzalez I like iOS I just can't stand that small ass screen make a 4.7 in and I'll be game
Paul Keefe
Paul Keefe Go bankrupt
Jim Marshall III
Jim Marshall III Use key lime pie as their os!
Martin Cajko Seagull
Martin Cajko Seagull some good reading.
Marc Williams
Marc Williams A real make over and not just stupid little tweaks that your competitors have had for the last few years. Or stupid commercials talking about noise cancelling mics like they are the only ones that have them.
Jose Pablo Islas
Jose Pablo Islas Stop suing on patents for things they didn't invent and actually start trying to innovate, also, adding a row of icons is not worth $500...
Kevin Medlock
Kevin Medlock A complete overhaul! Apple changed the cell phone once, they can so it again, although it won't be as easy this time without Steve Jobs.
Andrew Walenta
Andrew Walenta crApple needs to go away.
Barry Wayne Lagana II
Barry Wayne Lagana II Apple is so last year! No changes will mean lesser sales.... Evolution!
Robert Miller
Robert Miller They can't make a phablet Samsung already has and probably would sue apple for making one.
David Piepho
David Piepho They can start by no longer harassing their competition with lawsuits
Justin Heath
Justin Heath Phablet...big screen and bring back the apple youtube app.
Michael Kergosien Jr
Michael Kergosien Jr Disappear.
Blake Wilson
Blake Wilson If apple made an Android phone I bet it would be very very good.
Robert Miller
Robert Miller iOS is nothing special. Always having to type a password to download something. Plus the iPhone is quick with lte finally. Only took them 5 years to get that hint. Android is the way of the future and if apple doesn't release something good this year it maybe their last.
Jesse Ling
Jesse Ling They cant.
Flash Quiñones
Flash Quiñones Explode
Luke Buchanan
Luke Buchanan I had always been a android fan since the first devices were released. But it always sucks having to wait and wait and wait on updates. I bought my first iPhone a few weeks ago and I have no regrets.
Dalton Davis
Dalton Davis Make major upgrades to iOS! Something like android.
Warren Saunders
Warren Saunders run android..then the iphone could be a real smartphone,not a (supposedly) smartphone that doesnt actually let you do that much :-/
Roger Schubert DeOliveira
Roger Schubert DeOliveira Apple would put an "A-Pen" in their device and then sue samsung claiming thats why they have the s-pen
Clint Gamache
Clint Gamache If Apple wants to get my attention in 2013 they need to disappear.
Michael Wilds
Michael Wilds Apple needs faster ios I have gs3 and jelly bean is super fast iPhone 5 s should be 4.8 stop copying try 5 be different
Robert Miller
Robert Miller Samsung is close to taking the crown because they release more than one phone a year like apple. I know apple has the iPads but who wants to pay $700 for something when they can get a phone that can do just about the same. The galaxy note 2 does everything that the iPad does and then some because of android.
Viktor B Thumperofseals
Viktor B Thumperofseals Make the best OS out there, I love my iPhone. I used to have android and nothing but problems with apple it just works seamlessly
Ariel Mor
Ariel Mor Jump off a bridge
Nico Kes Kestens
Nico Kes Kestens Nothing. I'll stick to Androïd
Dvir Mor Shoshani
Dvir Mor Shoshani 5 inch and a-pen hahaha
David Kimberlin
David Kimberlin vanish ??? disappear??? the only thing the iphone has over my phone is the amount of covers that are available for it...true story.
Robert Miller
Robert Miller Apple needs to to revamp the iOS. I have both the iPhone 5 and gs3. I like them both but my android phone is my daily user because of all the customization that I can do. If apple did something like that is iOS 7 then maybe they would have more business. Plus they need a cheaper phone. You can't
Valon Haliti
Valon Haliti go bankrupt...
Anthony Evans Jr
Anthony Evans Jr Go out of business
Matt Cain
Matt Cain They need to stop putting out the same basic thing. Stop adding one new feature and acting like you've revolutionized cell phones. Yes, Apple does make good products, but good is all they will ever be until they stop the games and make the phone I believe they can make that would blow every other phone out of the water. Samsung is coming to take your crown, Apple. What will you do about it?
Jon Ashley
Jon Ashley if the iphone could run jelly bean that'd be a start
Paolo Ariedo
Paolo Ariedo Make something cheaper. That is THE only way. (They could also publicly acknowledge that they'll stop playing 'Whack-A-Mole' to every phone maker else, by 'whacking' them a lawsuit.)
Cesario Brito Jr.
Cesario Brito Jr. Nothing. I couldn't care less for crapple. I'll always use Android.
Teejay Crooks
Teejay Crooks Stop making phones that will do
Nick Petrizzio
Nick Petrizzio When apple fades away as a whole like they almost did in the 90's
Jim Sowell
Jim Sowell Go bankrupt
Nick Kathrein
Nick Kathrein They need to make a movie staring Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn who star in a movie about two 40-something's who land an internship at Apple to get a full-time job. I think that would get me interested in Apple again.
Nick Petrizzio
Nick Petrizzio Too late now
Mark Fisher Jr.
Mark Fisher Jr. Have on screen widgets like android.
Luke Wooldridge
Luke Wooldridge go bankrupt
Marc Martin
Marc Martin A larger screen perhaps. Something new in iOS would help too =)
Victor Logvinov
Victor Logvinov I REALLY like my Sammy Gal S3.
John-Mark Christmas
John-Mark Christmas lol...stop the patent wars, and MAYBE they can get just a hint of my attention again.
Justin Alan Smith
Justin Alan Smith Fall out of the cellular market.
Roger Schubert DeOliveira
Roger Schubert DeOliveira They are the coach bag of cell phones....yes its a fine product, but there are plenty of other bags that will do the a better job of being a bag, at a far lower cost. Its an accessory girls like because they sell beddazled cases for them.
Nick Truskowski
Nick Truskowski Die

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