About a week ago I wrote an article asking if you would be interested in an iWatch, which is rumored to be in production by Apple. Not too much later, news surfaces of another smartwatch being made by Samsung, shown in leaked screenshots as being called the “Galaxy Altius”. With so many smartwatches popping up, will this gain enough popularity and usage to become a standard everyday accessory?

In my mind I think “Absolutely.” Although I’m not much of a watch user now (I usually only wear one if I know I’m going somewhere where I will have limited to no access to my phone) I would definitely wear one that is multipurpose – as long as the price is right and features aren’t too overbearing. Not only does a smartwatch give you the convenience of not having to take your phone out of its safe place, you can also do a bit of battery saving by not bothering to look at the unimportant notifications that might go off on your phone. It might not be much battery saved, but with some phones any little unnecessary use can be considered a loss.

There was certainly a lot of interest that surrounded around the Pebble smartwatch, and while it was not the first of its kind it seemed to spark more attention than those before it. There also seems to be a lot of attention swarming around the potential iWatch as well, which would be the first smartwatch created by Apple. In many ways I prefer the Pebble smartwatch form as oppose to the iWatch simply because it’s so basic and serves its main purpose without all the jazz – check your notifications and switch your music. It doesn’t take dictation and it doesn’t make phone calls. I’m not really interested in having a second phone wrapped around my wrist when I have my actual phone just in my back pocket -  I don’t want it to have its entire functionality replaced. I would still like to say that I dropped the $200+ on my device for something. The iWatch is still under wraps for the most part in regards to features, but it is expected to have a color display and may even use Siri for dictation purposes.

Comparing what we predict from the iWatch with what we can see from the leaked images of Samsung’s Galaxy Altius, it looks like the Altius follows more closely with the Pebble form. Actually, it’s somewhat reminiscent of Windows 8 because it looks like it features tiles of somesort. But the display looks to be mostly black and white, although some parts of the interface show green and teal so I will infer that it’s not running on an e-ink display like the Pebble smartwatch does. It looks sleek and doesn’t look to be too busy which I think is a good selling point. I suppose some people might want a smartwatch that can do a lot of the same things their phone can, but honestly I don’t see that concept being popular just yet.

I’m wondering how this whole smartwatch thing will play out. If it really is as popular as these companies are predicting, will smartwatches become just as popular as other accessories like Bluetooth devices? Or are companies going to push the envelope too far too soon and this will be known as just a fad? Although the idea is good in theory, flashy designs and more functionality might not be the key here. You still need the device to be functional as a watch. We already see how quickly our batteries drain from our smartphones, and I’m not sure how many people will be keen on their watches dying as often as their phones do.

Readers, what is your perspective on smartwatches? Do you think you’ll ever be interested in one? If so, what would you like in a smartwatch? If not, why not? Let me know your input in the comments!

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"Now that Samsung is also reportedly in the market to make their own smartwatch, do you think this trend with catch on and eventually become a standard "must have" accessory? "

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Kenneth Li stop living in a sheep world! does your idiotphone able to share videos just by tapping phones back to back? pay with your phone at McDonald, CVS, etc with nfc Google wallet? Samsung note2 does!
phonedog_chase @ Humza - And LG got it from Samsung's SWatch Phone released in 2001.
Humza Ahmed Before anyone mentions that Samsung copied Apple's idea, they didn't, if anything, it was Apple who got the idea from LG, who released their smartwatch 2 years ago.
Tom Nguyen Another device to charge everyday? Or even every other day? No thank you.. I'm already busy enough having to charge my phone AND my tablet, which in my opinion are much more practical devices.
Brian Milligan I think this whole conversation is missing how Samsung are pushing screen technology. The new flexible screens might provide an avenue with a smart watch but what they're doing is way bigger than that. I am watching with interest to see where they will take the smart phone -> tablet concept.
Jose Calderon Do people actually know what "innovation" means? Samsung is not innovative, they're copycats.
Huey Liggins Sorry I just remembered it wasn't Samsung who made a watch. It was another electronic company. I think sony
Huey Liggins Whoa whoa people people! Someone had recently made an article saying Samsung had made a watch before that had completely failed. But let's throw that out the Window. How is Samsung copying apple. There's at least 2 different smart watches out as of NOW. Apple is only talking of making one and as we all know that doesn't mean anything. It might as well be as big a run or as the 2012 expected apple tv set. But because Samsung delivers what Apple leaves their customers wanting... Yes I'm interested
David Moreno It'll be a bundle sale eventually, phone and watch. But c'mon people just because it's "rumored" that apple is making a watch doesn't mean Samsung is copying them. LG, Sony and Pebble have had these not rumored already in production for months, but does anyone say Apple is copying?
Denver Garkie PhoneDog.com i would buy a smart watch if it were like my casio riseman gw 9200, waterproof to 200m(i need at least 10 feet for what i do at work, and 100ft for what i do for fun) solar charging, automic time keeping, and an altimeter. shaterproof and high temperature resistance(also for work)
Joel Anderson I hope not sounds expensive
Kenneth Li I wonder who has 7" inches tablet first or who makes phones with screen bigger than 5".
Cyrus Taylor I think people who still wear watches will like them but ever since I graduated high school and I could have my phone all the time, I haven't worn one, my phone has always been in my possession and my main source for time, I just don't like wearing anything on my wrist, I'm just weird like that lol
Marc Williams Scott Piercy I am a watch collector and I wear one of my 40+ watches everyday. But again... What's the point. Put the money into allowing my iPad or Galaxy S3 to run my whole house. Now I'm impressed.
Marc Williams Let me be clear... Any smartwatch (Apple or Android) is just flat out STUPID
Marc Williams I think it's stupid... Most people I know always have their phones on them. So what is the purpose of having another gadget inches away from your phone with the same damn info on it. Just stupid I think IMHO
Scott Piercy Does anyone wear a watch anymore (apart from the pretentious or technophobe?)
Steve Mallon As long as they keep it simple, like the Pebble I believe its a good idea. Most people dont want a phone attached to there wrist but with the ease of looking to your wrist to see who is calling or a message/email especially in a professional work environment it should be a big hit. I have preordered my pebble but have heard rumors that I will be waiting a long time to get it. Keep the altius inexpensive and simple!!
Stephen Victor Unnecessary
Miguel Sahagun Smart business by samsung to always have a "galaxy" line of alternative products to apples. Galaxy line has made millions and the name can sell itself now
Cristian Tomasito K.i.t.t I need you. Now!!
Andy Anderson I can already see it, ONLY $20/month to add a smart watch to your data plan, no tethering allowed.
Antonio Horn So according to most posters apple is copying motorola and or sony? With that being said. I enjoyed the sony smart watch until an update made it usless with my phone. Ive been in the market for one since then. And trust me it wont be an iwatch.
Christian Ybañez Guioguio no,i don't think so...its only an watch which have an ability of phone
Arturo Atherly Everybody has a reason to own anything "NEW" that comes out.....Brainwashed sheep will always find an excuse to spend money unnecessarily!!
Dustin T. Robles I won't get one but if I did I would pick Samsung not apple
Fernando Gonzalez Samsung copies Apple? That's hilarious. Guess people actually believe that Apple innovates...
Oscar Corral Jr Maybe cause apple is making it for iphones only and samsung it making it for android devices. get off apples dick already.
Jose Calderon Samsung copying apple? That's no surprise. C'mon Samsung, get with it.
George H Nguyen anyway to limit the items in my pocket the better, besides, i wear a watch bcuz it completes the outfit. so, y not have a watch you can talk to, lol
Joscha Grobben Who still wears a watch nowadays
Jonaxz Encarnado Samsung now is making smart watch? Why, because Apple is making one? Why can't Samsung create something innovative and not follow Apple's product innovation. Competition? Nah, I don't think so. I bet you if Apple starts making smart shoes, I can almost guarantee Samsung will have something exactly similar.
Hendrick Equis M it will make it easier to take care of my new Tomagotchi lol ...all depends on the prices and OS
Leo Baxter The principle of "supply and demand" used to be that buyers WANT something first, so manufacturers would then supply it. Nowadays, companies are just making things and telling the consumer "This is what you've wanted...you just didn't know it...no BUY IT, or you're lame."
Ken Scott They just have to copy...be original for once.
Steven Pereira Like I don't get enough notifications on my phone? Besides, who looks at their watch to tell the time?
Abram Wenevermet Dennis Like father apple like son Samsung
Curtis Owens only so much you can do with a screen that small.

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