BlackBerry OS 7 and 7.1 devices able to play YouTube videos once again

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| February 18, 2013

BlackBerry Bold 9930 Verizon Wireless

There's some good news this morning for mobile video aficionados on BlackBerry OS 7 and 7.1, as it appears that YouTube access has been restored on devices running the 7.x versions of BlackBerry's mobile platform. We learned yesterday morning that several users had been having issues with getting videos to play recently, despite the fact that they would show up in the browser. Now CrackBerry has learned that the issue has been resolved and that YouTube functionality should be back to normal on BlackBerry OS 7 and 7.1 devices. 

It's not known exactly what may have caused this problem, but after a few days of having issues getting YouTube clips to play on BlackBerry OS 7 and 7.1 hardware, it's good to hear that a fix has been issued. While there may be some things that are higher up on the "Bad Things That Could Happen to BB OS 7/7.1 Users" list than YouTube video playback problems, it was still an issue that needed to be addressed. How many of you have a BlackBerry OS 7/7.1 device that has made its home in your pocket or holster? If you do, how's YouTube working on this fine Monday?

Via CrackBerry